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Thread: Mark Forsberg - 23 January 2018 - waiting for ME results

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    Mark Forsberg - 23 January 2018 - waiting for ME results

    1801620 Tarrant Forsberg Mark 11/1/1989 28 1/23/2018 D White M
    Police Department: Police Svc #:
    Deceased Address: 2016 Norfolk Drive , Arlington, Texas 76015 Time Of Death 12:28 PM
    Occurred Location: 2016 Norfolk Drive , Arlignton, Texas 76015
    Place Of Death: Emergency Room Prosector:
    Place Of Death Address: 3301 Matlock Road , Arlington, Texas Manner Of Death:
    Cause Of Death:
    EDR #: - most recent one

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    Mark Derrick Forsberg, 28, God called Mark home unexpectedly Tuesday, Jan. 23, 2018.

    Mark was born Nov. 1, 1989 in Temple, Texas. Mark, aka "Clark Kent" was a blessing to his family and friends for 28 years. He was a happy, loving, caring person and made friends with everyone he met. He will be our hearts forever.

    Mark is survived by his parents, Howard and Debra Forsberg; brother, Matthew Forsberg and wife, Stephanie; grandmother, Frances Weatherholt; numerous aunts, uncles and cousins.

    In lieu of flowers, the family requests donations to Green Oaks School or Advocates For Special People, both in Arlington.

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