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Yahoo company executives have sent out a search team for one of their most talented software programmers, hiring a private investigator to find out why the 28-year-old hasn?t been seen since New Year's Day.
Friends say in The Daily Mail that Luke Arduini, of Oakland, Calif., is a brilliant programmer who specializes in Javascript.
He hasn?t been seen since New Year's Day, so Yahoo hired a P.I. to find out why, his friends tell The Daily Mail.
So far, the investigator says he hasn?t found Mr. Arduini ? but has found some pertinent messages.
The programmer?s last Instagram photo was of the Bay Bridge, said investigator James Vierra, in The Daily Mail. Mr. Arduini also has a past history of emotional instability, complete with public outbursts and intense emotional displays, his friends reported.
?He talked about issues where he?d be better off not being around,? Mr. Vierra said, in The Daily Mail.
Meanwhile, another photo posted on the programmer?s Twitter account showing fireworks is captioned with the phrase: ?IT?S THE FINALE,? the newspaper reported.
He then tweeted: ?To the various parties I?ve pissed off with my opinions and proselytizing in 2013; my apologies. It?s not getting any better in 2014.?
Mr. Vierra said the programmer?s social message feeds have all gone silent since New Year's Day.

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