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Thread: Rori Hache (18) Was Brutally Murdered & Now A Second Missing Teen's DNA Has Been Found In Her Killer's Home

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    Rori Hache (18) Was Brutally Murdered & Now A Second Missing Teen's DNA Has Been Found In Her Killer's Home

    Rori Hache

    The terrible death of Rori Hache and the subsequent arrest of Adam Strong have rivetted residents of Durham Region. - Submitted photo

    OSHAWA ? It?s a crime that has rocked the community to its core: the killing of a young woman who vanished off the streets of Oshawa, followed by the arrest of a man in whose home her remains were found.

    The terrible death of Rori Hache and the subsequent arrest of Adam Strong have rivetted residents of Durham Region.

    Hache, just 18, was last seen in downtown Oshawa in late August 2017. Hopes for her safe return were dashed when it was confirmed that a torso found in the waters of Oshawa Harbour in September was that of the missing woman.

    Then, in late December, another series of shocks: Durham police, called to a basement apartment in downtown Oshawa, found a woman?s remains. Testing revealed those remains to be of Hache.

    It?s a tragedy for the community. All homicides are. But when have we ever seen one like this?
    ? Homicide Detective Darren Short

    Strong, 45, who has been in custody since his arrest, is charged with indecent interference with a dead body. So far, no charge has been laid for the murder of Hache.

    Following Strong?s arrest, Durham police took control of his McMillan Drive apartment. For a month, forensics investigators combed through it, removing a large quantity of property and evidence that is being analyzed at the Centre for Forensic Sciences (CFS) in Toronto.

    ?I?ve heard many people say that?s the longest search at a residence in (Durham police) history,? said homicide Det. Darren Short, the lead investigator on the file. ?We gathered a substantial amount of items from the residence.?

    Some of those items were submitted to the CFS for immediate analysis, while others will be examined later. ?We have met with CFS and prioritized what should go now,? said Short.

    The investigation thus far has revealed no evidence of any victims other than Hache.

    ?There?s no indication we?ve come across of any other victims,? said Short. ?That?s based on the information we have now.?

    In the days immediately following Strong?s arrest and since then, there has been significant discussion of the case on social media platforms. Among them is a true crime-style Facebook page on which members have taken it upon themselves to do their own sleuthing, digging into details about Strong and people associated with him. At one point, contributors to one page even implicated another man, who lives near Strong?s house and who had previous social media links to Hache, as a potential accomplice.

    All of this speculation has taken place in a virtual vacuum of real and dependable information. Since Strong?s arrest, Durham police have released almost no information about the case, other than the most basic details.

    ?A lot of the stuff I?ve read (online) is not factually based,? Short observed. ?It?s theory and speculation.?

    But, investigators aren?t about to counter the rumour mill by revealing all they know, said homicide Det. Sgt. Mitch Martin. Durham police are notoriously tight-lipped about major crime investigations, revealing as little as possible via the media. This is primarily to protect the integrity of investigations, Martin explained. Such ?hold back? information ? details about a crime that would be known only to police and perpetrators ? can be invaluable when it comes to proving a case in court.

    ?A lack of comment does not mean a lack of knowledge,? Martin said. ?For the most part, there is not a benefit in us sharing information with the public. We try these guys in court.?

    Virtually from the moment there was confirmation that the remains found in Strong?s residence were those of Hache, the community has waited for the other shoe to drop. When would a murder charge be laid?

    But, to secure a murder conviction, prosecutors must convince a jury beyond a reasonable doubt that the accused either meant to cause a victim?s death, or committed bodily harm they knew was likely to cause death, but were reckless as to whether death ensued or not.

    ?We?re confident we know what happened after (Hache?s death); that?s out there,? said Short. ?It?s what happened before that we?re trying to determine. And you need evidence to support that. That?s where we?re at.?

    Martin said investigators ? and the community ? have to be patient as the investigation follows its course. A great deal of the outcome of the investigation may depend on forensic evidence, and that takes time to analyze, he noted.

    ?We don?t have to rush,? Martin said. ?Mr. Strong is in custody. He?s not a danger to the community. It allows us to analyze the evidence collected from the house. We could get a major clue at the end.?

