Cheyenne Clough

The first of three suspects in the death of Cheyenne Clough has pleaded no contest. Justin Micheal Jensen, 28 was charged aiding and abetting 1st degree murder. Edward Victor Zelko, 26 was also charged with aiding and abetting and the shooter, Shawn Tyler Benson, 21, was charged as the shooter. Two other women present were arrested but not charged. Jensen pleaded guilty to aiding and abetting 2nd degree murder in exchange for a sentence expected to be at the top of the recommended range, 40 years. Benson has a court hearing Tuesday and may plea bargain to 2nd Degree murder

Clough, Zelko, Jenson, Benson and the two women were together at a Maple Lake, MN house. Clough and the two women got involved in a heated argument about Clough allegedly having snitched on one of their boyfriends and wanting to snitch on one of them, about their outstanding warrants. Jensen then ordered Clough be killed and gave Zelko and Benson a .22 handgun and the two left with her on the pretense of taking her home, but instead to her to a remote park and shot her. Her body was found by a girl walking to school.

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