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Thread: Katelynn Bastedo (15) 23 weeks pregnant Missing from Longview

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    Katelynn Bastedo (15) 23 weeks pregnant Missing from Longview

    November 18, 2015 1:30 pm - By Sarah Grothjan

    A 15-year-old Longview girl who is 23 weeks pregnant has been missing since Monday, and her father is afraid she may leave town.

    Michael Bastedo, 53, said he believes his daughter, Katelynn Bastedo, has run away with her boyfriend, David Fitch. She was last seen at Mark Morris High School walking with a man whom Bastedo believes to be David.

    Bastedo said he's worried because his daughter - in addition to being a high-risk pregnancy because of her age - has the mental capacity of an 8-year-old. He said he fears she may leave town with David, who told Katelynn's friend he was saving money for a bus ticket.

    Katelynn met David a year ago while attending R.A. Long High School, but Bastedo said he transferred his daughter to Mark Morris High School after her freshman year to distance her from the boy, who now is 18.

    Longview Police Capt. Robert Huhta said Katelynn's disappearance is considered a runaway case. Longview police have performed numerous checks, including searching David's home on three occasions. He said the boy and his family have been cooperative.

    Police are following up on leads daily and have received multiple calls about possible sightings, Huhta said.

    Keith Fitch, David's father, said Wednesday that he didn't know Katelynn was missing until police showed up at his door.

    "(Katelynn's) dad has been doing everything to put our son in jail," he said.

    David's mother, Robin Fitch, said drama has ensued since Katelynn's family discovered she's pregnant. She said her son has not heard from Katelynn since last Thursday, when she contacted him from a friend's phone.

    "My son has been home, and the cops have been out here ... and they've looked everywhere," she said. "I know she's not here because (the cops) checked here, and I've checked here. She's not here. I'd know if she were here."

    Robin Fitch said she and her son also are worried about Katelynn's whereabouts.

    "I'd like to know where she's at and if she's OK myself," she said.

    Robin Fitch said this isn't the first time Katelynn has run away. She's twice left home and come to the Fitches', at which point Robin Fitch said she took her back to her own home.

    'It's not like we're not complying with the police. We are," she said.

    Bastedo said he doesn't believe their story.

    "When they sit here and tell me "She's not here. She's not here.' ... They're lying ..." he said.

    Bastedo, who was nearly in tears on Wednesday, said he's been hanging flyers of his daughter around town.

    "I'm going to lose my child if I don't do something desperate," he said.
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