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Thread: RAF serviceman Corrie Mckeague (23) missing since 24 September 2016

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    Corrie McKeague mystery examined as sex apps, missing ?53k and pregnancy riddle cloud truth

    The Corrie McKeague investigation has been shelved by police – leaving questions unanswered about the airman’s disappearance.

    His family fear they will never know what happened to him the night he vanished.

    They accept it is likely that he was crushed and his body left in landfill after climbing into a recycling bin later collected by a Biffa lorry, as suggested by an independent review.

    But they lashed “glaring errors, mistruths and downright lies” reported as fact that plagued the police investigation.

    Dad Martin, 49, said: “I’ve nothing but praise and admiration for the officers who’ve searched tirelessly for Corrie since he disappeared.

    “But the investigation has been plagued with problems which have contributed massively to the heartache me and my family have endured through this living hell.[/QUOTE]

    Officers last year sifted through nearly 10,000 of rubbish in 27 weeks of searching at the landfill site, but found no sign of his body.

    However, police yesterday made the astonishing admission that two separate searches they carried out there may have been in the wrong area of the site.

    Suffolk Police said: “The records relied upon are not comprehensive and lack the detail required to identify precise search areas. Investigative enquiries identified the landfill site areas where Corrie was most likely to be.

    “This does not rule out the possibility of him being elsewhere within that site, or indeed at another landfill site.
    More than 5,000 well-wishers raised ?53,000 – but so far no public accounts have been published, despite promises on the JustGiving site.

    The money was allegedly used to fund private investigators. But Suffolk Police said the private probe created no new lines of enquiry.

    The private eyes provided a single disk of information relating to the FindCorrie Facebook page.

    Corrie’s dad Martin said: “I feel sorry for the well-wishers who donated their hard-earned money. I wonder where that money has gone.”
    Corrie was leading a double life trawling the internet for casual sex with strangers.

    The 23-year-old gunner had an account on dating website Plenty of Fish revealing how the serviceman described himself as ‘a princess’ who was looking for a relationship.

    He also had an account on the gay dating app Grindr set up two years before he disappeared, when he was 21, and carried the username ‘BiLad21’.

    Corrie and girlfriend April Oliver also joined an online swingers’ club.

    The airman created a profile on the Fab Swingers website in 2014, saying he was looking for straight and lesbian couples and single women aged 18 to 60.

    It said ‘we are a young couple, but we know what we want.’ Corrie’s family believe this information could have held vital information.

    However, these social media accounts were deleted prior to the police being able to contact all relevant parties who may have come into contact with the serviceman.

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    CORRIE McKeague walked into the night after clubbing with friends and vanished into thin air ? but after two years of heartache and confusion for his family it seems he suffered an almost unbelievable fate.

    The 23-year-old airman with the Royal Air Force disappeared in the small town of Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, in Britain?s southeast, triggering an intense missing persons investigation. As police and media scrutinised his life, details emerged of swinging sessions and that he enjoyed S & M.

    He was recorded walking into a cul-de-sac known as the ?Horseshoe?, an area that police said was impossible for him to have walked out of without being captured on CCTV.

    In the days leading up to the vanishing act he also found out his partner April was pregnant.

    Data from Mr McKeague?s mobile phone showed it travelled out of the area and mirrored the movements of a rubbish truck heading for a landfill. An analysis of the truck showed it was carrying a load less than 15kg, dashing hopes he could have fallen asleep inside as he was known to occasionally do.

    But now his father Martin McKeague has come to the grim conclusion that his son is dead and his remains are lost ?somewhere in the Suffolk waste disposal system?.

    In an online message Martin McKeague told supporters he had accepted the fact ?Corrie is no longer missing?.

    ?What we mean by this is that after looking at all of the facts and evidence we now know what happened to my son. We are certain he is somewhere in the Suffolk waste disposal system, but his remains are essentially irretrievable.?

    He said he was making a public statement to clarify some facts surrounding his son?s disappearance.

    Police had shown the family ?compelling? evidence that convinced him that his son was lost in the waste system.

    ?But unlike other missing persons investigations where they do not know where their loved one is or what happened to them, we do know what happened to Corrie and we have to accept that it is impossible to search those areas for him now.?

    Accepting that was not easy, especially as it meant grappling with the realisation it was impossible to find him in such a vast and ?toxic? environment.

