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Thread: David Stewart DeMersseman (39} jumped to his death from the Skyway Bridge in Tampa

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    David Stewart DeMersseman (39} jumped to his death from the Skyway Bridge in Tampa

    David Stewart DeMersseman, 39, of Valdosta, GA passed away on October 21, 2018.

    Stewart's tennis buddies remember him for his powerful overhead smash, his teachers for his love of books and history, his church for his faith and for being a student of the scriptures. Family, friends, and strangers alike remember him for his dedication to helping other people, especially those whom the rest of the world had given up on.

    Stewart was preceded in death by his father David George DeMersseman, paternal grandparents Gene and Marie DeMersseman, and grandmother Katherine Stewart. He is survived by mother Suzanne Stewart Cox, siblings Suzanna (and husband Tommy) Bonafede and Daniel James DeMersseman, paternal grandfather "Dickie" Stewart, Sr., and aunts and uncles Kay and Glenn Dooley (and sons James and Wesley), "Dickie" Stewart, Jr. and Sarah Stewart, William and Carol DeMersseman, Daniel Walter and Samantha DeMersseman, Paul and Sue DeMersseman, Lois and Bob Griffin, and Lloyd DeMersseman.

    A ceremony will be held for friends and family at New Covenant Church in Valdosta, GA at 3 p.m. Saturday. Visitation after service.

    Comments from skywaybridge:
    10.22.18, Angelique S., IONTBfb, I saw this man put himself over the barrier. I saw him walk behind his car walk to the edge, lay his body down on the barrier, put one leg over then the other and then let go. It happened that quick, he was calm and it was so surreal and eerie. I can?t get the image out of my head. The passenger in my car and I phoned the police immediately as we were descending on the bridge. I couldn?t believe my eyes. I am visit relatives and this was my first time ever on this bridge. I am so saddened by this and to learn that others have done this. There was another man who posted on the skyway site by the name of Mathew who said he saw the same as me and also called the police. For some reason I can not comment on the site so I am leaving a message here. You are not alone, I saw it too and as you said ?I will never forget it?. I will not, either.

    10.25.18, Tami N., facebook, I was on a boat anchored on the east side of the north arch- saw him jump. Still struggling with that vision in my head & heart 💔
    So if he was from Valdosta, did he just come to Tampa to jump off the bridge?

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    That's sad. I'm scared of bridges for fear that someone will jump..
    RIP David
    I never shed a tear when confederates are mauled. Personal policy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by raisedbywolves View Post

    Comments from skywaybridge:

    So if he was from Valdosta, did he just come to Tampa to jump off the bridge?
    probably, it is only a 3 hour trip in decent traffic.

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    Three hours! He must have been horribly sad. That's a long time to think. Rest in peace and prayers to his family.

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