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Thread: Ebonee Spears - missing since 15 January 2016

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    Ebonee Spears - missing since 15 January 2016

    Sunday marks one year since Ebonee Spears disappeared. The Wilmington mother was last seen on January 15, 2016.

    ?Almost exactly a year ago Ebonee Spears was reported missing by her mother,? said Wilmington Police Spokeswoman Cathryn Lindsay.

    According to police, 30-year-old Spears was caught on camera at Wilmington Police Headquarters, and then later that night a witness saw her at Taylor Homes.

    ?It?s still an active and open investigation,? said Lindsay.

    Lindsay said initially police got a number of tips on where Spears might be. But that isn?t the case anymore.

    ?It?s really slowed down so it?s not quite on people?s mind as much as it probably should be,? Lindsay said.

    She said when a case has been open as long as this, it?s important to keep the public informed and interested.

    ?These cases, they?re kind of sad because it does seem like the public forgets about them. The families don?t. We know our detectives, they don?t. They take a lot of this stuff very personal,? said Lindsay.

    Lindsay said no matter how much time has passed, police still ask if anyone knows absolutely anything contact them.

    Sunday at Carolina Gymnastics Academy there will be an event from 3:00 to 4:00 p.m. to spread hope and awareness in honor of Ebonee Spears.

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    Odham has poured over the same information - and can't figure out why, in the days and weeks before she vanished, Spears' behavior had drastically changed.

    "Erratic," Odham said of her behavior. "Very paranoid."

    Odham said Spears was taking an anti-depressant and medication for lupus.

    A few weeks before her disappearance, Odham said Spears checked into a hotel in downtown Wilmington, a few minutes away from her apartment. Odham said Spears accused staff of stealing her things - accusations that were unfounded.

    On January 14, the day before she disappeared, Odham said Spears drove to police headquarters - erratic and distraught. She met her parents and boyfriend there.

    An officer called EMS, and Spears' parents say they spoke over the phone with her psychiatrist. In the end, Spears did not go to the hospital.

    Odham said Spears walked to two places between 7:30 and 8 p.m.

    First, she walked to the Community Boys and Girls Club on Nixon Street and frantically told staff members someone was following her.

    "The way that she described it, was that she was acting erratically and paranoid and thought someone was trying to get her," Odham explained.

    Employees, however, saw no one following Spears.

    Then Spears walked into the police department lobby, where she was recorded on surveillance video asking to use the phone. When it didn't work, Odham said Spears was frustrated and walked out.

    Three hours later - Spears was gone.

    "Paranoia can be caused by legitimate threats or mental breakdown and I don't know what we're looking at here," Odham said.

    Police are looking into reports that a man in Georgia could be responsible for her disappearance.

    "Ebonee may have been involved with a male - a boyfriend who she had taken a large amount of money from who was incarcerated in Georgia," Odham said. "I would like at this point than to do nothing more than get a name for him."

    Odham said the FBI has since opened a case on Spears, investigating all leads involving a possible kidnapping across state lines.

    Agents have searched in Georgia, but with no luck.

    "We're back to square one," said Harriet Rivers, Spears' mother.
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