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Thread: Brian Morris - missing since 26 October 2017

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    Brian Morris - missing since 26 October 2017

    Have you seen Brian? No one has seen or heard from him since last Thursday 10/26/17. If you have spoken to him since that time, please contact me. I am beyond worried sick. Ive filed a missing person's report. I fear he has met with foul play. I'm begging you: if you know different, just let me know he is alive and well. I just don't believe that under any circumstances he would allow me to worry myself sick.

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    His poor wife and family.

    DISCLAIMER: The following quotes are not in reference to your loved one. They are quotes found to be funny in regard to much older cases.

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    Okay this is the part where I admit he's kind of pretty, or at least he would be if he hadn't killed his sister and smeared poo on her candy.
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    Is she scowling in every pic, or is that her unfortunate face?!?

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