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Thread: William Tyrrell, 3, Missing From His Grandma's Front Verandah, Mid North Coast NSW

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    I'd had a few drinks last night when I wrote that post, but I still stand behind all of it lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Olivia View Post
    I'd had a few drinks last night when I wrote that post, but I still stand behind all of it lol.
    HAHAH. Well, it was hump day. No judgements this end
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    gangsta rap does not help the youth
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    Interview with the police. He said they have suspects they're watching.....and it sounds like they believe William is alive.

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    Insight podcast on this case (I searched the thread and don't think it has been posted):

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    It's FINALLY been made public that little William was in foster care.

    LITTLE boy lost William Tyrrell, the three-year-old who went missing almost three years ago, was a foster child in care at the time of his disappearance, it?s been revealed.

    The new details were made public for the first time by Channel 9?s A Current Affair program after statutory restrictions preventing them becoming public were clarified by a judge.

    At the time William disappeared from the house in Kendall, he was under the control of the Department of Family and Community Services (FACS), being cared for by foster parents in what is referred to as out-of-home care.

    This was a secret guarded by FACS until now, ACA, said, but it provides another missing piece in the puzzle that has captured Australia.

    There?s no suggestion that either William?s biological or foster families were involved in his disappearance or have any knowledge of his whereabouts.

    Nor is there suggestion of fault on their parts.

    William?s biological father had struggled continually with drug and alcohol problems and life behind bars, ACA said.

    Meanwhile, William's loving foster parents ? who have not shared their identities, still hope he is alive.

    ?If he is alive, if somebody has him, I want him to be feeling loved, I ... I want him to be safe,

    to be looking after him,? William?s foster mother said.

    Of course anyone following this sad story on the net already knew he was a foster child. This one still haunts me and I pray William is not being mistreated on the off chance he is still alive.

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    Hi Little Duck, hi All...

    I joined literally years ago, but have just now been compelled to introduce myself. I'm Deeley, and have been following this case since the day William disappeared.

    I'm amazed to learn that Williams status has finally been (officially) made public. I imagine FACS isn't happy, but know that a lot of people ARE, and are hoping that this is the beginning of a more intense search for him. I wonder if the police are 'onto something', hoping to flush out a long suspected culprit or culprits. At any rate, I think that this case might, for some reason, become very much in the news again at this 3 year mark. Many WT forums are abuzz again, and with all the chatter, may come a few serious leads, leading to a final resolution. I hope so. The dear little boy!! His disappearance must be sheer agony for his family(s).

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    Hi Deeley! Welcome! I think it was this thread that prompted me to sign up to post after lurking for ages. I'm pretty new too and have only just got back into MDS after about a year hiatus. Everyone here is really welcoming.

    FACS are NOT happy that William is now allowed to be identified as a foster child - I think the ban was more to cover their arses than anything. A new story today:

    THE biological grandmother of missing toddler William Tyrrell has hit out at the social workers who took him away from his parents as a baby and placed him in foster care.

    Heartbroken Natalie Collins, 57, yesterday revealed her son Brendan Collins? criminal past, drinking problems and rows with William?s mother Karlie Tyrrell. However, she said their behaviour was not enough to put the little boy who was ?adored? by his family into care.

    It can now be revealed that William (pictured), who went missing in September 2014 while playing in the garden of his foster grandmother?s home at Kendall, on the NSW mid-north coast, was in care. The revelation follows a Supreme Court ruling last week.

    That little boy was my life, we all adored him, he was a beautiful innocent little boy,? Ms Collins said.

    ?There were rows between my son and (William?s) mother, drinking problems, but not enough for (Family and Community Services) to take William away from them.?

    Ms Collins said her son had been released from jail in March while William?s mother no longer spoke to her.

    ?It?s ripped our family apart, we?ll never be the same now William has gone,?? she said.

    ?I think about him every day, and my son does.??

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    Long interview with William's biological grandmother:

    I don't think she's being totally honest with herself about his bio parents' bad behavior ... she's minimizing. They had to be really beating the shit out of each other for domestic disputes to be the reason William was put in foster care, right? I also question whether the dad was really a "teetotaler" before William's disappearance. She's seems like she's trying too hard to convince people of that.
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    I will out think the fucking pants off of you and you would thank me for helping you out of them.

