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Thread: Elizabeth Rykhof (56) was buried in a field and her remains were found 8 months after she disappeared

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    Elizabeth Rykhof (56) was buried in a field and her remains were found 8 months after she disappeared

    Bloomfiled PD, Detective Spellman and his team continue to conduct interviews with many individuals that regarding her disappearance.
    Elizabeth was supposedly last seen in Bloomfield around the end of July leaving Henry Seebach III's condo in Bloomfield by him (Mill lane area). It is not known what method of transportation she used when leaving. Elizabeth does NOT drive. She relies on walking, friends, family, Uber, taxi, bus Etc. to get around. She is not technology/computer savvy. Around the end of July her t-mobile service was disconnected. Someone else now owns her former number. There were a few sightings reported within Connecticut and crossing into Massachusetts however none of these could be verified by Detective Spellman or local authorities.
    If you had contact, conversations or spoke with her this past summer, discussed things, or think of any information that can lead us to locate Elizabeth, please help by submitting your information to Detective Spellman (860-242-5501 ext 5523) local authorities, or contact me if you feel more comfortable.
    As always thank you so very very much to everyone and it is so very appreciated for everyone's comments, shares, likes and continued support to help bring Elizabeth home to her family for the holidays!

    In a later post though, it says 31 August last seen date is confirmed?

    PLEASE HELP US FIND Elizabeth Rykhof!!!!!!
    Status: MISSING
    DOB: June 24 1961
    Age: 56 years old
    Sex: Female
    Ethnicity: White
    Hair: Blonde hair
    Eye color: Blue
    Height: 5'4"-5'5"
    Weight: 130-140lbs
    LAST SEEN: Aug 31 2017 (Confirmed)
    WHERE: Bloomfield CT
    Elizabeth does not drive, does not own a car. Her credit cards and bank account have been inactive for some time.
    ?September 9th in Bloomfield CT at Ruby Tuesday's. UNCONFIRMED
    ?Sometime in September possibly in Winsted CT, location unknown. UNCONFIRMED
    ?Sunday Oct 1st. Unknown female answers Elizabeth's cell phone.

    Elizabeth is a beautiful woman who is energetic, full of life and can capture the attention of everyone when she walks into a room. She has studied and been employed in various fields of Beauty and Fashion, and has also waitressed in the past as well.
    If you see Elizabeth Rykhof please contact Detective Spellman @ 860-242-5501 ex.5523. (Or feel free to contact me if you prefer.)
    Thank you for your continued support, love and prayers for Elizabeth and her family during this time of need! ❤
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    Body of Missing Conn. Woman Found Buried in Field

    Police have identified the body found in a field in Bloomfield last week and said the remains are those of a woman who had been missing since August 2017 and authorities are investigating the case as a suspicious death.

    Rykhof was 56 when she disappeared. Her family said at the time they she suffered from addiction and had bipolar disorder and they did not know where she was living.

    Rykhof?s remains were found Thursday, buried at a 287-acre wetland site at 182 Woodland Ave. The cause of her death has not yet been determined.

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