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Thread: Esmeralda Lynn Lopez accussed of Kidnapping Aranza Ochoa Lopez (4)

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    Esmeralda Lynn Lopez accussed of Kidnapping Aranza Ochoa Lopez (4)

    LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) ? A statewide Amber Alert remained in effect for a 4-year-old girl who police say was allegedly abducted by her mother from Vancouver in Washington state.

    The suspect, identified as Esmeralda Lynn Lopez, does not have custody of her daughter, Aranza Ochoa Lopez.

    The suspect was described as 5-feet tall and weighs 138 pounds. She has black hair and brown eyes.

    She was last seen driving a 2005 Chevy Cobalt with Washington license plate number, BLK 1552.

    Police think the mother and child could be headed to Mexico.

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    Authorities have canceled an Amber Alert issued in California after police say they believe the non-custodial mother of a 4-year-old Vancouver, Washington, girl took her into Mexico.

    KGW-TV reports that based on sightings, authorities believe 21-year-old Esmeralda Lopez Lopez crossed the border with Aranza Ochoa Lopez, Vancouver police spokeswoman Kim Kapp said Monday.

    The Amber Alert was issued in California on Saturday after police say the girl was taken during a Thursday court-supervised visit in Vancouver.

    Records show the girl has been in foster care.

    Police say before the abduction, three people ambushed a man in Lopez Lopez’s apartment, tied him to a chair and stole his car. The man broke free after more than 12 hours and called police.

    Police have since arrested three people. Court documents say the car was stolen to help Lopez Lopez flee.

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    Francisco Javier Hernandez-Reyes, 18, was convicted of helping to kidnap another man whose car was used in the child’s abduction.

    He was facing charges of first-degree kidnapping, first-degree robbery, theft of a motor vehicle, second-degree theft and first-degree custodial interference. But he pleaded guilty to amended charges Friday in Clark County Superior Court. His charges were reduced to second-degree kidnapping, vehicle theft and first-degree custodial interference under a plea deal.

    Defense attorney Jason Bailes said the prosecution agreed to amend his client’s charges and recommend the imposed sentence due to Hernandez-Reyes’ level of involvement and his lack of a criminal record.

    “It’s really fortunate you’re not looking at more prison time,” Judge Suzan Clark said. “It’s one of the worst kidnapping cases I’ve seen in my time with the court.”

    Esmeralda Lopez-Lopez, 21, allegedly kidnapped her daughter, Aranza Ochoa-Lopez, on Oct. 25 after asking permission to take the child to the restroom at the mall during a Child Protective Services supervised visit, according to a search warrant affidavit.

    Instead, she fled with the girl. The visitation worker tried to follow them, he said, but Lopez-Lopez, her daughter and a 16-year-old accomplice fled in a stolen vehicle, according to the affidavit.

    Hernandez-Reyes and three others — Sherri Franchesca Trigueros, 16, Alejandro Xulu-Sop, 15, and Erick Garcia-Valdovinos, 18 — were arrested in connection with the abduction and kidnapping of a Centralia man, whose car was stolen and used in the child abduction plot, court records say.

    The cases for Hernandez-Reyes’ co-defendants are still pending.

    The victim, Jose Orellana-Gomez, told investigators that Lopez-Lopez lured him to her Vancouver apartment under the premise that she needed a ride to Centralia. But when he got to the apartment, several people — armed with kitchen knives and wearing masks — entered the apartment, pushed him down, bound him with duct tape and carried him to a bedroom where he was taped to an office chair, according to court records.

    They blindfolded and gagged him, and placed headphones over his ears. The assailants demanded his car, a red Chevrolet Cobalt, and told him they would only need it a few hours. They also took his debit card and demanded the PIN, court documents say.

    Orellana-Gomez estimated he was held in the room for more than 15 hours, before he managed to free himself from the chair. He jumped from a second-story window — his hands and ankles still bound with tape — and hopped to a passerby who called 911 for him, court records state.

    Deputy Prosecutor Kelly Ryan read a written statement from Orellana-Gomez during the sentencing hearing. The victim said he now lives in fear, and his life has been difficult since the kidnapping. He said he hurt his back and head in the fall from his apartment.

    “I practically lost everything I had,” Orellana-Gomez wrote.

    Hernandez-Reyes was ordered to pay about $1,550 in restitution.

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