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Thread: Judge Judy/Ebay Scammer Kelli Filkins (36) passed away

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    Quote Originally Posted by Angiebla View Post
    I know Tupelo?s dad sucks donkey dicks but who threatened to kill him?

    I think it's related to this:

    Quote Originally Posted by enigma2me View Post
    I must concur with her family and friends. If you want to delete me after paying to be on here, so be it. I empathize with the victims and those who love them. You know what is the most disrespectful and repugnant thing on here? It is having to read the disgusting "replies with a quote" bullshit you filthy cunts use over and over and over. Most are disgusting, which says a whole lot about you. You do not like being called out? Fuck you. I wish you the absolute worst and worse fates than you post about on here, bitches...Problem with me? Show the fuck up at my house...
    Quote Originally Posted by enigma2me View Post
    @ CPF$ Die, already, Cunt. Fuck with me, Cunt.
    Quote Originally Posted by CPF$ View Post
    Not in your wildest dreams sunshine
    Love the tough talk. Show up at your house? Give me the address and I?m there bitch
    Quote Originally Posted by TupeloHoney View Post
    These crazy bitches be like ...

    CPF$ is the one who said I look like Emily Blunt with Down Syndrome.
    Quote Originally Posted by Not your business View Post
    I will out think the fucking pants off of you and you would thank me for helping you out of them.

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    I love that I can count on the crazy of this thread to greet me when I haven't signed on for awhile. lol

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