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Thread: 4 y/o Leiliana Wright beat & left in closet dies from mom & mom's boyfriend's punishment for drinking brother's juice

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    4 y/o Leiliana Wright beat & left in closet dies from mom & mom's boyfriend's punishment for drinking brother's juice

    GRAND PRAIRIE, TX ? Jeri Quezada has been arrested after her 4-year-old daughter was beat to death as punishment for drinking her brother?s juice.

    According to an arrest warrant released by Grand Prairie police, Quezada, 30, called 911 to report that she was performing CPR on her daughter, 4-year-old Leiliana Wright.

    When responding paramedics noticed the girl had bruises on her face, Quezada told them her daughter had come home from a sleepover with the injuries and then fell in the shower. The child was rushed to the hospital where she was pronounced dead.

    Three days later, the girl?s death was ruled a homicide due to blunt force trauma to the head and abdomen. The Tarrant County Medical Examiner?s Office said the girl had extensive bruising ?from head to toe? and had whip marks on her back.

    With this information, police arrested Quezada and charged her with injury to a child. Despite changing her story multiple times, the arrest warrant paints a pretty horrific picture of what happened on the day the girl died and, I gotta say, it?s a tough read. Prepare to be infuriated.

    On the morning of the girl?s death, Quezada was at the home of her boyfriend, Charles Phifer. The couple went into the bathroom to shoot up heroin, leaving Wright with the couple?s 18-month-old son in the living room. When they came out, they found the girl drinking her brother?s juice.

    As punishment, they beat the shit out of the little girl with a belt and a bamboo stick.

    Realizing she could not go out with her daughter sporting bruises on her face, Quezada left the girl with her boyfriend and took her son to run errands and return to her own home.

    Leiliana WrightAt around 3:30 pm., Phifer called Quezada and told her to bring some Pedialyte for her daughter. She did, then returned home and took a nap. Two hours later, Phifer called to inform Quezada he had tied her daughter up for about 10 minutes because she was ?making herself throw up.?

    This didn?t concern Quezada, as she went out to dinner and returned home. She did not return to her boyfriend?s house until 9:30 p.m. and was told by Phifer that her daughter was tied up in a closet. Instead of immediately assisting her daughter, Quezada used the opportunity to do more heroin.

    When she finally opened the closet, she found her daughter with her wrists tied behind her back and attached to a coat rod in such a way that she was unable to sit down. Quezada let her out of the closet and tried to feed her a sandwich.

    When the girl was unable to swallow the sandwich, Quezada slapped her chest and the back of her head before forcing Pedialyte into her mouth. When the girl threw up, Phifer ?grabbed her by the throat and lifted her off of the ground with one hand.?

    According to Quezada, Phifer slammed the girl into the wall so hard that her ?body created an indention in the drywall.? Afterwards, Phifer put the girl back in the closet for about 20 minutes. She was then let out to take a shower, at which time Quezada says she heard Phifer say, ?get you some of this,? and then heard her daughter fall.

    Quezada is currently being held with a bond set at $500,000. There?s no question that more charges will be filed against her as police continue their investigation. At this time, Phifer has not been charged with anything. I expect that to change as well.

    Read more:

    Another story talking about how grandparents tried to get help and how CPS failed the little girl

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    Grand Jury Indicts Mother, Her Boyfriend in Death of 4-Year-Old Leiliana Wright

    A Dallas County grand jury has indicted a mother and her boyfriend accused of beating the woman's 4-year-old daughter to death in March, The Dallas Morning News reports.

    Jeri Quezada, 30, and Charles Phifer, 34, were arrested and charged with felony injury to a child after Quezada's daughter Leiliana Wright died at a North Texas hospital.

    The indictment was returned Monday; a trial date has not yet been set.

    Police allege the couple used heroin and repeatedly beat and restrained the girl before she stopped breathing, after which the child was transported to an area hospital where she was pronounced dead.

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    Seriously, how can you do something so horrible to an innocent child...especially when it's something fucking small?
    One of my kids did this and I'd just be like "welp, shouldn't have left your juice unattended...your loss."

    I hate people.
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    Because they are probably not ghetto and hood like me.

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    I really, really hate people sometimes. Just step away a child doesn't deserve this. This made me think of Daniel Pelka.

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    Both mom and boyfriend have been in and out of prison. Grandparents and the real dad have both tried to get custody of the little girl, but the judge always let them go back to their mom.

    Looks like a ton of issues with this poor girl and CPS failures. There must be at least 10+ pages on how the system failed this girl.
    Several people have been fired over this case.

    The boyfriend did an interview from jail. He says he loved the little girl and didn't do this. He said it was all mom because he was in a total drug stupor that day.

    She was such a beautiful little girl...even with the bruise

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    There are so many women and couples who will do anything to have a child. Then you have trash like this that pops out children without issue.

    That poor precious little angel.

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    Sweet Jesus people are horrible.

    RIP little one, you didnt deserve any of this.

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    Grand Prairie man gets life in prison for murdering 4-year-old girl

    DALLAS - The man who beat and tortured a Grand Prairie 4-year-old girl was convicted of capital murder Monday afternoon by a Dallas County jury.

    Charles Phifer received an automatic life sentence for killing Leiliana Wright, his girlfriend's daughter, in 2016.

    The crime was so awful that even the judge said he believes Phifer deserves a fate similar to what he put that little girl through. After the verdict, the judge had harsh words for the defendant. He said in his 28 years of handling hundreds of murder cases, he thinks this is the worst case he’s ever seen.

    Prosecutors said Phifer tied Leiliana up in a closet, beat her with a belt and threw her against the wall. An autopsy also revealed she had been sexually abused.

    “What you did was monstrous and salvage,” Judge Robert Burns told Phifer. “You and Jeri did monstrous things to that little girl.”

    Phifer showed little emotion as he heard a scathing rebuke from Judge Burns.

    “Life in prison seems insufficient,” the judge said. “Hanging a little girl in a closet is savage. You should die in a locked closet.”

    Phifer waived his right to testify on Friday. His defense also rested without calling any witnesses. But during closing arguments, Phifer’s lawyers worked to discount the key testimony from Leiliana’s mother, calling her “lying Jeri.”

    Jeri Quezada was dating Phifer at the time and testified that she found Leiliana in the closet when she came home from a family dinner. She said she was high on heroin but remembers Phifer picking the little girl up by her throat and throwing her.

    During closing arguments, Phifer’s lawyers brought up Quezada’s drug use, criminal history and history with Child Protective Services. They hoped to create doubt that Phifer was the one responsible for Leiliana’s death.

    The defense also pointed out inconsistencies in Quezada’s testimony last week. But a sergeant with the Grand Prairie Police Department told jurors that the story she gave about Phifer shoving her daughter into the wall did appear to add up.

    Quezada pleaded guilty to injury to a child last year. She agreed to take the stand as part of her plea deal.

    Leiliana’s father, Brian Maker, says he had limited visitation with her but also said he reported bruises to CPS long before her death.

    “There has been a lot changed because of her,” he said. “Pretty sad a little girl’s death has to do that.”

    A caseworker and supervisor on Leiliana’s case were fired, and a special investigator resigned.”

    “She was an angel. She loved to dance. She had a heart of gold wanted to make sure you were happy,” Maker said. “They say it gets easier, but it doesn’t.”

    Quezada will be sentenced for injury to a child on Wednesday. Under a plea agreement, she is expected to get 50 years.

    Victims will then make statements to both perpetrators.

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