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Thread: Michael Wyatt - missing since 7 June 2017

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    Michael Wyatt - missing since 7 June 2017

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    His car was returned by an unknown person? What?

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    Here is his wife's Facebook


    He was arrested in 2015 for felony ID theft and felony theft

    A 41-year-old Pleasant Prairie man has been missing since last week, and local police are looking for the public’s help in finding him.

    Michael Wyatt was last seen on June 7. According to police, his car was left at home, as were his wallet, keys and credit cards.

    “There’s no reason to suspect foul play,” said Pleasant Prairie Police Chief David Smetana. “We’re just looking for any help we can get to locate him and find out if he’s OK.”

    Smetana said Wyatt is married and has children. He works in Illinois and has not been seen by his employer.

    “He hasn’t shown up at any of the normal locations where he would be seen,” he said.

    Wyatt did not have health problems or other issues that would make him endangered, Smetana said. He is described as white male, 6 feet tall, weighing about 235 pounds, with brown hair and blue eyes.

    “We’ve checked the areas around his home,” Smetana said. “We haven’t come up with anything. Our investigation team is continuing to work on it.”

    Anyone who sees Wyatt or knows his whereabouts is asked to contact Detective Heather Mogensen at 262-694-7353.
    They don't know who took his vehicle home??
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    Heather Lynn Morris
    Heather Lynn Morris There is no information, his wife was not home and it was early morning. No one saw anything. He's a good friend of mine ��
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    Heather Lynn Morris
    Heather Lynn Morris Speculation. We actually don't know that his car ever left or if he is on foot. He dropped his kids off at school and returned home, that's other info. Articles say he left for work but we don't truly know that. His wallet, phone, smart watch, keys all left home. And he's not a man who leaves his technology behind when he goes somewhere
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    Michael Wyatt, 41, has been missing since June 7. He disappeared from his Pleasant Prairie home, leaving behind his vehicle, his wallet, keys and credit cards.

    Pleasant Prairie Police Chief David Smetana said the police department has been investigating his disappearance since his family reported him missing. On Monday, he said, investigators returned to an undeveloped area near 47th Avenue and 128th Street. They had searched the area before, but were hampered by heaving vegetation. Because Wyatt was known to walk in the area, they returned once leaves fell from brush, using a cadaver dog in the search.

    Smetana said the dog hit on a small pond on the property.

    Smetana said they drained the pond and carefully searched the surrounding area. They found nothing.

    “We didn’t come to the results we were kind of hoping for; we hoped we’d be able to bring some closure to the family and end up with some details that would lead us to know exactly what happened,” Smetana said.

    He said the department has been in touch with Wyatt’s family throughout the process.

    Police have said since Wyatt’s disappearance that there was no indication of foul play and that they believed there was no danger to the public.

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    that's what makes him crazy? I thought it was the chips.

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