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Thread: Alex Wilcox (18) died of ovarian cancer

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    Alex Wilcox (18) died of ovarian cancer

    Alex Wilcox, a Mississippi State softball player whose fight with ovarian cancer put a spotlight on the shy teenager, died Monday night. She was 18.

    Wilcox was diagnosed with ovarian cancer before her junior season at Brantley (Ala.) High School in 2016, almost a year before she signed with Mississippi State. She had just finished her freshman season with the Bulldogs, where she sparked a cancer-awareness movement.

    ?When she signed with Mississippi State, I said then she was the face of Brantley softball,? Brantley coach Cindy Hawthorne said. ?I don?t see that changing. Now hundreds of thousands across this nation know her and her story. Her legacy will live on.?

    Wilcox played in 16 games this season as a freshman at Mississippi State, which honored her and others fighting ovarian cancer with special jerseys. Opposing schools also supported the cause.
    Her FB:

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    i read about her early in one of the BRCA/cancer groups i am in. so incredibly sad. much too young for this diagnosis. and, sadly, ovarian cancer is almost always found in late stages.

    my heart goes out to this young woman and her friends and family.

    her cover photo of all her teammates in their ovarian cancer teal gives me all the feels.
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    How sad. She was way too young.

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