This is happening in my hometown, about 15 minutes from where I live now. Some kid "Brian Kil" has been making threats to commit a mass shooting at Plainfield High School in Indiana. Threats started on December 17th. They closed school the next day and postponed finals. The threats center around a girl that goes to the school and if she doesn't apologize to him, "blood will be shed". Threats continued over Christmas break and even caused the town to close the shopping mall and evacuated people from the theater that were watching the new Star Wars flick. Things have been kinda quiet for the past few days (I imagine the kid had to go to grandma's to unwrap presents and eat dinner) then it started up again last night. "Brian" has a new FB page up called "Plainfield Massacre" and the threats now include local elementries and preschools. Whoever it is, they are knowlegable enough to bounce their IP address all over and not be traced yet. School is happening tomorrow with metal detectors, no back packs/purses, and pockets must be empty. I guess we'll see what happens. (Threats were also made at nearby schools with arrests but were determined to be unrelated).

*Rumors I have heard*
- It's the girl herself that is being targeted that is making the pages and posts.
- The girl was threatened with harm before December 16th that if she did not provide nudes, she would be physically harmed.
- It has something to do with the Islamic Society of Northern America that is in town and is the largest Muslim organizition in the United States.
- It's a diversion or dry run.
- The girl's (her name is easily found online but I just don't want to be that person that posts it) mother is somehow involved and made "Brian" mad.
- The FBI is no longer involved because it's termed low priority since nothing has happened yet. (But the threats are continuing so the crime is continuing right?)

*Some news articles:

PLAINFIELD, Ind. (December 18, 2015) - The FBI has announced they are taking over the investigation involving threats made to Plainfield High School and students on Facebook.

The announcement comes as Facebook threats continue to appear from an anonymous source. The details in the posts are graphic and disturbing. FOX59 has decided not to share those details.

All after-school activities are canceled at Plainfield High School. Friday night's girls and boys basketball games are rescheduled.

The Indiana State Police Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force is assisting the FBI and the Plainfield Police Department with the investigation.

Gary Coons with the Indianapolis Department of Homeland Security said his team has not been called in for assistance. He said they will step in as soon as a threat appears that involved Indianapolis.

Coons said his team has been following the Facebook posts and are well aware of the situation. He said the posts are seeming to escalate, which is concerning.

"Sometimes this happens where it starts off small and then it just keeps growing because certain things aren?t happening that the one individual," Coons said.

Coons is urging students and parents to come forward anytime they feel threatened. He's also encouraging people in Indianapolis to anonymously call crime stoppers at 262-TIPS to provide information regarding threats to the community. He said the Department of Homeland Security closely monitors all tips they receive.

?If they?re being threatened or if there?s a situation that they know of, to say something or to tell somebody," Coons said. He added, "if we?re alerted early enough then hopefully we can mitigate the situation before anything occurs.?

The Plainfield Police Department provided this statement Friday afternoon:

The Plainfield Police Department has been working with the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force (ICAC) since the beginning of this investigation. The ICAC Task Force consists of Local, State, and Federal officials who work together to investigate Internet Crimes Against Children. The Plainfield Police Department will continue to work with the ICAC throughout the duration of this investigation.