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Thread: Boy(6) & girl(7) stabbed in NYC elevator, boy dies, possible serial stabber

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    'Paranoid schizophrenic,' 27, who 'stabbed a boy, 6, and a little girl, 12, in an elevator' was released from jail nine days earlier WITHOUT medicine or psychiatric referral after being diagnosed with the mental disorder
    Daniel St. Hubert, 27, believes he is innocent and 'doesn't understand' why he is being held by law enforcement
    Daniel St. Hubert, 27, was taken to Bellevue hospital at 3 a.m this morning after he allegedly stabbed two children on Thursday, killing one.

    Hubert suffers from paranoid schizophrenia and was diagnosed after serving jail time for trying to strangle his mother with an electrical cord
    Police are investigating whether St. Hubert might be responsible for two other recent stabbings

    Cops think St.Hubert may have killed Tanaya Copeland, 18, who was stabbed just a few blocks away from where the children were stabbed.
    Police think St.Hubert might also be responsible for stabbing a 53-year-old homeless man named Kyle Moore who was critically wounded on Wednesday in Chelsea on the Subway at W. 18th street.
    The New York Daily News reports that St.Hubert was also sent to mental health facilities in 2010 and 2011.

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    (If you read the article, the sister defends him)
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    Killer Sentenced to Maximum Term for Elevator Stabbing Death of 6-Year-Old

    Saying that he wanted to protect “our children” from a similar fate, a judge on Tuesday issued the maximum sentence to a man convicted of stabbing a boy to death and leaving a young girl fighting for life in a Brooklyn public housing elevator.

    The emotional hearing and the sentence of 50 years to life in prison brought an end to the four-year prosecution of the defendant, Daniel St. Hubert, for a seemingly senseless crime that shocked New York City from the moment it occurred on a sunny Sunday afternoon in June 2014.

    “This case is a tragedy — a case of unspeakable horror,” the judge, Justice Vincent Del Giudice, said in State Supreme Court in Brooklyn. “A child was butchered. Another child was grievously injured, her innocence savagely taken away from her.”

    After trying to console the victims’ families, Justice Del Giudice admitted that the only thing that he could do to address their pain was to send Mr. St. Hubert to prison for as long as he could, ensuring he would “never again hurt more of our children.”

    After a two-week trial, Mr. St. Hubert, 31, was found guilty last month of killing Prince Joshua Avitto, 6, and of nearly killing Mikayla Capers, then 7, in a prolonged and unprovoked attack in an elevator of the Boulevard Houses in East New York. Using testimony from police detectives, medical experts, grieving relatives and Mikayla — who is now 11 — prosecutors presented the jury with the grisly story. Mr. St. Hubert had followed the children from the housing project’s playground into the elevator, where he stabbed them almost 30 times with a steak knife as they were headed upstairs to fetch Icees.

    In her turn on the witness stand, Mikayla called Mr. St. Hubert “the bad man,” and at his sentencing she used the same phrase while asking Justice Del Giudice to send him to prison for the rest of his life. Mikayla said that even now she looks at her body and sees 16 stab wounds. But, she added, she is slowly starting to heal.

    “I will not let this horrible thing define who I am,” she said, adding, “I believe I will rise and that my best friend, P.J., will rest in peace.”

    Her words to the judge followed tearful statements by members of her family and P.J.’s relatives. In a pained address, P.J.’s godmother, Annabelle Diaz-Alston, described how she would never again touch her godson or play with him or hear his voice on a Saturday morning.

    “I cannot fix my lips to call you a man or even a person for that matter,” she told Mr. St. Hubert. “I see you as a devil.”

    “You killed everything inside of me,” Ms. Alston-Diaz added. “My life ain’t right.”

    In the middle of her speech, a woman sitting behind her suddenly called out, “I hope you rot in hell!” Court security officers escorted her from the room.

    In his own statement to the judge, a prosecutor, Patrick O’Connor, said that the stabbings of P.J. and Mikayla were offenses “as horrendous as the human mind is capable of conceiving,” but were not the only crimes that Mr. St. Hubert had committed.

    In the early 2000s, Mr. O’Connor said, the police were called to Mr. St. Hubert’s mother’s home at least 11 times after he had verbally abused his mother, spat in his sister’s face and violently hurled objects through the house. In 2009, Mr. St. Hubert was sent to prison for trying to kill his mother by wrapping an electrical cord around her neck. He was released just days before he attacked P.J. and Mikayla. Punishment for the attempted murder was included in his sentence on Tuesday.

    When Mr. St. Hubert addressed the judge, he proclaimed his innocence in an all-but-incoherent tirade that rambled manically from his adolescent love of football to his dream of being a Hollywood movie star to the hazings and beatings that he said he had suffered in prison.

    “There’s a lot of things that happened in my life that says I don’t belong in this situation,” he said, standing in the well of the court with his arms pinned behind him and held in place by handcuffs. “I would never kill two kids.”

    Claiming he was framed, Mr. St. Hubert eventually added: “All I’m saying, is I’m a good man and bad things are happening to me.”

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    This is why mental health care is so goddamn important.

    Fucking Americans, too stupid to understand that, when these things are dealt with effectively, bad shit has less of a chance of happening because people are less fuckedinthehead and out in society amongst us.

    Those poor kids, just beginning their lives!

    Lock him up. Medicate his ass. And make sure he understands what he did.
    Don't like what I have to say? I respect that. Now go fuck yourself.

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