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Thread: Matthew Tehonica - missing since 3 January 2017

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    His NAMUS page is gone, and this GFM says his body was found:

    Thanks guys for the shares and support you've sent and the donations were not gonna stop cause I know with everything in me Matthew would want me and anyone who cared anything about him to come together and make sure we helped his mom and family overcome these horrible tragic obstacles they are having to face head on.Lets help ronnie recover without the stress of losing everything and not being able to provide and Becky needs to be able to mourn and take care of herself and her health and help ronnie with his recovery were not gonna stop because I promise you all THIS WOULD BE MATTS WISH HELP HIS FAMILY THREW ALL THIS. BUT Matthews father did cover the expenses on Matthew so I started a different page and reworded it. And explained all of the things their facing all at once so please lets come together and help them face THIS so they don't loose their home and everything else. Lets show our support and lend a hand to this amazing FAMILY :)

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    He left an apology note? Ok he's crazy.
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    that's what makes him crazy? I thought it was the chips.

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