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Thread: Darlie Routier convicted of capital murder in death of her sons Damon and Devon, 1996

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    If Darlie was to tell about his involvement she would have to admit to it as well - she clearly has no intention of doing it, therefore it?s more convenient for her to stick to intruder story. She couldn?t say it was just Darin as all forensic evidence points towards her noone would have believed that and that would be confession of her guilt. Also if she sent Darin was involved in it as well as her - again with lack of evidence against him he might have not been prosecuted and even if he was - nothing in it for her - only admitting to the crime which she doesn?t want to do.

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    When this happened I lived a couple miles away from the Routier home. I followed this case closely and read all of the court documents. I truly believe she is guilty, but I believe the Darin played a role in it. At the time this happened, they were broke, but trying to keep up a front that they had money that they didn't have. If I remember correctly (and I could be wrong on this) they had life insurance on the two boys. I could go on and on about this case, but won't as there is enough info out there on it.

    All that being said... on November 14th of this year, the court granted additional DNA testing (again!). In October 2017 the court also granted a company called Lincoln Square Productions ( access to evidence from the trial. There are other motions where this company has requested info, so I presume a movie of some sort is in the works, some have been granted, while others haven't.
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    Him being murdery annoys me.

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