I thought I would make a thread for all the misogynistic stories I see all the time, like the thread we have for the bad politicians, racist crap, and bad cops.


A Florida man accused of groping a woman aboard a Southwest Airlines flight over the weekend later defended his lewd actions to police, saying ?the President of the United States says it?s ok to grab women by their private parts,? according to court documents.

Bruce Michael Alexander, 49, of Tampa, was aboard Flight 5421 from Houston, Texas, to Albuquerque, New Mexico, on Sunday when he grabbed the right breast of a woman seated in the row in front of him, a criminal complaint filed with the US Attorney?s Office for the District of New Mexico states.

The victim told police that she dozed off after boarding and within 20 minutes into the flight, she felt ?a movement on the right side of her sweater,? the complaint says, adding that the woman had initially assumed the touching was an accident.

Roughly 30 minutes later, the victim ?felt fingers slowly grab the back of her arm, squeezing above the elbow, then slowly and ?attentively? grope her right side, again at and around her ribs and ?bra line,?? according to the court document.

The hand, the woman said, ?had thick fingers, were hairy and dirty fingernails.?

After the second groping incident, the victim turned around ?and told the passenger behind her that she didn?t know why he thought it was ok [to touch her] and he needed to stop.?

The woman then asked a Southwest Airlines crew member to reseat her, and she moved to the back of the plane.

When Alexander was later arrested on a federal charge of abusive sexual contact, he referenced President Trump?s infamous ?grab them by the p?y? quote in the back of a police car.

?Later, in the vehicle, Alexander stated that the President of the United States says it?s ok to grab women by their private parts,? the criminal complaint says.

A Dallas-bound Southwest Airlines flight was suddenly diverted Tuesday after a disruptive passenger wanted to ?play footsie? with a woman and started shouting when airline officials asked him to leave her alone, KRQE reported.

Now Justin Riley Brafford faces a simple assault charge in Albuquerque, N.M., according to the station.

Authorities said Brafford sat next to a woman, touched her leg and then began ?playing footsies? with her during the flight, according to the Dallas Morning News. She tried to ignore him and told him to stop, but he tugged at her clothing and began asking her questions, including whether she was going to be staying alone at a hotel, according to the paper.

When she told him she didn?t want to go out with him, officials say he whispered ?don?t [expletive] with me? into her ear, and she asked to move seats, the Dallas Morning News reported.

A flight attendant moved the woman, but Brafford followed her over to her new seat, causing her to cry, according to the Albuquerque Journal. The flight attendant confronted Brafford, who officials said went from ?zero to sixty in nanoseconds? and began screaming and yelling, prompting the pilot to divert the flight, the paper reported.

Brafford told officials he thought the woman had been flirting with him and that they?d had a connection when he touched her leg, according to the paper.

The FBI took Brafford into custody in Albuquerque without incident, according to CBS-DFW.