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    William Tyrrell search to begin in NSW bushland tomorrow
    Updated 5 minutes ago

    New South Wales Police will launch a large-scale forensic search tomorrow as part of ongoing investigations into the 2014 disappearance of William Tyrrell.

    William, aged three at the time, was playing in the yard of his foster grandmother's home in Kendall on the NSW mid-north coast when he disappeared.

    No trace of him has ever been found since.

    The four-week search, which will be conducted in bushland around Kendall, was announced by police on Tuesday afternoon.

    Search experts from the Public Order and Riot Squad are running the operation, which will be extensive.

    Police said the initial search around the rural township of Kendall was focused only on finding William - not with a view that there was deliberate human intervention.

    That initial search was conducted in nearby forests, creeks and paddocks but returned no clues.

    Since William went missing, police have identified almost 700 persons of interest, conducted hundreds of interviews and gathered more than 4,000 pieces of evidence.

    NSW Police announced an unprecedented $1 million reward for information leading to William's recovery on the second anniversary of his disappearance in 2016.

    William's foster parents have always said they would never give up looking for him and still maintain hope he will one day be found.

    More to come.

    I know they've implied he had a 100% alibi based on whatever he did after he left the grandma's house that morning, but it's really going to be fucked up if this turns out like Tiahleigh & the foster dad used a Skype appt to cover up a body disposal
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    Teams of NSW Riot Squad officers are out in the bush along Benaroon Drive literally clearing the scrub with hoes, mattocks & shovels.

    I can't embed the vid, but there's footage of them clearing & searching here :

    Edit :

    & they found a toy in the bush. Probably just belongs to some random kid but fuck I hope they actually find something, it's been so long

    Police have found a toy during a search in bushland for fresh evidence linked to the disappearance of William Tyrell.

    The ABC understands although it is too early to identify any link with the missing boy, the toy, along with other bags of evidence, had been collected in the first day of searching for new leads into the disappearance of the then three-year-old, known as the boy in the Spiderman suit.

    On Wednesday, riot officers set off with rakes and dogs in the area where the mystery first began four years ago.

    Police covered a large area and are set to move across the road on Thursday, where the 50-strong force is expected to cover a smaller area because of the tougher terrain.

    There has been no trace of William since his disappearance in 2014, but police are hoping to change that with a new operation announced on Tuesday.

    An extensive, large-scale forensic search began on Wednesday in Kendall on the NSW mid north-coast where William went missing from his foster grandmother's front yard.

    It will take four weeks and will see roughly 3 square kilometres of bushland in Kendall scoured.

    Police said the difference between this search and the initial search when William disappeared was the intention behind the operation.

    "The initial search, while extensive, was focused only on finding William ? a little boy who was lost ? and not with a view of deliberate human intervention," police said in a statement.

    Police with evidence bag in William Tyrrell search

    PHOTO: Police carry evidence bags from the search scene. (AAP: Joel Carrett)

    Detective Chief Inspector Gary Jubelin said the purpose is now on gathering definitive evidence that William met with foul play which can be presented to either a criminal or coroner's court.

    "Based on the original search and from our investigation its reasonable to draw conclusion that William's disappearance was result of human intervention and not misadventure," said Detective Jubelin.

    "[But] I don't want this interpreted that the investigation is coming to an end," Detective Jubelin said. "We are very mindful that it's over 3.5 years since William disappeared and we haven't solved this matter.

    "We are going to continue on until we do."

    Until police know conclusively that William is not alive they will act with the possibility that he is, but Detective Jubelin said "we have grave, grave fears".

    Someone watching this will be uncomfortable

    Police still strongly believe there are people with information about what happened to William who have not come forward yet.

    Detective Jubelin made another plea but this time with a warning.

    "You are at a risk of committing a criminal offence by concealing an offence if you don't come forward," he said.

    "I suggest you come to us before we come to you.

    "I dare say with the intense interest in William's disappearance that someone watching this right now might be feeling very uncomfortable."

    Anyone who notices someone acting strangely at the mention of William should pass that information on, Detective Jubelin said.

