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Thread: Audrey Moran (26) & Jonathan Reynoso (28) missing from Indio, CA area since 5/10/17

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    We've come to find out through multiple credible sources Jonathan and Audrey were not dating exclusively. While it's not uncommon or odd sources tell us a man Audrey was dating, whose name we will not yet reveal, was not only questioned by police, but he torched his car after reporting it missing and also had a search warrant served on his home.
    This isn't suspicious at all.

    DISCLAIMER: The following quotes are not in reference to your loved one. They are quotes found to be funny in regard to much older cases.

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    Okay this is the part where I admit he's kind of pretty, or at least he would be if he hadn't killed his sister and smeared poo on her candy.
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    Is she scowling in every pic, or is that her unfortunate face?!?

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    Uh oh...scorned lover...not good

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    Wow, I can't believe they have now been missing 6 months, with no real leads.

    Where is she? Missing couple vanished 6 months ago and officials and mother still 'hope for the best'

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    Lazarus is pretty exceptional and he's been here for awhile, smearing his poo around the threads for attention. Don't be like Lazarus.

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