    The impact of Hache?s death is not lost on the investigative team. That is evident, to an extent, in the willingness of people who may not always co-operate with the police to assist to the extent they can.

    ?Everyone we?ve talked to has been forthcoming,? said Martin. ?This is a young girl who went missing off our streets. The team is non-stop, and we will continue working this until we get the charge.?

    A team of 12 is working full-time on the Hache file, Short said. Police still want to hear from anyone with information, particularly those who had contact with either Hache or Strong about the time she went missing.

    The circumstances of the case compel the team to pursue every possible lead in hopes of a positive outcome, said Short.

    ?It?s a tragedy for the community,? he said. ?All homicides are.

    ?But, when have we ever seen one like this??

    OSHAWA -- A public memorial service was held on December 9, 2017 for Rori Hache, an 18-year-old Oshawa woman who was murdered. Her torso was found in the waters of Oshawa harbour in September. The eulogy was delivered by her aunt Reverend Teresa Guindon. A photo was on display during the service. - Sabrina Byrnes / Metroland

    Adam Strong

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    The DNA from a teenaged girl who went missing 10 years ago has been found at an Oshawa home where the remains of Rori Hache were found.
    DNA of 2nd missing woman found in Oshawa home

    Police arrested 45-year-old Adam Strong after finding the remains of a teenage girl inside his basement apartment last year.

    Rachael D'Amore, CTV News Toronto
    Published Tuesday, July 10, 2018 5:45AM EDT
    Last Updated Tuesday, July 10, 2018 6:39PM EDT

    The DNA profile of a second woman has been found at an Oshawa home where the remains of Rori Hache were discovered last year.

    Investigators with Durham Regional Police believe the DNA belongs to Kandis Fitzpatrick, who was last seen by family in 2008 but not reported missing until 2010.

    She was 18 years old when she vanished.

    Police tape surrounds a home in Oshawa, Ont., on Tuesday, July 10, 2018. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Christopher Katsarov

    Oshawa - remains found

    Durham Regional Police enter a home in Oshawa, Ont., on Tuesday, July 10, 2018. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Christopher Katsarov

    Det. Darren Short would not comment on the nature of the DNA but said the findings prompted police to return to the basement apartment on McMillan Drive.

    Police first began investigating Hache’s death as a homicide in August 2017 when her torso was found floating in the Oshawa Harbour by a fisherman. The pregnant 18-year-old’s family reported seeing her only a few weeks prior.

    The case took a turn in December when police made the grisly discovery of more of Hache’s remains at the McMillan Drive home.

    A search of the property subsequently led to the arrest of 45-year-old Adam Jeffrey Strong, who police say has been a tenant at the home since 2007. He is facing one count of indecent interference with a dead body. The charge has not been proven in court.

    Strong, who remains in police custody, is “abiding by his counsel’s advice” and has not spoken with police since his arrest.

    "I've spoken with (Hache's) family... and I've made it abundantly clear through all the conversations that we need the evidence to lay the charge, and this will take time," Short said.

    "By going through the exhibits and the evidence we've collected, the results of that will dictate the further laying of charges."

    When more of the teen’s remains were uncovered, police obtained a 30-day search warrant and seized a large quantity of evidence from the basement. Forensic investigators also started to excavate the backyard but the frozen ground hampered their efforts.

    Once the search was complete, Short said they were then tasked with “prioritizing” pieces of evidence to send to the Ontario Forensic Pathology Unit.

    The second DNA profile was developed from the first round of exhibits tested.

    Investigators were then able to narrow down outstanding missing persons reports in the Oshawa-area to two young women and eventually approached the biological parents of Fitzpatrick for DNA samples.

    The samples were ultimately a match, Short said.

    “We know Kandis had two sisters. We have spoken with those sisters and based on the information they provided to us, their age at the time when Kandis was reported missing, and the fact that Kandis has not been seen since 2008, we strongly believe that the DNA located was that of Kandis,” he said.

    “We are, however, taking steps to confirm that and eliminate any other possibility.”

    According to her family, Fitzpatrick was last seen leaving her home in 2008 to visit a mall in the Oshawa-area. Her sisters told investigators that they saw her again in the summer of 2008 but that was the last known sighting.

