Looks like 60 minutes paid him 150,000 for an interview.
Here's snippets of the interview from Daily Mail

Gable Tostee has claimed he is 'still traumatised' and attempted to explain why he did not call an ambulance when his Tinder date Warriena Wright fell to her death from his 14th floor balcony.
The 30-year-old carpet layer has been criticised for leaving his Gold Coast apartment building to eat pizza and call his father rather than phone triple-0.
'What happened, had happened – there was nothing an ambulance could do,' Tostee said in a paid tell-all interview with 60 Minutes, a promotional video played on Nine's TODAY revealed.

Nobody's trained for a situation like this. It's like being hit by lightning.
'There's no right or wrong to proceed from there.'
He said he was 'still traumatised' and wanted to speak with Warriena's family and had put in a 'formal request' through the Queensland Courts, but 'they weren't interested in anything he had to say', Nine reported.

Tostee had locked the New Zealand tourist on his balcony when the pair fought while intoxicated on their date in August, 2014. Warriena climbed over the balcony in an apparent attempt to escape but plunged to her death.
Tostee pleaded not guilty and was cleared of murder and manslaughter last month.
He was criticised for using his right not to testify during the trial.

Tostee is rumoured to have been paid a six-figure sum for the interview, the first time the public will hear an explanation from him.
He was interviewed by Liam Bartlett, who has revealed Tostee wanted a chance to clear his name.
'He says he couldn't have possibly foreseen what she was about to do' when he climbed over, Bartlett said.
'I'm sure he regrets the entire night, but I'm not certain whether that's more about his personal regret, or whether that regret hinges more on his personal future and less on what happened to her.'

Bartlett said he was clearly an intelligent man but wasn't convinced of his 'emotional intelligence'.
He said he doesn't believe Tostee referred to Warriena by name throughout their interview.
The journalist said he had been to the Gold Coast apartment and the balcony was so high you would want to be a 'champion cirque du soleil' gymnast to attempt to climb down sober.
A snippet of the 60 Minutes interview had been released earlier in the week, and revealed Tostee maintains he was trying to stop Warriena from 'attacking him'.

'I don't know what else to do. I wanted it to stop,' Tostee told Bartlett of the pair's altercation.
In an audio recording taken by Tostee, Ms Wright can be heard yelling 'no' more than 30 times, to which Tostee responds she was 'certainly trying to make a lot of noise.'
'Can you understand why many people would think you're a cold, heartless, cruel bastard?' Bartlett asked Tostee during the clip.
'When you put it that way, umm,' Tostee said before the snippet ended.
The interview has already incited social media backlash from viewers who criticised Channel Nine over the paid interview.

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