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Thread: Carl Charlie Brandt-serial killer with potentially many unknown victims

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    Carl Charlie Brandt-serial killer with potentially many unknown victims

    Hurricane Matthew reminded me of this story. This guy evacuated the Keys during Hurricane Ivan, and went to Orlando with his wife to stay with her niece. He killed his wife, and butchered her niece, and then hung himself. Afterwards it was revealed that he had killed his pregnant mother when he was a boy. They think there may be many more victims of his out there. There are several killings in South Florida that they are pretty sure are his work. It was later revealed by her diaries that his wife suspected that he might be a murderer.

    Killer tied to '89 death -- wife suspected him all along

    A long-unsolved murder in Monroe County was blamed Friday on suspected serial killer Carl "Charlie" Brandt amid new information that also revealed Brandt's wife suspected all along that he was a killer.
    The 48 hours story on this case:
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