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Thread: Troy Sirat (19) was found dead almost 3 years after he went missing

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    Troy Sirat (19) was found dead almost 3 years after he went missing - missing person group

    Police, family and friends are searching for 19-year-old Troy Sirat, who suffers from mental health issues and went missing last week in Las Vegas.

    Troy?s father, Robb Sirat, said Troy has been battling the effects of anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder related to the death of his brother in 2011. Medications and counseling have only been moderately effective, Robb Sirat said.

    On July 6, Troy Sirat left his home while his family was out of the house for an extended block of time, his father said. He ditched his phone near a public swimming pool on Hollywood Boulevard where he would regularly swim.

    ?Pinging his phone did not raise concern because it was near the pool,? Robb Sirat said.

    Troy Sirat took his bike ? described as a tan KONA HOSS hardtail with skinny street tires ? and, based on his father?s investigation of his room and the garage, a few meager supplies packed in a black USA Swimming backpack.

    On several occasions, Troy Sirat had told his father that he wanted to live off the grid and would like to hike the Pacific Crest Trail from California to Washington State. However, Robb Sirat said his son took no food, sleeping bag, tent, rain gear or heavy coat when he left and that he has no more than $100.

    The Pacific Crest Trail is a National Scenic Trail that runs 2,663 miles from the United States-Mexico border through California, Oregon and Washington, where it reaches its northern terminus at the United States-Canada border. The trail is known as a challenging thru-hiking and backpacking route that passes through seven national parks and 25 national forests.

    Robb Sirat said he believes his son may be headed to the Pacific Crest Trail and that he may have connected with Craigslist RideShare to get to California, although he said his son could be anywhere, including Utah, Oregon, Washington or Idaho.

    ?Troy is not mentally level right now,? his father posted on his Facebook page. ?I do not believe he is suicidal, or a potential harm to others but I believe he is delusional ? he is suffering. I ask for your prayers and that you share this info with those who might be able to help.?

    Description of Sirat

    Name: Troy Sirat
    Age: 19 years old
    Height: 5?9″
    Weight: 200 pounds ? solid build with tan skin from swimming
    Hair color: Brown ? longer on top with a fade on the sides
    Eye color: Brown
    Identifying marks: turtle tattoo on his left ankle, sideways ?8? infinity tattoo on his thigh, 9-inch belly scar above his belt line and a small birthmark just above his left eyebrow. He is also missing a tooth and wears a retainer with a false tooth to fill the gap.
    Last seen wearing: red and black Reebok trail running shoes with white soles, a dark T-shirt, hoodie and dark shorts or sweats, carrying a black USA Swimming backpack. He may be riding a tan-colored KONA hardtail bike with skinny tires.
    Anybody with information regarding the whereabouts of Troy Sirat is asked to call:

    Peter Jordan with the U.S. Forest Service Southwest Region at 707-562-8737.
    Robb Sirat at 702-813-1555.
    Las Vegas Metro Police Department Missing Persons Division at 702-828-2907, Event #16706-3679

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    His brother died in 2011 after taking bath salts

    Roughly a month before 18-year-old Las Vegas–area swim champ Jay Sirat was found asphyxiated in the garage of his suburban home, he penned a love letter to bath salts while checked into a Utah rehab center:

    “You make me feel ready for anything. I love the way I can bump you just about anywhere. When I was with you, no one could control me. You made me tingle with each experience. When you hit me, I just started losing my mind. You made it easy for me to pass drug tests and still feel buzzed. I love you all and with all my heart and thank you for always being there for me, in every way and every situation.”

    It was the afternoon of March 25, 2011, when Jay’s sister, Brittany, came home from work and went to her bed-ridden grandmother’s room. A couple of hours before, her grandmother had asked Jay to bring her some peaches, but he never returned. Brittany says she first thought Jay had just spaced out. On the kitchen table she saw an unopened can of peaches, a can opener, and an empty bowl. After a half hour and a couple of unanswered calls to Jay’s cellphone, a worried Brittany went into the garage. She saw Jay’s phone vibrating on a tool bench, plugged into a charger. Jay was slumped forward, in front of an exercise machine, with electrical cord wrapped around his throat. She thought he was playing a gag on her. Then she noticed his feet were not touching the floor.

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    That poor family. Devastating
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    I thought the exact same thing. Poor Brennen Tammons.
    Oh well, back to gum.
    ....or exchanging Puke's wang for spicy nuts.
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    I know, right? What the fuck, puke? Willing to take in Boston, an Irish dude and like, 17 dogs but not Ron? poor Ron.

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    In March 2019, hikers found Sirat's remains in the Lake Las Vegas/Lake Mead Recreation Area. The remains were identified as Sirat's, although the cause, time and manner of death are yet to be determined.

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