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Thread: Suicide Prevention / Suicide Survivors Thread

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    Amazing that we're a priority in all of this. Enough to keep this screen open on her Phone since I'm assuming they don't know her password to keep using her account. Even more amazing that she opted to click on "keep me logged in" after only being a member for a day or two.
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    I thought the exact same thing. Poor Brennen Tammons.
    Oh well, back to gum.
    ....or exchanging Puke's wang for spicy nuts.
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    I know, right? What the fuck, puke? Willing to take in Boston, an Irish dude and like, 17 dogs but not Ron? poor Ron.

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    Probably not the correct thread, but at least this:

    Georgia teen's Facebook Live suicide attempt stopped just in time:

    A suicide attempt by a teenage girl in Georgia was stopped just in time Tuesday night after she started broadcasting her plans on Facebook Live.
    “All social media is is a conduit for attention,” Davis continued. “Even in this tragic situation, this young lady was looking for attention, and thankfully, the right people were watching. It could have been more tragic.”

    "The Georgia teen had taken pills and placed a plastic bag over her head before she was reached, Sgt. Linda Howard told WMAZ."

    The girl, who still had a pulse after medics removed her from the home, was taken to a hospital and was stable on Wednesday.

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    I am new to this forum! I am looking for someone to help me piece together or understand if my dad died my suicide or murder!
    My dad was part owner of a family body shop business he never owned or fired a gun!! He was a drinker but not mean or depressive it was just like pop to him. He had been to lunch and I had just missed him where he has lunch by 10 minutes of driving by according to the lunch spot he was at. I continued out to go home and which is passing the body shop and his truck was there and the garage door was not up on the shop which meant he could be in paint shop! I got home about 10 min later from being at the lunch spot. I was home not even 5 min when I got a call from my step mom that my dad had been shot she was sobbing and I had no clue what she was talking about so I headed to the shop. Now mind you it had only been atost 20/25 min since he had been to lunch and I had passed his shop. When I got there, there was no cops, sheriff, or ambulance they had already been there and Gone with my dad!! I later learned that it was ruled as a sucidie over the phone through a sheriff and corner! This was a man that had nothing to do with guns and worked with his hands but Used his LEFT hand to committed the act. According to the police report the barrel had blood in it which meant that it was against his head and it was laying on his lap! No Note was found!!! It was a totally typical day for him til that moment! He was found by my uncle that worked with him!!! The lunch spot said he was his normal self and said he would see everyone later after work like he does daily!!! Please help!!!!

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    Broken, welcome to MdS. I'm sorry that you lost your dad so recently. Death is difficult in general, but it can be even harder under ambiguous circumstances. Please feel free to create a thread for your dad so that any information you have can be condensed. I'm sure there are people here who would help you work through this, regardless of the ultimate outcome.
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    "Say, you know who could handle this penis? MY MOTHER."

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    I've been feeling really depressed the past couple of nights. I've cried myself to sleep thinking about my first love. I was 16 when we first started dating. He was my first in many things: french kiss, sex, bj, etc. I haven't spoken to him in 7 years after he embarrassed me at a mall. We were talking about getting back together for the third time. I don't know why I can't get over him.
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