This story just kind of threw me. Who has 13 children and then decides, "You know what, they're cute and all... but feeding kids is expensive and I'm tapping out. *death drop*"

And they also commuted the worst of all social media crimes... they have a couples account. Gag. Gagging right meow.

Their cover photo is all of their kids, all dressed up alike and adorable for what looks to be the parents' wedding or a vow renewal. There's a photo of all of them together at Disneyland, and several photos of mom with the youngest child visible. They seem like such involved parents! It looks like they presented really really well. The kids look so happy and loved, but the police report says that the eldest girl "escaped" and that the rest of the children were found chained up. I wonder what happened for it to go so bad so quickly - the wedding/vow renewal photos are only a year old.