    Attached to William's case is the first $1 million reward for information in New South Wales history.

    If this current search returns no answers, police will continue on with numerous lines of inquiry which involve several persons of interest.

    The initial search in Kendall took 10 days with hundreds of local residents and emergency service workers looking for William in forests, creeks and paddocks.

    Nothing relevant to his disappearance was found.

    Although it was first believed he wandered off and got lost, police later said the circumstances in which he disappeared led them to believe he was abducted.

    William was wearing a Spiderman suit and playing with his sister in the front yard of the Benaroon Drive house when he was last seen.

    His mother went inside to make a cup of tea and when she returned, he was gone.

    That house is directly across the road from the Kendall State Forest.

    In 2015, the homicide squad also searched dense bushland around Bonny Hills, 20 kilometres from where William was last seen, but no trace of the boy was found.

    That search was prompted by a tip-off and was two months later forensic teams searched the home of tradesman William Harrie Spedding.

    Mr Spedding was understood to have given a quote at William's grandmother's house four days before he disappeared.

    Police seized a number of items and the property's septic tank was drained.

    Over the course of the investigation, police have also investigated reports of a paedophile ring operating in the area where William disappeared and seized a white station wagon for forensic examination from a property in Wauchope, north of Kendall.

    Thousands of people in Australia and around the world have come together to raise awareness for the hazel-eyed boy since 2014, proving how the case has captured many hearts.

    The Deputy State Coroner is expected to travel to the area later this week.
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    When I first saw the headlines re her comments I thought "jfc, grandma's a real piece of work".

    Then I read through the article & saw the tiny mention that she also said that none of her family had been informed this search was happening.

    It must've hit them like a ton of bricks to hear about it, especially if they also saw the footage of police digging & raking through the bush. They had no time to prepare themselves emotionally for the impact & it sounds like media sought them out for comment. Which means they caught her in shock & pain before she had time to come to terms with it.

    So now it looks like her words may have been poorly chosen because no-one gave her an opportunity to process her feelings about the search before media put her on blast.

    The reporter at the scene (vid at link) made out she's deliberately attacking & insulting the police officers working on the search

    That's pretty fucking cruel under the circumstances

    William Tyrrell?s biological grandmother has told investigators they?re ?wasting their time? as the new search for the boy enters its third day.

    Natalie Collins, 59, says she knows in her heart that the toddler is dead and the new search for clues is a waste of taxpayers? money as officers continue searching through Kendall bushland on Friday.

    About 50 specialised officers marched into the scrub about 8am on Thursday, joined by SES and Rural Fire Service members.

    ?The police are wasting good taxpayers? money and their time, they?re never going to find William ? I just know in my heart he?s dead,? she told The Daily Telegraph.

    His grandmother is adamant William was taken from them, a thought shared by the boy?s father.

    ?I know exactly what?s happened, someone?s taken him and done something to him. Brendan (William?s father) says it, too, he believes William?s gone,? she said.

    William?s grandmother believes the police are ?wasting good taxpayers? money? with the latest search for evidence. Source: AAP

    William disappeared on the New South Wales mid-north coast in 2014.

    He was playing in the yard of his grandmother?s home, aged three, when he vanished on September 12.

    Hundreds of locals and emergency services workers spent 10 days looking for him in the rural township, forests, creeks and paddocks believing William was lost and not the possible victim of a crime.

    A child?s toy is one of several items discovered in Kendall bushland, with about 50 officers searching the area on Thursday. Source: AAP

    However no trace of William was found.

    Ms Collins also revealed her family were not informed of the search for fresh evidence.

    On Wednesday, a child?s toy was among the foreign objects removed and catalogued in the search, though it is not yet believed to be relevant to the investigation.

    The objects will join the already massive bank of evidence amassed for the case ? including 15,000 pieces of information and hundreds of persons of interest.

