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Thread: Jesse Matthew aka LJ (32) allegedly murdered Hannah Graham (18) before dumping her remains on an abandoned property

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    Here's a long article. It mentions how witnesses heard Hannah tell him she didn't want to get in the car with him. Also, how after the murder, Matthews had a swollen jaw and he complained of a tooth ache.

    I hope Hannah got one good punch in before he killed her.

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    Jesse Matthew, 37-year-old convicted killer of two Virginia college students, has stage 4 cancer

    Jesse Matthew Jr., who abducted and killed two Virginia college students five years apart, was transferred to a new prison this week so he can receive medical treatment for cancer.

    Matthew, 37, is serving multiple life sentences for the 2009 murder of 20-year-old Virginia Tech student Morgan Harrington and the 2014 murder of 18-year-old University of Virginia student Hannah Graham. He pleaded guilty in 2016 to both killings.

    A spokeswoman for the Virginia Department of Corrections confirmed that Matthew was transferred Monday from Red Onion State Prison in Wise County to Sussex I State Prison. She would not comment on Matthew’s diagnosis, citing the confidentiality of medical records.

    Matthew first disclosed his cancer diagnosis during a telephone interview with WTVR-TV on May 8, without providing details.

    Harrington’s mother, Gil Harrington, said Albemarle County Commonwealth’s Attorney Robert Tracci told her Matthew has stage 4 colon cancer and was transferred for treatment. It could not immediately be determined where Matthew will receive his treatment.

    In a statement given to The Daily Progress on Tuesday night, Tracci said he had received news of Matthew’s transfer Monday afternoon and that he was awaiting further rationale from the Department of Corrections about the reasoning behind the transfer.

    Morgan Harrington disappeared after she left a Metallica concert at John Paul Jones Arena in Charlottesville in 2009. Her body was found more than three months later in a field about 10 miles south of the city.

    Graham, 18, vanished in September 2014 from the Downtown Mall area. Searchers found her remains slightly more than a month later in Albemarle.

    Since her daughter’s death, Harrington’s mother has devoted herself to Help Save the Next Girl, a nonprofit organization she founded to honor her daughter and to familiarize young women with potential predatory dangers.

    Gil Harrington said she and her husband had a muted reaction when they heard about Matthew’s cancer diagnosis.

    “Whatever justice is, perhaps this is the next phase of his justice. Perhaps this is his karma,” she said. “I’m not happy about it, but I’m very sanguine for whatever unfolds here.”

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    So he will get the best medical care that the rest of us wouldn't get if we didn't pay insurance, and then if that doesn't work he gets to check out early on his sentence. Fuck him-I hope it's at least painful. He destroyed so many lives.

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    Jesse Leroy Matthew Jr., the man responsible for murdering Virginia Tech student Morgan Harrington and University of Virginia student Hannah Graham, has been moved from Sussex I State Prison to a hospital in Richmond.

    Gil Harrington, whose daughter was abducted and murdered by Matthew in October 2009, was alerted Saturday afternoon by corrections officials that Matthew was moved from the prison to "MCV Hospital Security Care and remains in the custody and control of the Virginia Department of Corrections."

    "We are not sure exactly why he was transferred from the maximum security prison," reporter Laura French said in a Facebook update Saturday evening. "He does remain in the custody of the Virginia Department of Corrections, so they have a very secure area within the hospital where he is getting care."

    VCU Medical Center, which is 43 miles from Sussex I State Prison, houses a “Secure Care Unit” for inmates with medical needs, including chemotherapy.

    Gil Harrington: 'We are not invested in retribution'

    "Though I do appreciate updates on the status of Jesse Matthew, we are not interested in learning about his inevitable demise," Harrington wrote. "We are not invested in retribution. What we wanted was to have Jesse Matthew, the Back to School Killer, stopped. That has been accomplished. His horrific crime spree is over.

    "We have worked determinedly since Morgan’s murder to protect other young women, and their families, from the anguish we suffered at the hands of Jesse Matthew. We are incredibly committed to education, victim outreach, and legislative activism, as we try to Help Save The Next Girl."

    Matthew has stage 4 colon cancer

    The 38-year-old inmate was previously moved from Red Onion State Prison in Wise County to Sussex I State Prison in Waverly in May of 2019, so he could receive medical treatment for stage 4 colon cancer.

    The prison where Matthew was previously incarcerated was a “supermax” facility, considered to be one of the most secure in the United States.

    Matthew first disclosed his diagnosis during a phone interview with CBS 6 conducted on May 8.

    “I just now found out that I have cancer,” Matthew said.

    He wouldn’t provide any additional details, but Harrington says that officials have informed her that Matthew has stage four colon cancer, meaning the disease has spread to distant parts of the body.

    Prior to his diagnosis, Matthew had spent more than three years at Red Onion. He was taken there in March 2016, shortly after pleading guilty to the murders of Harrington and Graham.

    As part of his plea, Matthew received four life prison terms without the possibility of parole or geriatric release.

    Matthew was arrested in late September 2014, nearly two weeks after Graham vanished from Charlottesville’s Downtown Mall. He was captured near Galveston, Texas. Investigators believed he was planning to leave the country.

