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Thread: Jacob Hilkin - missing since 23 January 2018

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    Jacob Hilkin - missing since 23 January 2018

    His mother posts a lot about him

    Jacob Hilkin is missing! He is 24 years old 160 lbs 5 foot 11 and one tattoo on his inner elbow. always wears his glasses. For those that don?t know us we live in Washington state in Everett (me) and Jacob in Mukilteo. Both cities are about 20 miles north of Seattle. I have filed a missing person report, called all hospitals I could think of, sent a post to his Facebook page, and spoke with a few of his friends and roommates. Here is what you need to know and share. He was last seen and contacted by tulalip police at 10:20 A.M. yesterday. I just got this information from the chief of police. Jacob was at the bus stop and police were doing a homeless sweep. They asked if he was ok and he said yes I?m just waiting for the bus to go to my moms. Jake had no money and his phone was dead. I know my son and although not perfect he would never do this and be gone. His car is at my house, his computer and money is here. Please help me find my son. Again he was seen yesterday the 23rd of January at 10:20 A.M. I have been to the casino, talked to security and exhausted every Ave I know. If anyone works for tri met and has inside information we think it was bus 222 as that stops there and goes to everett Lynwood and Marysville. Police have to have a subpoena to get surveillance access and they won?t until they know foul play happened. I swear it was only last week I saw missing peoples posts bro g shared and thought my god how awful. I sit in these shoes and am begging for help. Monday night he was at my house with me and was going to spend the night. He fell in hard times as was feeling a little lost but still hopeful. He kissed me goodnight and that?s the last time I saw him.

    Lots of info here - http://www.missingpersonsofamerica.c...8/02/07/37462/

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