    Detective Chief Inspector Gary Jubelin refused to rule out the investigation would become a coronial inquest but informed reporters in Kendall there were many leads for police to exhaust before then.
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    Unless NSWpol managed to conceal new evidence found during the last search, the inquest outcome's pretty much a foregone conclusion : "murdered by persons unknown"

    William Tyrrell case handed over to coroner for inquest on fourth anniversary of disappearance
    Updated about 2 hours ago

    William Tyrrell

    PHOTO: The disappearance of William Tyrrell captured the hearts of people all across the country. (NSW Police)

    RELATED STORY: William Tyrrell inquest looks likely as deputy coroner visits search site for missing boyRELATED STORY: Police narrow focus in search for missing boy William Tyrrell
    After four years of searching for answers, police have referred the disappearance of William Tyrrell to the coroner.

    Today marks the fourth anniversary since the boy ? then aged three ? went missing from the NSW Mid North Coast town of Kendall.

    NSW Police propose the inquest will be held in 2019 before Deputy State Coroner Harriet Grahame, who observed the large-scale search police undertook this July.

    She has requested a brief of evidence that will be provided by the year's end.

    Police said the inquest would be an "opportunity to test information and evidence" gathered by Strike Force Rosann and further the investigation.

    "This is another step in ensuring answers are provided to William's loved ones," police said.

    William became known as "the boy in the Spider-Man suit" because he was wearing the costume when he went missing from the front yard of his foster grandmother's home.

    Timeline: Searching for William
    Hundreds of people have been involved in the effort to find William Tyrrell. The ABC reviews the key events to date. (at link)

    His foster mother went inside to make a cup of tea and when she returned, he was gone.

    Although it was first believed he wandered off and got lost, police later said the circumstances in which he disappeared led them to believe he was abducted.

    In 2015, the homicide squad searched dense bushland around Bonny Hills, 20 kilometres from where William was last seen.

    In July this year, a fresh month-long forensic search took place in bushland around Kendall as a result of information received during the investigation.

    Inspector Jubelin said investigators gained new information from the search, but failed to reach the breakthrough they had been hoping for.

    Since William went missing, police have identified almost 700 people of interest, conducted hundreds of interviews and gathered more than 4,000 pieces of evidence.

    NSW Police announced an unprecedented $1 million reward for information leading to William's recovery on the second anniversary of his disappearance in 2016.

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    Could burnt-out car help lead police to William Tyrrell?

    By A Current Affair
    7:40pm Sep 12, 2018

    On the fourth anniversary of the disappearance of William Tyrrell, it has emerged that a burnt-out car abandoned deep in the bush has come to investigators' attention.

    The wreck has been found in the bushland surrounding Kendall on the New South Wales North Coast, just a short drive from where William, then aged three, vanished from his grandmother's home in 2014.

    One person of interest in the case is Tony Jones.

    A burnt-out, abandoned car in the bush has been a focus for investigators looking into the disappearance of William Tyrrell. (A Current Affair)

    Jones, who has previously denied any involvement in William's disappearance and has not been charged over it, was involved in a fiery exchange with A Current Affair earlier this year.

    A relative of his said at the time of William's disappearance Mr Jones said he had gone out bush to collect scrap metal.

    However, he told A Current Affair he was helping with his neighbour's hot water system ? a claim the neighbour disputes ? and told another source he was out with a chainsaw he had borrowed off the local council.

    The car was discovered in the bush near where William went missing. (A Current Affair)

    The car was of the same make and model as one belonging to person of interest Tony Jones, the person who found it said.
    The car was of the same make and model as one belonging to person of interest Tony Jones, the person who found it said. (A Current Affair)

    The person who discovered the abandoned vehicle in the bush told A Current Affair he recognised it as the same make and model car Jones had been driving.

    However, when the person returned to the car with detectives, it had been flipped over and burnt out.

    It is the first time this line of inquiry, which will be part of the coronial inquest into William's disappearance, has been revealed.

    When detectives were taken to the car via a tip-off, it had been flipped and burned. (A Current Affair)

    Katrina, who was living with Jones at the time William vanished, said it would "not surprise" her if Jones had burnt his car in the bush.

    She also said Jones knew Bill Spedding, another person of interest in the case, who was charged with historic child sex offences in NSW and Victoria ? charges that were later dropped.

    Mr Spedding, who has never been charged over William?s disappearance and has denied all involvement, refused to comment when approached by A Current Affair recently.

    Police are interested in two cars that were believed to be parked near William's grandmother's home.

