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Thread: Carl Charlie Brandt-serial killer with potentially many unknown victims

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    Carl Charlie Brandt-serial killer with potentially many unknown victims

    Hurricane Matthew reminded me of this story. This guy evacuated the Keys during Hurricane Ivan, and went to Orlando with his wife to stay with her niece. He killed his wife, and butchered her niece, and then hung himself. Afterwards it was revealed that he had killed his pregnant mother when he was a boy. They think there may be many more victims of his out there. There are several killings in South Florida that they are pretty sure are his work. It was later revealed by her diaries that his wife suspected that he might be a murderer.

    Killer tied to '89 death -- wife suspected him all along

    A long-unsolved murder in Monroe County was blamed Friday on suspected serial killer Carl "Charlie" Brandt amid new information that also revealed Brandt's wife suspected all along that he was a killer.

    Brandt, 47, hanged himself in September 2004 after killing his wife, Teresa, 46, by repeatedly stabbing her in the chest and then stabbing and dismembering the body of his wife's niece. The Brandts were staying with the niece, 37-year-old Michelle Jones, at her home in south Seminole County after fleeing the Florida Keys as Hurricane Ivan threatened.

    Brandt's ties to the additional murder were uncovered not by investigators but by producers of the CBS show 48 Hours, who passed along the information to authorities, Seminole sheriff's Investigator Rob Hemmert said Friday.

    Jim Graves, who was once married to Carl Brandt's oldest sister, said Teresa Brandt told him her husband came home wet and covered with blood about the time Sherry Perisho was killed less than 1,000 feet from their home in July 1989.

    Teresa "Teri" Brandt confided in her then-brother-in-law, who lives in Volusia County, a short time after Perisho's body was found, Hemmert said. Graves could not be reached for comment Friday.

    Monroe County investigators also found a witness who identified Brandt as the man she saw in the area right after the murder.

    "We are satisfied that Carl Brandt was the murderer of Sherry Perisho," Monroe County Sheriff Rick Roth said.

    Perisho's throat was slashed and she was nearly decapitated. Her heart also was cut out of her chest, authorities said. Those became key details soon after deputy sheriffs uncovered the grisly double murder-suicide in Seminole.

    Michelle Jones also was mutilated and dismembered by Brandt. He used a kitchen knife to cut off her head and breasts and removed her left leg with the precision of a surgeon. He removed organs before hanging himself.

    That Teresa Brandt suspected her husband was a murderer surprised investigators. She had kept detailed diaries, and investigators had spent hours poring over them.
    The 48 hours story on this case (long):
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    Evidence Boosts Murder Theories-Items Of The Man Who Killed Himself And 2 Women In Seminole May Link Him To Other Deaths.

    A search of Carl "Charlie" Brandt's home has uncovered evidence that bolsters investigators' theory that the mild-mannered radar technician, who killed his wife and her niece before taking his own life last week in Seminole County, may have been involved in at least two other slayings and possibly more.

    Monroe County investigators who searched Brandt's truck, safe-deposit box and home removed a diary belonging to his wife, Teresa, a computer and other items.

    While investigators said they found nothing incriminating in the diary, they would not disclose what was on the computer, which was sent with the other evidence for analysis in Central Florida.

    Seminole County Sheriff Don Eslinger would not discuss the nature of what was found, but he insisted there were "items of value" to the investigation.

    Authorities in Monroe and Miami-Dade counties are reviewing at least two slayings to see whether Carl Brandt may have been involved in those unresolved cases.

    On Friday, Eslinger said there could be even more killings possibly linked to Brandt.

    "There is a strong potential for others," he said. He would not elaborate.

    Brandt, 47, was found Sept. 15 hanging in the garage of a home owned by his wife's niece near Altamonte Springs. The bodies of Teresa Brandt, 46, and her niece, Michelle Lynn Jones, 36, were found inside the house. They had been stabbed to death.

    The Brandts had traveled to Central Florida a few days earlier after evacuating the Florida Keys ahead of Hurricane Ivan.

    Friends of the Brandts' initially were skeptical that Carl Brandt had killed the two women. But it was later revealed that, 33 years ago in Fort Wayne, Ind., 13-year-old Carl had gone on a shooting rampage, killing his pregnant mother, Ilse, and seriously injuring his father, Herbert. A grand jury did not indict Brandt, but the boy spent a year in a state mental-health facility before being returned to his father.

    Findings at the crime scene in Seminole County -- which authorities called "extensive" -- prompted the review of the South Florida killings. Eslinger said there are several similarities in the crimes, though he would not provide details.

    The first involved the 1989 killing of a former beauty queen about a quarter-mile from Brandt's home on Big Pine Key. The second is a 1995 slaying of a Miami prostitute.

