Has anyone seen this man his name is Cheital Tusi. The very last contact was made in December of 2017 in burley Idaho But he could be anywhere he wouldn?t have had any money or identification and may be couch surfing or hitchhiking. His Family is extremely concerned for his well-being and mental health. If anyone has seen him or knows him please contact me through Facebook messenger,thank you.if you see him please tell him that his family loves him very much and just wants to see him safe. Cheital if you?re reading this just come home.



Post from his mother - Has anyone seen Cheital Tusi? I thought he might surface by now. I reported him missing three months ago to the sheriffs in Burley, Idaho. I don't think they do much to try to find missing adults. Please help me find him. I miss my sweet son. He was last seen October 26, 2017, If you've seen him or do please answer me here. Please help me find him. Cheital Tusi, Cheital Tusi,