I wonder if he thinks the jury was about to hang him, but that the judge will be more lenient? I also wonder if he might testify against his accomplice?


Eisenhauer then changed his plea from not guilty to no contest. What that means is that Eisenhauer is not admitting he is guilty but is not denying the charges. This is him accepting the sentence he is given for the crime.

After signing the necessary paperwork with attorneys, Eisenhauer told the judge he understood that he was waiving his right to a trial and the right to defend himself.

We then heard from the Commonwealth about what evidence they would have presented, which was certainly a bombshell.

We heard a long reading of multiple conversations pulled from Natalie Keepers' phone, as well as Eisenhauer's.

During those conversations, Eisenhauer talked about a "little problem...because I couldn't keep it in my pants," and how he planned to deal with it. He even had a conversation with a 16-year-old girl he had a romantic relationship with that he feared he got Lovell pregnant.

He even told someone he needed a place to hide a body, and confirmed to another that Lovell was dead.

The hardest moment to hear, however, was a message that Lovell sent to Eisenhauer. Her mom cried as it was read aloud.

"Dear David, you are my crush but I know you don't think of me like that," Lovell wrote. "I want to be in your life."
Sentencing for Eisenhauer has been set for May 22 and 23, but that date could be moved. Because he pleaded no contest, a judge will now make his sentence, not a jury.