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Thread: Sammy Fears (48) shot while trying to abduct a woman

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    Sammy Fears (48) shot while trying to abduct a woman

    Campbell County sheriff's officials say a 15-year-old boy fatally shot a man who was trying to abduct a woman in Wright.

    The shooting happened Wednesday night.

    Sheriff's officials said Friday they had responded to reports of an attempted abduction at a home in Wright. They arrived to find 48-year-old Sammy Michael Fears, of Casper, wounded in the driveway. Fears died on the way to the hospital.

    It's not clear how the teen became involved. Sheriff's Cpl. Gary Sams says the teenage shooter had no family relationship to either Fears or the woman.

    He says Fears and the woman had a history of domestic violence going back a few years.

    The teen has not been charged.
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    Hmm.... interesting.... That's all I'm saying.

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    The Campbell County Sheriff's Office has released more information in the investigation of Wednesday night?s fatal shooting in Wright. Investigator Gary Sams said the evidence shows 48-year-old Sammy Micheal Fears of Casper, WY, was attempting to abduct an adult female when he was shot by a 15-year-old boy. Sams said law enforcement records in Casper and Utah show a lengthy history of alleged domestic violence between the adult woman and Fears.

    Fears died on the way to Campbell Count Memorial Hospital. Sams said his office does not have a pathology report at this time. Sams said today that no arrest has been made. Sams said once the report is finished, it will be forwarded to the Campbell County Attorney's Office for review of the case.

    Sams said the 15-year-old male was not related to the adults, but the three individuals were all familiar to each other. Sams said more information will be released after the pathology report is completed. Sams said they are also awaiting a toxicology report.

    Sammy's facebook
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