    Police are interested in two cars that were believed to be parked near William's grandmother's home. (A Current Affair)

    Mr Jones knows Bill Spedding, another person of interest in the case, a relative of Mr Jones said.

    Mr Jones knows Bill Spedding, another person of interest in the case, a relative of Mr Jones said. (A Current Affair)
    During their investigation, police interest was piqued by two vehicles thought to have been seen parked outside William's foster grandmother's house.

    One of the cars is understood to have been white and the other silver.

    A white car was towed from Jones's home in 2015, and the car found abandoned in the bush was silver.

    Anybody with information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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    I was just re-reading this thread & it reminded me of a thought I decided not to post wayback when the bio family/Jones/Spedding link became public.

    I didn't post it because it felt too diabolical to put into words, but it's still bugging me so ...

    all those connections between the bio fam, Jones & Spedding are really, really fucking weird. As in way too weird for coincidence & under the circs they're also pretty fucking sinister

    So is someone in the bio family messed up enough to set a couple of sadistic paedophiles on a little kid just to gain the ability to say to DOCs "HE'D BE ALIVE IF YOU NEVER TOOK HIM"!!!

    There was also the added bonus of punishing the couple who "stole" him, potentially even resulting one or both of them blamed & arrested.

    I guess it's also not beyond the realm of possibility that a family member expressed a desire to have William safely abducted in the hope of reuniting him with family & didn't know the acquaintances they shared the idea with were violent paedophiles.

    But you'd think they'd mention that to police as soon as Jones & Spedding's criminal histories became known.

    I dunno. Those connections are just too weird though.

    Now I'll go find something relevant to justify bumping this thread with outlandish ideas

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    I can't remember if the Triple 000 call was posted already? It probably was, but the link's here if it wasn't

    Sadly there's really no new info right now

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    What in the absolute fuck. Now someone close to Karlie is suggesting William's being hidden in a remote Aboriginal community - places that are subject to the most govt scrutiny & child intervention of any communities in Australia.

    Of all the fucking things Aboriginal communities get blamed for, now supposedly abducting & hiding white children is on the list too (again). Jfc.

    & I get that people close to his parents are desperate for any little hope to hold on to & I don't begrudge them that at all, but fuck this "journalist" for publishing it.

    Candace Sutton is a cunt & I cannot say this often enough.

    William Tyrrell ?alive in remote community?

    The mother of a man who says he could be William Tyrrell?s real father has made a surprising claim about what really happened to the little boy.

    Candace Sutton@candacesutton1 6, 201812:07PM

    The mother of a man who has told friends he could be William Tyrrell?s real father has revealed she believes the missing toddler is ?alive ? in an Aboriginal community in the outback?.

    Jacob Nichols, who was the boyfriend of Karlie Tyrrell in the year before the 2011 birth of the toddler, is helping Ms Tyrrell get over her trauma about missing William.

    His mother Sue Nichols, a de facto mother-in-law to Karlie, told she believed William was ?alive? and ?out there somewhere living in an Aboriginal community?.

    ?Karlie has suffered. I am very close to her. I feel for her,? Ms Nichols said.

    ?She needs help and my son is helping her.

    ?I think (William) is living in a community somewhere out there.

    ?There are little white faces among the Aboriginal kids in communities and I think he?s still alive and that?s where he is.

    ?I hope he is. If it was my grandchild, I?d be out on the road looking for him and if I found the person who took him I?d kill them.?

    Is this William Tyrrell?s real father?Source:Supplied

    Jacob Nichols was Karlie Tyrrell?s boyfriend at the time.Source:Supplied

    Sue Nichols, a de facto mother-in-law of Karlie Tyrrell, believes William is still alive and in a remote communitySource:Facebook

    A friend of the Nichols family told that Jacob claimed he could be William?s real father.

    This was because both he and Brendan Collins, who has also been described as the biological father of William, dated Karlie Tyrrell about the same time in the year before the boy?s birth in June of 2011.

    William was three years old when he vanished from the NSW Mid North Coast town of Kendall on September 12, 2014, sparking a massive nationwide manhunt.

    At the time, William had been removed from Karlie Tyrrell and Brendan Collins? care and placed with a foster family.