    Short said the case suggests that Fitzpatrick was somewhat transient, since the family approached police about her disappearance two years later, but could not be sure of the family history.

    So far, police have found nothing to suggest Hache or Fitzpatrick knew each other, or that either knew Adam Strong.

    Search for evidence, linkage continues

    Police say they’ve since tracked Hache’s last known movements to Aug. 30 at around 9 p.m.

    “We have her on video that evening at Lakeridge Health Oshawa,” Short said. “She had been taken there by some people for some medical treatment but Rori left the hospital before being seen.”

    Though investigators have followed up on tips from the public and conducted interviews with those close to Hache, Short said they are still trying to fill in the blanks.

    Police taped off the McMillan Drive home again on Monday and, armed with a second search warrant, resumed their search for evidence.

    Short said they will make a second attempt at excavating the backyard.

    A number of outstanding missing persons cases from the Durham Region are also being re-examined, though police say they’re confident they have a “firm grasp” on who’s missing in the region.

    According to police, approximately 2,000 people are reported missing in Durham Region annually.

    “That’s roughly 5.5 (people) going missing daily,” Det. Sgt. Martin said. “On average, everybody comes back.”

    A recent review of outstanding cases, allocated by the Police Chief, revealed only 43 people remain missing since 1963.

    Police are now appealing to the public for more information about Strong. They say along with an exhaustive collection of evidence, police also seized a boat in January at the McMillan Drive residence.

    “If you know of someone that’s gone missing in downtown Oshawa, in the central core of Oshawa, or Oshawa in general, that may have frequented areas that Adam Strong may have frequented, we’d like to hear about it,” Martin said.

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    Durham police find second missing woman?s DNA sample in home where teen?s remains found
    By PETER GOFFINThe Canadian Press
    Tues., July 10, 2018

    The DNA of a second woman has been found in an Oshawa basement apartment where a pregnant teen?s dismembered remains were discovered last year, police said Tuesday.

    Investigators believe the DNA belongs to Kandis Fitzpatrick, last seen by her family in 2008 and reported missing in 2010, Durham Region police Det. Darren Short said at a news conference.

    Investigators believe they have found the DNA of Kandis Fitzpatrick (left), who was last seen by her family in 2008. The sample was found in the same Oshawa basement apartment where Rori Hache?s dismembered remains were found last year. (DURHAM POLICE PHOTOS)

    She would have turned 29 this past February.

    He did not comment on the nature of the DNA, but noted that its profile matches that of Fitzpatrick?s parents.

    Short added that there?s no apparent connection between Fitzpatrick and 18-year-old Rori Hache, whose remains were found in the same basement on McMillan St., late last year after people working on the home called police.

    Police have said they are treating Hache?s death as a homicide, though no murder-related charges have been laid so far.

    ?I?ve spoken with (Hache?s) family . . . and I?ve made it abundantly clear through all the conversations that we need the evidence to lay the charge, and this will take time,? Short said. ?By going through the exhibits and the evidence we?ve collected, the results of that will dictate the further laying of charges.?

    Adam Strong, 45, of Oshawa, who lived in the apartment, has been charged with indignity to a body in relation to Hache?s remains.

    Strong, who remains in custody, has not spoken to police since his arrest in December, on the advice of his lawyer, investigators said.

    Adam Strong of Oshawa is charged with improper or indecent interference with a dead body. (FACEBOOK)

    After the news conference, Hache?s mother, Shanan Dionne, said it?s frustrating that the investigation has continued so long without murder charges being laid.

    ?It?s the worst feeling in the world because you almost feel like Rori is being minimized,? she said. ?But I believe in (the) detectives, that they are taking their time for a reason . . . I?m glad I?m not putting negative pressure on the police force, I?m glad I?m not getting in their heads and taking time away from the investigation.?

    Police have appealed for information from anyone who has helped Adam Strong tow his 18-foot boat to water in the GTA. (DURHAM POLICE)

    Several of Hache?s relatives attended the news conference wearing black T-shirts emblazoned with the words ?Justice 4 Rori,? and the letters G.B.N.F. which stands for ?Gone But Not Forgotten.?