    In both cases, the victim's heart was cut out, authorities said.

    The 1989 slaying of Sherry Perisho was the third violent death in and around Big Pine Key in a year, said Becky Herrin, a Monroe County sheriff's spokeswoman. Fishermen found Perisho's partially clad body in 10 to 12 feet of water near the Pine Channel Bridge. She had been slashed across her throat and down the length of her torso. Her heart had been cut out and her spine severed.

    "It was surgical," said sheriff's Sgt. Darrell Hull, one of the divers who retrieved the body.

    Monroe County investigators found nothing obvious in their search of Brandt's house that would immediately resolve the Perisho case, Herrin said. Teresa Brandt's diary had entries about marital problems, but there was nothing to suggest her husband was violent, Monroe County Sheriff Richard Roth said.

    Still, the 39-year Sheriff's Office veteran said he thinks the investigation is on the right track.

    "My gut feeling is that we will close Perisho when all this is said and done," he said.

    In Miami-Dade County, authorities are taking another look at the 1995 killing of Darlene Toler, 35, a prostitute and mother of three whose body was found stuffed into a plastic bag along a road on the west side of the county.

    Toler's body was discovered the day after Thanksgiving. The heart and head were missing, and neither has been found. Toler had been last seen the night before in the Miami neighborhood of Little Havana.

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    Murder-suicide probe points to 26 slayings

    After remaining tight-lipped about their investigation for a year, the investigators recently revealed additional details of the slayings to the Orlando Sentinel. They are certain Brandt killed at least two other times, in South Florida, and they hope their investigation will ultimately resolve other murder cases.

    The focus is on Florida, but investigators discovered that Brandt made trips across the country as well as abroad.

    An FBI computer program selected the 26 slayings that are the focus of the investigation, some simply because the victims were young women, but many because there were unusual aspects to the slaying, such as mutilation.

    Even with a growing knowledge of Brandt's whereabouts, it is difficult to eliminate any of the 26 cases. The investigators point to a 14-year-old girl slain in 1990 in Deerfield Beach. The timeline doesn't put Brandt in Deerfield, but it puts him in the general area, Jaynes said. "But, . . . Deerfield Beach puts him in the general area of everything."

    The two investigators know they will be working this case at least another few months. How much longer than that depends largely on what they learn when they sit down with a Florida Department of Law Enforcement profiler this month.

    Not a typical case

    Murder-suicides are typically open-and-shut cases, and, technically, the murder case of Michelle Jones and Teri Brandt is closed. But from the minute the two veteran investigators walked into Jones' house just south of Altamonte Springs the night of Sept. 15, 2004, they knew there was nothing typical about the case.

    Neither had ever seen anything like the gruesome scene.

    "We had deputies getting sick," Jaynes said.

    Teresa "Teri" Brandt's body was on a couch in the living room. The 46-year-old woman had been stabbed seven or eight times. Investigators think she was killed first.

    "I don't think he would have risked being caught [killing Jones] by his wife," Hemmert said.

    From there, the investigators walked into Jones' bedroom. They sensed immediately they were dealing with someone who had dismembered a body before.

    "You had to know what you were doing," Jaynes said.

    Though Brandt had violently and repeatedly stabbed his wife, he killed Jones, 37, with a single stab to the chest. Both were killed with kitchen knives.

    They think he then cut off Jones' head, positioning it on the bed so it faced her body. He even took the time to brush the hair away from her face.

    He then cut off her breasts, her left leg and removed her heart and other organs.

    Hemmert and Jaynes think Brandt spent hours with Jones' body.

    "It took him some time," Hemmert said. "It wasn't something he did quickly."

    When he was finished, he changed his clothes, leaving his bloody ones on the floor by the bed. He left behind something else, which at the time didn't make sense to the investigators: Victoria's Secret bras and underwear, cut in half, that were scattered around the room.

    Brandt, 47, walked into the garage and climbed a stepladder. He tied a bedsheet around his neck and hanged himself.

    13-year-old killed mother

    News of the crime shocked Brandt's friends, neighbors and family. Everyone told of a compassionate, friendly man nicknamed Charlie who would do anything for anyone.

    The first bombshell came when investigators learned Brandt, when he was 13, fatally shot his mother and tried to kill his father. It was a secret kept even from Brandt's two younger sisters, who thought their mother died in a car crash.

    Brandt spent a year in an Indiana mental institution and was taken back by his father when he was released.

    "I think that's when Charlie was born," Jaynes said.

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    I haven't had a chance to listen to this yet, but there is not a whole lot of stuff out there on Charlie Brandt, so I thought I would add this to this thread.

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