    Despite extensive police investigations, no one has been charged over his abduction nor has there been any trace of William, who would now be aged seven.

    There is no suggestion that Mr Nichols, William?s biological family nor his foster family had anything to do with his disappearance.

    Karlie Tyrrell?s ex boyfriend Jacob Nichols is ?helping her?.Source:Supplied

    William Tyrrell was removed from Karlie Tyrrell and Brendan Collins and placed in foster care.

    William Tyrrell was removed from Karlie Tyrrell and Brendan Collins and placed in foster care.Source:Supplied

    In 2017, NSW Supreme Court judge Justice Paul Brereton noted in a judgment ?the tragic probability that (William) is no longer alive?.

    An inquest into William?s disappearance is due to start next year.

    Sue Nichols, who has William?s photo as her Facebook profile image, said she had never met William, only another of his siblings.

    She laughed off the idea that she was William?s real grandmother and said about her son being the boy?s actual biological father: ?You?ll have to ask (Jacob).?

    After a court sentencing on Tuesday, asked Mr Nichols if he believed he was William?s real father.

    ?I think I?m going to cry. What do you want me to say?? he replied before his lawyer intervened.

    Ms Nichols revealed she and Jacob would invite Karlie to spend time at their country NSW home, which Mr Nichols moved to after a violent domestic incident with a former partner.

    ?(Karlie and Jacob) are not together again but Karlie?s had a lot of trauma and I?m trying to convince her (to visit),? she said.

    Sue Nichols said Karlie Tyrrell was traumatised and she hoped to have her come and stay in country NSW.

    Sue Nichols said Karlie Tyrrell was traumatised and she hoped to have her come and stay in country NSW.Source:Channel 7

    Jacob Nichols was sentenced on Tuesday to a nine-month Intensive Corrections Order and 60 hours community service for assault and stalking his former partner and destroying property.

    Mr Nichols pleaded not guilty to five charges, but a magistrate found the case proven against him that he had assaulted and stalked his ex-partner in May this year at West Ryde.

    Court documents seen by state that between May 16 and 22, Mr Nichols assaulted the woman three times, damaged or destroyed a crystal ashtray and her clothing, and stalked and intimidated her with the intention of causing her fear of physical or mental harm.

    After the victim reported the assault, police went to a home 5km away but could not find Mr Nichols.

    Muswellbrook police stopped him for a drink and drug driving test after seeing him driving in the town at 12.45am on May 27.

    Brendan Collins pictured several years ago.Source:Supplied

    Karlie Tyrrell is very close to Sue Nichols.Source:Supplied

    Mr Nichols tested negative to alcohol but positive to cannabis, but no charge was laid.

    Magistrate Michelle Goodwin found on Tuesday that Mr Nichols had no previous criminal history of violence and that the incident against his ex-partner had occurred due to ?abuse of substances?.

    She told the court Mr Nichols had undergone drug and alcohol counselling and the 33-year-old had ?since then turned over a new leaf?.

    Outside Burwood Local Court, Mr Nichols? mother said she was going to telephone Karlie Tyrrell and tell her the result.

    She said Ms Tyrrell?s confrontation with police at Top Ryde Shopping Centre last December, which involved spitting at police and calling them ?c***s?, was a result of being William Tyrrell?s mother.

    ?If it was anyone else, do you think they would have been arrested?? Ms Nichols said.

    ?All the police know her there.?

    Edit : When I say "again" this kind of accusation isn't a new thing, it's only the last 4-5 decades that Australian kids stopped being told "be careful, don't go too far or the Blackfellas will steal you".

    So it's great to see this being ressurected for clicks & lets just say I'm not at all surprised to see Candace's name on this article. She's got a history
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    The inquest is starting soon so there's about to be a big increase in "SHOCK REVELATION IN TYRRELL CASE!!!" articles

    New witness emerges ahead of inquest into William Tyrrell?s disappearance

    By A Current Affair Staff
    4:03pm Jan 29, 2019

    A man set to give evidence at the inquest into the disappearance of toddler William Tyrrell has had a fiery confrontation with A Current Affair.

    Reporter Simon Bouda spoke with 74-year-old widower Paul Savage, who lived across the road from the property where William disappeared more than four years ago.

