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Thread: Todd Renard - missing since 22 February 2017

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    Todd Renard - missing since 22 February 2017

    BELLINGHAM, Wash. ? The family of a Bellingham man missing for nearly a year are now offering a reward for information on his whereabouts.

    Todd Renard has been missing since February 2017 and is known to hang out in Battle Ground and Skagit County.

    The Justice for Todd Renard Facebook page says Renard is a 29-year-old man with brown hair and eyes.

    He has a distinct umbrella tattoo under his right eye and the word PORTLAND tattooed across his knuckles.

    28-year-old Todd Renard has been missing from Bellingham, WA since February 22, 2017. He had spoken to his mom the day before and promised to call her the following morning but that call never came. Todd?s friend claims that he just ran off into the woods and never came back out. Weeks after his disappearance, his belongings started showing up around town. There are many terrible rumors about what may have happened to Todd but none of them have led to finding him.

    If you have any information about the disappearance of Todd Renard, you can contact the Bellingham Police Department at (360) 778-8611 or You can send tips to Todd's family via email at or call 360-224-3351. To follow Todd's case on social media, please join Justice for Todd Renard on Facebook.

    You can find more photos of Todd at

    For more information on our sponsors, please visit:

    His brother died in December 5 2015.

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    It's crazy how many stories I have read here where a friend claims the person "ran out into the woods".

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