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Thread: Traci Watkins (25) missing from Jacksonville, FL since 1/25/17

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    Traci Watkins (25) missing from Jacksonville, FL since 1/25/17

    young Jacksonville woman who disappeared last week hasn?t been heard from in close to seven days.

    Traci Watkins, 25, left behind all of her belongings and her 2-year-old daughter.

    Her sister Kayla Brown said when they last saw each other, Watkins seemed uneasy.

    Brown said Watkins? ex-boyfriend Chris Johnson was recently released from jail and might come looking for her.

    ?He said if he got out, he?d kill her,? Brown said.

    St. Johns County teen beat girlfriend, called her 200 times after incident, police say

    The missing person?s report said Watkins was at her current boyfriend's home last Tuesday, but then she disappeared.

    ?She left everything she has behind, she left all of her clothes, all of her belongings,? Brown said.

    Family and friends have tried calling her, and her ex-boyfriend, and have not been able to reach either of them.

    Brown said it?s unusual not to hear from Watkins since she has a 2-year-old daughter.

    JSO said at this time, Johnson is not being considered as a person of interest.

    Brown is worried her sister has been hurt in some way.

    ?And that was her last comment that nobody could stop a bullet,? Brown said.

    If you have information on Watkins' whereabouts call 904-630-0500

    Her FB:

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    I assume she has been found, as she has been actively posting on her FB page.

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