A 4-year-old girl died Thursday afternoon after her mother stole a car, parked it near a bridge in Tampa, waded into the Hillsborough River and threw her daughter in the water, according to Tampa police.

The incident happened about 4 p.m. Thursday just north of the Columbus Drive bridge.

According to Tampa police, Shakayla Denson, 26, had just stolen a Nissan Altima from an auto repair shop when she parked it near the bridge and went into the water carrying her daughter, Je?Hyrah Daniels.

?Witnesses say she waded into the Hillsborough River with her child. Roughly halfway across the river, she tossed the child and began wading out,? police said in a news release.
Divers were called to the scene and found Je?Hyrah under the water about 75 feet off shore. She was pronounced dead at hospital shortly before 5 p.m., police said.

She was booked into the Hillsborough County Jail shortly before midnight on charges of murder, aggravated child abuse and grand theft auto, records show.

A child protection investigation into Shakayla Denson was closed just two days before police say she drowned her daughter in the Hillsborough River.

Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office's Child Protection Investigation Division conducted an inadequate supervision investigation into Denson, 26, and her daughter, Je'Hyrah Daniels, 4.

According to the investigative report, the initial complaint states:

"The mother seems overwhelmed and tired with caring for Je'hyrah. Je'hyrah is [redacted] non-verbal, and it seems like the mother is upset that she has these disabilities and is not the baby she dreamed of having. The mother is easily distracted and doesn't show much attention toward Je'hyrah. She just lets her run around and do what she wants. She doesn't seem to have the maturity to address the special needs that JeHyrah has.

However, the matter was closed on July 31 when authorities say they found no indicators of maltreatment, abuse or neglect.

DCF says that all child protective investigations in Hillsborough County are conducted by the Sheriff?s office, not DCF.