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Thread: Houston Astros TV Analyst Apologizes for Slavery Remark

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    Houston Astros TV Analyst Apologizes for Slavery Remark

    Just weeks after the Kanye West Rant this comes out and it was intended to talk about plays in baseball.

    Former player Preston Wilson made the on-air comment while talking about different types of pitches during a game on Saturday.

    Former Major League Baseball player Preston Wilson has apologized for a comment he made referencing slavery during a broadcast of a Houston Astros game over the weekend.

    Wilson joined local Astros TV affiliate AT&T SportsNet Southwest's coverage of a matchup against the Cleveland Indians on Saturday. Speaking with commentators Jeff Bagwell, a fellow former player, and color commentator Geoff Blum, Wilson, who is African-American, made the remark while talking about the difficulty of hitting different types of pitches.

    "I don't know how you guys feel about this, Blummer and Baggy, but for me, it was the slider," Wilson said. "I can take the fastball. But I actually had somebody ask me if I could go back in history and change one thing, I skipped right over slavery and went to the slider. That's how I feel about it."

    Later on Saturday night, Wilson apologized for the remark on Twitter. "Earlier today I made a comment that may have offended people and for that I am sorry. What I said was inappropriate and not a reflection of the Houston Astros nor AT&T SportsNet," he wrote.

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    I laughed.

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    yes i said i will leave it under you storage he said cuddle with me i said shut up it over??? what am i doing wrong??

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