This is so terrible. We have been to this theme park twice in the past year and the ride they were killed on is a tame one. It's where you sit in a big tube and go down some pretty tame rapids and get a bit wet. Kids 4 and over can go on by themselves. The first time we went to this park with our kids, my oldest LOVED this ride and we went on it repeatedly. Second time, it was closed for repairs

Apparently something to do with the conveyer belt malfunctioned and two tubes crashed into each other, and one flipped. Two of the people were ejected and died and the other two were trapped/crushed.

And to make it even worse Kate Goodchild's daughter was apparently in the other tube when it happened, so she saw it all

The devastated mother of two victims of the Dreamworld theme park tragedy says her family has been "wiped out" following their deaths on the Thunder River Rapids ride.

Kim Dorsett's two adult children, Kate Goodchild, 32, and Luke Dorsett, 35, from Canberra, were among four people killed when their raft flipped on the popular ride about 2.20pm on Tuesday.