    A few days later, CBS 6 was first to report that forensic evidence linked Matthew to both the Graham and Harrington murders. Matthew’s DNA would also tie him to the 2005 rape of a woman in Fairfax.

    During the phone interview with CBS 6, Matthew was evasive when asked if he was sorry for the crimes he had committed.

    “I don’t think I can answer that question right now truthfully,” Matthew said. “Maybe in another interview.”

    Ahead of his sentencing in the Fairfax case, Matthew’s former girlfriend sent a letter to the judge, claiming that he was raped when he was a child, and she believed that likely played a role in the crimes he had committed.

    Matthew said that letter was accurate.
    “Yes, but I don’t want to talk about that right now.”

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    Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.
    Quote Originally Posted by Miller22 View Post
    I thought the exact same thing. Poor Brennen Tammons.
    Oh well, back to gum.
    ....or exchanging Puke's wang for spicy nuts.
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    That is too pretty to be shoved up an ass.

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    'The system failed her:' Mother of Jesse Matthew victim on Liberty University lawsuit

    In 2000, a 15-year-old reported being sexually assaulted at a Liberty University camp by Jesse Matthew Jr., according to a lawsuit. Matthew later pleaded guilty to murdering two college students years later.

    The lawsuit, filed Tuesday morning in U.S. District Court for the Eastern of New York, says that during the 2000 incident, Liberty threatened to charge the teenager with filing a false report, made her ride in a police car with her alleged attacker and questioned her without water or food for eight hours ? all while failing to properly investigate her alleged attacker.

    In advance of being filed, the lawsuit was provided to ABC13?s Cynthia Beasley, who has been investigating for a year-and-a-half allegations that Liberty University violated Title IX rules, repeatedly threatened victims with honor code violations and downplayed sexual assault allegations.

    Twelve anonymous women, most of whom are former Liberty University employees or students, have signed onto the lawsuit that claims the university ?enabled on-campus rapes? and suppressed complaints of sexual assault and rape.

    According to the lawsuit, Jane Doe 12 was attending a summer debate camp at Liberty University in 2000.

    She claims Matthew approached her in a dorm and ?grabbed her and carried her into a bathroom.?

    RELATED: Jesse Matthew Pleads Not Guilty in 2005 Virginia Attack

    Matthew threw Doe 12 into a large cushioned chair. Before he was able to grab her again, she interposed her feet between him and her, and held him off while he groped her legs and breasts.

    She says she reported the assault to the Liberty University Police Department.

    The complaint states that police took both Matthew and Jane Doe to the department, in the same car. Police questioned her for hours, according to the complaint.

    The officers reported to her that Matthew had denied any contact with her. When she reminded them that the single-gender dorm had a camera that would show his entrance and exit, the police changed their story and alleged that Matthew, in fact, admitted to contact with her, but claimed the contact was consensual.

    According to the complaint, Jane Doe told the police that it couldn?t have been consensual and that she had his DNA under her nails from fighting back, so she asked to go to a hospital.

    The police told her they were sure she did?no doubt from scratching his back during consensual sex.

    The lawsuit says police denied her and never collected that evidence.

    According to the lawsuit, police did collect photo evidence. The lawsuit claims that police made a female debate coach take naked photos of Jane Doe without permission from a parent.

    The photographs were comprehensive, including a photograph in which Doe 12 was forced to lean over a desk and spread her butt cheeks for the camera.

    There is no conceivable reason for the police to take naked photographs of a minor following an assault, particularly of areas where there was no bruising or other evidence of injury, as was done in this case, and also without first securing the consent of her guardian.

    The lawsuit says police threatened her that if she did not withdraw her claim, she would be criminally charged with filing a false report.

    The lawsuit claims that police told Jane Doe 12 ?her pants were the reason why she?d been approached for sex.?

    The police also told Doe 12 that she could be expelled from the camp because she was wearing pants in an academic building, which was at the time a violation of the Liberty Way. Her pants were, they suggested, the reason why she had been approached for sex. Doe reminded them, however, that the modified version of the Liberty Way she was asked to sign did not include the same dress code requirements as for college students.

    The lawsuit claims that Liberty University silenced and sometimes punished these women under their honor code, ?The Liberty Way.? The newest version of the ?Liberty Way? honor code is not public, but the 2020 version can be found online. That document states that the university can issue ?points? to students for breaking the ?Liberty Way,? potentially making them pay a fine and perform community service hours. For example, the document online says they could fine students $300 for drinking alcohol or spending the night with a member of the opposite sex.

    In addition to favoring the claims of the accused over women accusers ? including in cases when the female students provided evidence, such as text messages and pictures of bruises ? the lawsuit also claims Liberty University used the "Liberty Way" as a weapon against the plaintiffs.

    The lawsuit does not say if LUPD further investigated these claims. According to online court records though, Matthew was never charged.

    ?That?s terrible. That?s really terrible,? Gil Harrington, Morgan Harrington?s mother, said as she flipped through the pages of the complaint.
    From last year

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