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Thread: Jacob and Sarah (2 & 3) missing, but paranoid schizophrenic mother Catherine Hoggle says they are safe

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    That's so ridiculous. If she did kill them, she did so while having a psychotic episode. There is no 'restoring' her.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bowieluva View Post
    That's so ridiculous. If she did kill them, she did so while having a psychotic episode. There is no 'restoring' her.
    Fucking OATH.
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    Prosecutors in Montgomery County, Maryland, have asked the judge to allow an independent doctor to evaluate Catherine Hoggle after almost five years of determinations by doctors at Clifton T. Perkins Hospital have found her incompetent to stand trial for the murders of her two young children.

    In a competency hearing in Circuit Court, Judge Robert Greenberg cited a report by Dr. Danielle Robinson at the state psychiatric hospital that her treatment team had again determined Hoggle is “not competent, dangerous, but restorable,” and scheduled another hearing for June 10.

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    I've noticed in cases like this they're usually released from a psychiatric facility way earlier than they would have been from prison, if at all. I hope that's not the case w her. Shes definitely where she needs to be.

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    Every time this thread pops up my stomach knots. It is just so twisted and sad all around.

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    On Friday, a filing by Hoggle?s defense attorney David Felsen requested a hearing to determine whether the judge believes Hoggle?s mental health can ever be restored, and suggested her two most recent evaluations, conducted by two different doctors, have reached the same conclusion: Hoggle is dangerous and is now unrestorable.

    Competency and other mental health evaluations are sealed, and while judges often rely upon the mental health professionals? findings and recommendations, the judge is responsible for determining whether a defendant is competent to stand trial.

    Even if the Montgomery County judge were to grant the defense motion, hold a hearing and determine criminal charges should be dropped, it is highly unlikely that Hoggle would ever walk free, given that her children are still missing. She would likely be civilly confined at Perkins for an undetermined period of time.

    Prosecutors have until December 2022 to bring the case to trial. Maryland law says felony charges must be dropped against a defendant who has been determined incompetent for five years.

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    I can't believe they are still missing, so sad.

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    If they still havent restored her compency yet, I doubt they ever will. They will never find those children.

    She could be like Andrea Yates and have vague memories of what happened, which would trigger another psychotic episode. She will be in a facility for life.

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    Maryland Judge Drops Murder Charges Against Catherine Hoggle in Case of Missing Children

    ??This system is broken. Whenever someone can murder two children and then be treated as a regular patient, be given more rights than the kids, or the survivors around them who they've affected, there's something really wrong," Sarah and Jacob's father, Troy Turner, said Wednesday after the judge's ruling.

    The judge ordered for Hoggle to be involuntarily committed to a psychiatric institution civilly as she remains a danger to herself and others. Hoggle, who had been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia before the children went missing, has been held in a maximum-security psychiatric hospital since her arrest in 2014.

    Under Maryland law, if Hoggle was not found competent by Thursday, her murder charges must be dropped due to the state's five year limitation.?

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    So can they force medicate her now or were they already doing that? I can't remember. This case makes me mad. It's obvious she murdered the kids and the whole thing has been a big game for her.
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