    ?We thought there might be a small glimmer of hope for the McKeague family that a card reader could be used to identify the whereabouts of Corrie?s bank card in the landfill site. I myself searched the internet to see if that technology could help but found nothing to support that theory.?

    Sadly, there was no technology available for that to happen.

    He confirmed police had ruled out every single vehicle seen in ?The Horseshoe? at the critical times, and there was no possibility he was given a lift or walked out unseen.

    It was the investigators? belief that Mr McKeague climbed into a bin to sleep.

    ?And we are certain that Corrie was known to sleep in and on top of bins, a fact that has been corroborated by the Suffolk police from their interviews.?

    He revealed the weight of the lorry was in fact 116kg, much higher than originally thought.

    ?There has also been confusion about the actual weight of the bin. It has been suggested that the weight of the Biffa bin was 11kg. It was not. That figure was for a different bin ? the last bin on the lorry route to be emptied.?

    He continued: ?The Biffa bin that Corrie entered in the Horseshoe was the first on the route, with a recorded weight of 116kg; an unusually high number for this bin, which tells us my son was inside. The facts and evidence show Corrie didn?t walk out or leave the Horseshoe in any way other than the back of that Biffa bin lorry.?

    But not all the family were willing to believe the police version of events.

    In a separate post, Mr McKeague?s mother Nicola Urquhart said she was determined to get answers and had ?not given up?.

    ?If any person feels they have the answers they need to move on, I completely respect that.

    I can only keep fighting for the answers I need. To do what helps get me, my son?s and our family through this.?

    She was careful not to criticise her former partner.

    ?This is NOT a criticism of how any other person deals with their guilt or grief. They should quite rightly do what works for them.

    ?Having said this, I can tell by the hundreds of messages and calls we are getting that there is some confusion, some people think Makeyan, Darroch and I have given up.


    Corrie is missing, he has not been found, nor has their been any corroborated evidence shown to me yet to say what has happened to my son.?

    Police said in March there were ?no realistic lines of inquiry left? in the investigation.

    The investigation has cost ?2.1m and hundreds of people were spoken to by police who spent thousands of hours on the baffling inquiry. But in April they quietly closed the official investigation and the file was handed to Major Crime Review Team - effectively becoming a cold case.

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    Corrie Mckeague inquest concludes he died after going into bin

    The missing RAF gunner Corrie Mckeague who vanished on a night out in 2016 died after climbing into a commercial waste bin, an inquest concluded.

    The airman, from Dunfermline, Fife, was 23 when he disappeared in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, on 24 September 2016.

    He was last seen on CCTV going into a bin loading area but his body has never been found despite extensive searches.

    Inquest jurors in Ipswich concluded he died after climbing into the bin which was then tipped into a waste lorry.

    In a narrative conclusion they said Mr Mckeague died at about 04:20 BST in Bury St Edmunds as a result of "compression asphyxia in association with multiple injuries".

    They said Mr Mckeague's "death was contributed to by impaired judgment due to alcohol consumption".

    The jurors, who had heard two weeks of evidence at Suffolk Coroner's Court, said there were "ineffective bin locks" and an "ineffective search of the bin" before it was tipped.

    During the inquest, it was heard Mr Mckeague, who was stationed at RAF Honington, had slept in a bin before.

    He had also slept under bin bags on a previous night out, using them "like a blanket", and was a "heavy sleeper" when drunk, the hearing was told.
    Waste firm Biffa initially told police the weight of the bin was 11kg (1st 10lbs), and therefore not heavy enough to contain a person, but it was later recorded as 116kg (18st 3lbs).

    The force said the movement of Mr Mckeague's mobile phone mirrored the movement of the waste lorry that collected the bin from the service area where he was last seen.

    Mr Mckeague was not seen on CCTV leaving the area on foot.

    His mother Nicola Urquhart said the "most obvious thing" was her son got into a bin that was later tipped into a waste lorry.

    But she said before the inquest she had "other questions, though, and until they could be answered we couldn't get to that conclusion either".

    "However, we've heard information in the inquest [so] that we now completely believe in the verdict that the jury have given today, 100%," she said,

    Standing next to Mr Mckeague's brothers, Daroch and Makayen, she said: "As a family, we've now all walked out of there with a huge weight lifted off our shoulders."
    Mr Mckeague was described as being "significantly under the influence of alcohol" on the night he went missing.

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