    Dionne said she hopes the identification of Fitzpatrick?s DNA was good news for her family.

    A fisherman discovered a torso in Lake Ontario in September that was later linked to Hache by DNA testing. Officers found more of Hache?s remains, along with a homemade explosive device, in the basement in December.

    Police spent much of January combing through the home and its backyard, and have since returned with a new search warrant.

    Shannon Dionne, Rori Hache's mother, spoke to media at a July 10 news conference where Durham police announced a DNA profile of a second female was found inside the home of Adam Strong. (SABRINA BYRNES/METROLAND)

    ?The major concentration of this search is going to be the backyard area,? Short said, adding that the ground was frozen and officers were limited in how much they could dig up in January.

    Investigators have also been re-examining outstanding missing persons cases in Durham Region, noting that 2,000 of people are reported missing each year and only 43 people since 1963 remain unaccounted for.

    There are only two that ?even fall close to the parameters? ? a missing girl from 1963 and another from 1996.

    Police said they would re-examine the more recent of the two cases, but there?s nothing to suggest her case is connected.

    Police are urging anyone with information about Strong?s movements from the 1990s until his arrest in December 2017 to contact them. Police appealed especially to anyone who has assisted Strong in moving his 18-foot boat to water anywhere in the GTA.

    Strong has been an Oshawa resident for 20 years, and has lived at the McMillan Dr. home since 2007.

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    Adam Strong, an Oshawa, Ont., man linked to two missing 18-year-old women whose remains were discovered in a basement apartment, has been charged with two counts of first-degree murder in connection with their deaths, Durham Regional Police say.

    The accused, 45, was initially charged with improper and indecent interference with a dead body in connection to the death of pregnant teen Rori Hache last year, though no murder-related charges were laid at that time.

    Crown attorney Greg O’Driscoll told Global News the previous charge was withdrawn after Strong appeared via video in remand court in Oshawa on Thursday.

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    The trial of a man accused of murdering and dismembering two young women got underway Monday in Oshawa, Ont., with the prosecution describing the gruesome scene officers stumbled upon when they responded to a call from two plumbers working at a local home.

    The plumbers had been hired by the tenants of the main floor apartment to unclog the drains, Crown attorney Bryan Guertin said in his opening statement.

    “The plumbers pulled out what appeared to be a flesh-like substance,” he said. “The plumbers, unsure of what they found, called police.”

    It was Dec. 29, 2017 when a Durham Regional Police officer responding to the call knocked on the door to the basement apartment, Guertin said.
    Story continues below advertisement

    Adam Strong opened the door, he said.

    “OK, you got me, the gig’s up, it’s a body,” Strong allegedly told the officer. “If you want to recover the rest of her, it’s in my freezer.”

    Strong was arrested and charged with first-degree murder in the death of 18-year-old Rori Hache, who had disappeared months earlier. He is also accused of killing Kandis Fitzpatrick, 19, who vanished in 2008 and has not been heard from since.

    Strong, 47, has pleaded not guilty to both first-degree murder charges.

    Guertin said fishermen found a torso in the Oshawa Harbour on Sept. 11, 2017. After looking for missing persons and with the help of their families, they identified the torso as belonging to Hache.

    “Mr. Strong was not on police radar until he was caught trying to dispose of Ms. Hache’s remains,” Guertin said.

    Data from Google will also show Strong’s phone at the Oshawa Harbour a week earlier on Sept. 4, when he dumped Hache’s torso, Guertin alleged.

    Months later, investigators would find the rest of Hache’s body inside a large freezer in Strong’s bedroom, Guertin said. Her blood was on Strong’s bedroom walls and ceiling, and his semen was found on her body, he said.

    A medical examiner will testify that Hache had multiple injuries on her body, including two skull fractures, Guertin said. But the doctor could not discover a cause of death due to the state her remains were found in.

    Forensic investigators also came across a large hunting knife specially designed for gutting and skinning animals, the prosecution said.

    Kandis Fitzpatrick’s DNA was found on that knife. Investigators also found her blood in Strong’s freezer and in his bedroom.

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