    "Have you asked the strike force, or have you asked the coroner, as to why you're being called?" Bouda asked Mr Savage.

    "It's getting sorted out," Mr Savage replied.

    Paul Savage (left) has been called to give evidence at the inquest into William Tyrrell's disappearance.

    Paul Savage (left) has been called to give evidence at the inquest into William Tyrrell's disappearance. (A Current Affair)

    The full conversation will air on A Current Affair tonight from 7pm.

    Mr Savage has not been named as a suspect or a person of interest, and A Current Affair does not suggest he is either.

    William Tyrrell vanished from his foster grandmother's house at Kendall on the New South Wales Mid North Coast on September 12, 2014.

    Despite several extensive searches and the offer of a million-dollar reward, no trace of the missing boy has ever been found.

    William was aged just three when he vanished.

    A directions hearing took place in the NSW Coroner's Court on December 19 last year, when deputy state coroner Harriet Grahame was updated on the progress of investigations and set ground rules for a full inquest in March.

    Mr Savage listened in to the brief hearing on a special telephone connection, and told the coroner he was sorting out his legal representation and would be available to appear at the inquest.

    Mr Savage lived across the road from the property where William disappeared.

    Mr Savage lived across the road from the property where William disappeared. (A Current Affair)

    Washing machine repairman Bill Spedding had previously been named as a person of interest in William?s disappearance.

    Mr Spedding has always denied any wrongdoing.

    Another previously named person of interest, Tony Jones, was questioned by Strike Force Rosann, set up to investigate William's disappearance.

    He also denied any involvement and said he had an alibi.

    Several other persons of interest, who have never been publicly named, may be called at the inquest to reveal what they know, as well as other witnesses who the Coroner considers may have evidence relevant to the investigation.

    Watch the full story on A Current Affair tonight from 7pm.

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    I should've been updating this but truth is, most of the time I can't stand reading updates because they force me to think about what happened to him. Doesn't usually bother me, but this one does for some reason. Which is totally pathetic because I didn't even know him & his family have to live with this 24/7

    Anyway, latest from the inquest

    William Tyrrell inquiry hears of SES member being interviewed by police

    2:02PM AUGUST 13, 2019
    A man who coaxed young intellectually disabled people to perform sex acts on him has been interviewed by police, in relation to the disappearance of missing boy, William Tyrrell, a coroner?s court has heard.

    Robert Donohoe, 42, took part in the search for William, when the boy went missing in September 2014.

    He was a member of the Taree SES at the time, and also worked at a Lakewood Caltex, about 10 minutes from Kendall, where William was staying when he disappeared.

    The coroner?s court heard today that Mr Donohoe had a small white van, a bit like a station wagon, in which he would sleep between Caltex shifts, rather than drive home to Taree, where he was living at the time.

    The court heard he would park his vehicle near the Kendall swimming pool, or near the Kendall showgrounds.

    William?s foster mother has told police that she recalled seeing a small white station wagon outside her mother?s house on the morning of 12 September 2014, just a few hours before William went missing.

    Mr Donohoe was arrested a few days after William went missing and charged with the sexual assault of three young people. All had significant cognitive development issues.

    He was found guilty of five of the 13 initial charges. He initially told police he did not know that it was wrong to convince an intellectually disabled person to have sex with him.

    Mr Donohoe?s van was taken by his father to an address in Wagga Wagga, while he served prison time.

    The Coroner?s court was shown video of police opening the garage where the van was stored, and searching it.

    At his trial in 2015, the court was told that Mr Donohoe met his victim though the Taree SES.

    His former manager at the Caltex, Sharon Starr, told the court she found him ?creepy?.

    She said he brought a ?star stamp? to work so he could stamp good children on the hand. She told him not to do it.

    He also brought a van full of chickens to work, but didn?t bring them inside. He wanted to know if he could sell the eggs but was told no.

    Ms Starr could not say for certain if Mr Donohoe was working the day of William?s disappearance, but Woolworths, which owns Caltex, would have records.

    The inquest is continuing.

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    William Tyrrell inquest: Foster mum gave different, contradictory accounts about day boy vanished

    Police have revealed the foster mum of missing boy William Tyrrell made different and contradictory claims about the day he vanished.

