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Thread: Michelle Martens (35) allowed her boyfriend to drug, rape, murder and dismember her ten-year old daughter

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    Quote Originally Posted by raisedbywolves View Post
    They let him out with a GPS monitor.
    This makes me really angry and feeling like I want to puke.

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    Woman involved in Victoria Martens murder sentenced to 44 years
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    ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) ? One month after testifying in the trial tied to the 2016 killing of Victoria Martens, the brother of Fabian Gonzales is now charged in an unrelated fatal shooting. Joseph Gonzales, 44, is facing an open count of murder after investigators claim that Gonzales got in a fight with a driver on a residential street.

    The shooting happened in a South Valley neighborhood Monday around 7:30 a.m., south of Blake Road and west of Isleta Boulevard. Gonzales is said to have made the 911 call after the shooting on Val Verde Drive Southwest, according to the Bernalillo County Sheriff?s Office.

    Man charged in deadly South Valley Albuquerque shooting
    On scene, responding deputies found a male victim, Abner Antillon, lying lifeless in the street. According to a criminal complaint, deputies also found Gonzales armed with a handgun and allegedly making several statements about what happened.

    Surveillance video is said to have captured most of the events surrounding the shooting. According to the complaint, at the start of the event, investigators say the video shows Gonzales standing in the front of his property when a red truck can be seen driving east, past Gonzales, at ?a high rate of speed.?

    At some point, investigators say the red truck reversed back west on the street. The video is said to show Antillon exiting the red truck, then getting into a ?verbal argument? with Gonzales. After a short time out of view of the camera, investigators say a single gunshot can be heard on the surveillance recording, then Antillon can be seen ?retreating back? to the red truck.

    According to a criminal complaint, Gonzales is then said to have fired another three shots toward Antillon. ?Antillon?s back is toward Gonzales,? the criminal complaint states. On scene, medical investigators found three ?defects? on Antillon?s body, including one on his chest and two on his back, which were ?consistent with gunshot wounds.?

    You can watch the whole dumbass incident video on Reddit

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    What an amazing family
    Quote Originally Posted by Nic B View Post
    That is too pretty to be shoved up an ass.
    Quote Originally Posted by Nic B View Post
    You can take those Fleets and shove them up your ass

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