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Thread: Los Angeles model Lauren Wasser suing tampon maker after toxic shock syndrome led to her losing a leg

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    I'm glad I don't have these women problems anymore.

    How does this girl not smell it after a few days? It's in your hoo-ha just hanging around. Wouldn't the smell be awful?
    I know I make my girl's take their bathroom trash out after a day or two- and it has a tight lid on the trash can.
    I can't even imagine what it smells like after it's been down there for a few days. Didn't any of her friends smell her?

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    She Probably Stores Food In There For The Winter
    Oh God, Stop The Voices *SCREAM*

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    For many menstruating women, Toxic Shock Syndrome feels more like a scary folk tale than actual threat. Luckily our awareness is slowly increasing, in part thanks to advocates like Lauren Wasser. When she first shared her experiences of contracting the deadly disease at age 24 in a viral VICE article, Wasser became the face of an often-overlooked illness — one with high cheekbones.

    The fashion model, who booked her first Italian Vogue gig at just two years old, has continued to work after losing both legs to TSS. She feels a sense of duty to advocate for other survivors without the platform to share their own experiences. "If men's dicks were falling off, this wouldn't be an issue," Wasser says. "But because it's a women's health issue, we're not recognized, and that's why I'm fighting for us."

    She's also part of the push for inclusion of disability on the runway — walking in the Savage x Fenty show at New York Fashion Week this year and currently working on a documentary. Wasser says she has felt the start of the much-needed shift within fashion, but knows that "Rome wasn't built in a day."

    Advocating for a global change in the feminine care industry over the past eight years, Wasser has shown that she's far more than one article or moment. She's in this for the long haul, and takes each obstacle or win as it comes. That's on a personal level, too: the model is currently ecstatic about her new prosthetics, which will finally allow her to wear heels.

    Lauren Wasser On Modeling At Fashion Week After Losing Her Legs To Toxic Shock Syndrome

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    TSS scares the shit out of me.

    Quote Originally Posted by marakisses View Post
    yes i said i will leave it under you storage he said cuddle with me i said shut up it over??? what am i doing wrong??

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