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Thread: Alani Murrieta (20) died one day after being diagnosed with the flu

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    Alani Murrieta (20) died one day after being diagnosed with the flu

    Go get your flu shot peeps...they're forecasting this to be a bad flu year!

    Family members of an Arizona mother who died just one day after being diagnosed with the flu said the 20-year-old was very healthy leading up to her illness, with the exception of suffering from the occasional cold. Alani Murrieta, who leaves behind a 2-year-old and 6-month-old, had started complaining of symptoms on Sunday, Fox 10 reported.

    ?Monday she was still feeling sick, so her sister took her to urgent care, her and her kids,? Stephanie Gonzales, the woman?s aunt, told Fox 10. ?They diagnosed them with the flu, sent her home with flu meds.?

    By Tuesday, Murietta was taken to the hospital by her mother where she was diagnosed with pneumonia and her condition continued to deteriorate. She was placed on a ventilator but never recovered.

    ?Never in a million years would we have thought we would have lost her that day like this,? Gonzales told the news outlet, adding that Murrieta had not received the flu shot this season.

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that everyone 6 months and older receive the flu vaccine, with recent stats reporting 24 states with local influenza activity, and four with widespread activity.

    Her GFM for funeral expenses:

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    Quote Originally Posted by raisedbywolves View Post
    Go get your flu shot peeps...they're forecasting this to be a bad flu year!
    Really sad. I never get a flu shot but I saw this over the weekend and I'm strongly considering it.

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    We are just out of flu season here. It was terrible. My daughter is in kindergarten and out of 70ish kids, over 55 of them got Influenza B.

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    People think flu shots are unnecessary because the flu isn't a major illnesses. Ugh. Everyone should get a flu shot. Even if you "never get the flu". Oh, and wash your hands. Ffs.

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    I have gotten the flu shot every year for over 10 years now. After being hospitalized with the flu I started taking my doctors advice and I haven?t had a severe case of the flu since.

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    I'm not anti Vax, but I don't get the flu shot... It's like a prediction game... They don't know which strain will be popular... Maybe it's worth the gamble this year.
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    Because of my MS I always get sick from the Flu shot so stopped getting it years ago. Luckily since I work with animals, I rarely come in to contact with people and hardly ever in close quarters. Plus I also wash my hands constantly because of the same reason.

    I did just get over a bad cold. Took over 2 weeks to shake it, however since there was no real fever I'm confident that it wasn't the flu. I haven't gotten it in eons *knocks on wood*.
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