    Candace Sutton@candacesutton1 19, 20194:19PM

    William Tyrrell?s foster mother made different and contradictory claims about seeing cars in the street from which the boy vanished and was asked by police if she was making up the stories, an inquest has heard.

    It has also been revealed that police failed to formally take a statement from William's foster father until almost a week after this disappearance.

    Unusually, the foster father was videoed on a "walk-through" at the crime scene in the New South Wales town of Kendall but was not sat down to give a statement until September 18, 2014, six days later.

    On the first day of hearings being held at Taree Local Court, near Kendall, one of the senior police investigators into William's disappearance told the inquest that perhaps amid all the drama police forgot to do the interview.

    But Detective Sergeant Laura Beacroft said she would always take a formal statement first.

    Michelle Swift, for William's birth father, asked: "Would you agree it is best practice to take the earliest possible memories in a formal statement or record of interview"?

    Detective Beacroft replied: "Yes - I can only imagine in the sheer size of what was going on, perhaps it was overlooked".

    Under cross-examination by Ms Swift, Detective Beacroft agreed that the foster mother had not at first told police about seeing cars in the street on the morning William disappeared.

    She also agreed that no evidence had been found supporting the foster mother's car sightings and at least one neighbour was adamant there were "no cars".

    The detective had said in an investigators' note that police were "unable to identify any vehicle - unable to corroborate evidence to support the female foster carers- [statement regarding the car sightings]".

    The female foster carer gave a statement to police on September 14, 2014 that "does not make any reference to sighting vehicles", the inquest heard.

    But on a filmed "walk-through" four days later, she recalled seeing two cars, one grey and one white with "dark tinted windows".

    In this video, the woman stated the white vehicle was parked first in front of a telegraph pole.

    But under questioning by Ms Swift, Detective Beacroft agreed an unsigned and partially completed statement by the female foster carer may have later placed the grey car in front of the white car.

    This was exemplified by a recreated image of the street made and broadcast by Channel 9 in a 60 Minutes episode, which shows the grey car in front of the white vehicle.

    Ms Swift asked Detective Beacroft if the female foster carer "was challenged about the two cars" by the then chief William Tyrrell investigating detective Gary Jubelin.

    Ms Swift asked: "She insisted she wasn't make it up"?

    Detective Beacroft replied: "That is my recollection".

    In one statement, the foster mother also said she again saw the two cars at 8.55am, just before the foster father left to go into town to get a medication prescription and have a conference call

    But the foster father had no recollection of any cars in the street.

    The inquest heard that the foster mother's own mother, from whose house William vanished, gave a statement that "if there were cars there, that was most unusual".

    Neighbour Anne-Maree Shipley was "adamant" there were no white or grey cars in the street that morning, as sighted by the foster mother between 7am and 7.30am, and possibly until just before 9am.

    "Anne-Maree Shipley was very convinced the cars were not there that morning," Detective Beacroft said.

    A taxi driver had seen a Holden Commodore with a box trailer and neighbours Peter and Sharelle Crabb had heard a car which sounded like ute.

    But they did not hear any car doors opening or shutting, or any voices, the inquest heard.

    Earlier today, it was heard that a man living on the NSW mid-north coast just streets away from where William vanished saw a boy in a Spider-Man suit in the back of a car on the morning the toddler disappeared.

    Ronald Chapman - who lived in Laurel St, Kendall, about 1.6km from Benaroon Drive, where William was staying - "saw a child in the back seat - up against the passenger-side back seat window and has a recollection the child was wearing a Spider-Man outfit".

    Detective Beacroft told the inquest that Mr Chapman saw what appeared to be two cars driving in tandem down his street, with the boy in a car "driven by a woman".

    The car following was "driven by a man".

    Detective Beacroft said further investigations revealed that on the same morning, a mother and her two children were visiting a resident across the road and one of the children, a boy, had a Spider-Man suit.

    However. Detective Beacroft said the child Mr Chapman saw in the back seat of the car was not the child visiting the street.

    "From the information provided by that child's mother - it was not that child Mr Chapman saw," she said.

    Despite a massive manhunt, no trace of William has ever been found.

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