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Thread: Holly Grim's (41) remains were found almost three years after she went missing

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    I don't understand why he wasn't arrested in June 2014? He changed his story and the his DNA was at the crime scene?

    How did the wife not become suspicious of her husband digging a huge hole in the yard?

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    I feel like nobody should call their daughter Holly ever. I can't keep the missing Holly's straight. Grim, Bobo etc

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    Report: Holly Grim Shot, Buried Beneath Metal Frame

    Eyewitness News has learned new, disturbing information about the death of Holly Grim, who's body was found buried behind her alleged-killer's Saylorsburg home. Eyewitness News reporter Brianna Strunk had access to the two-page preliminary forensic report recently released.

    The anthropology team believes Holly Grim was shot. While bones were recovered from her alleged killer Michael Horvath's back yard, many body parts are still missing.

    The report shows just one person's remains were found, those of Holly Grim. The match was made through DNA. There's no signs of blunt force trauma, burning, surface erosion, or animal activity.

    The cranium is incomplete and there's many missing body parts. The report shows only 13 teeth were recovered.

    Bone fragmentation suggests ballistic gunshot trauma. The anthropology team determined a single projectile passed through Holly's sternum from front to back. When investigators began digging up Holly's body, her bones were found beneath a metal frame, resembling a child's bed frame. Neighbors say her alleged killer, Michael Horvath, did not have any children. There was also burnt ash in the soil.

    The anthropology team determined Holly's body was buried after she died.

    Evidence shows after a period of decomposition, the larger skeletal elements were removed from the area by human intervention. The report seems to indicate Holly was killed, buried, then at least partially dug up. Her body was buried at least 2 years.

    This is a preliminary report. We will learn more information in the final report, which should be ready within the next two weeks.

    Meanwhile, Michael Horvath of Saylorsburg, Ross Township remains in jail, charged with kidnapping and murdering Holly Grim. She disappeared from her Lehigh County home in November, 2013. Investigators spent days digging behind and inside Horvath's home for evidence. Horvath and Grim were co-workers at Allen Organs in Lehigh County at the time she vanished.

    Horvath's scheduled to be appear at the Monroe County Courthouse in November.
    So was she alive for some time? Did he maybe keep her captive and the bedframe was for her?

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    Oh Jesus, McCourt that's fucked UP

    This case though, was there nearly another victim? Or am I still delirious with flu & fevers? Because they made a point of saying he only had lunch once with "Nicole" but then there was this in one of RBW's linked articles

    When investigators reviewed Horvath's cell phone records, they found he had attempted to call "Nicole" about 30 minutes before Grim's disappearance on Nov. 22, 2013, according to court records.
    What time are they using as the time of "Grim's disappearance"? She was last seen at 6.30am when she dropped her son off - so are they saying he rang this casual, one-time lunch acquaintance's home at 6am?? That seems kind of odd?

    Did he only go to Holly as an afterthought because he was all psyched up to "hunt humans" & his chosen target wasn't available right that moment?

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    What we learned about Holly Grim's murder from Michael Horvath's preliminary hearing

    Several pieces of bombshell evidence hinting at a motive behind the 2013 disappearance and murder of Holly Grim were revealed at a preliminary hearing Monday for Michael Horvath of Ross Township, who is charged with the crime.

    Horvath was ordered to face trial on charges of homicide, kidnapping, obstructing police, tampering with evidence and abuse of a corpse.

    Here are some of the details we learned at Monday's hearing before a Monroe County district judge:

    How Grim died: The hearing was the first time authorities said Grim likely died from a gunshot wound to the chest. About 100 pieces of human bones were found buried in Horvath's back yard, including a bone from the middle of Grim's chest pierced by a gunshot wound, according to Pennsylvania State Police Trooper Robert E. Devers.

    Thumb drive photos: The trooper unveiled several photos recently found on a thumb drive of Horvath's that showed the inside of Grim's home. The photos, some dating to 2009, showed the outside of Grim's trailer and back door, her living room and her bedroom.

    What police say they found inside Horvath's home: Police said they found handcuffs, leg shackles, stun weapons and a planner with handwritten notes that suggested the writer was stalking someone, as well as DVDs on murder, sexual deviance and "hunting humans."

    Why the search of Horvath's property took so long: Police gave no indication what led them to a massive search and excavation at Horvath's home last month, but Devers said the 10-day search took so long because of the massive collection of items inside the home.

    "Mr. Horvath lived the life of a hoarder, no offense, sir," Devers testified, motioning to Horvath, who rolled his eyes but remained mostly silent throughout the hearing. Devers said investigators were still working to document items taken from Horvath's home, including the thumb drive with the photos on it.

    How Horvath became the focus of investigation: Authorities interviewed Horvath several times after Grim's disappearance because the two worked together in the wood shop at Allen Organ Co. in Macungie.

    Horvath was late to work Nov. 22, 2013, the day Grim went missing. Devers testified Horvath was interviewed several times because his story of having a flat tire and later fixing it at his home seemed "odd" to investigators, who say Horvath took Grim from her home in Lower Macungie Township and drove her to his home Ross Township.

    In three interviews with Horvath over the years, his story remained largely unchanged and in June 2014, he allowed police to swab the inside his mouth to provide a DNA sample, Devers said.

    It wasn't until November 2015 that police received an alert from a crime lab that Horvath's DNA matched bloodstains found at the back door of Grim's home.

    "That was when Mr. Horvath became the focus of our investigation," Devers testified. He offered no explanation why it took almost 17 months after getting the DNA swab for the lab to say it was a match.

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    as well as DVDs on murder, sexual deviance and "hunting humans."
    Where the hell do you even get videos like this?

    I can't even find a "Kitchen Nightmares" without the cussing bleeped out.

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    Mother of homicide victim Holly Grim passes away

    A mother who became the face of strength in her community as she searched for her missing daughter, has passed away.

    Her family says Jeanette Grim, mother of Holly Grim who was found murdered just last fall, died of natural causes Tuesday.

    "I think that anybody that knew her, knew that she was a terrific person…and set a good example for the human race," says Steven Markowitz, Allen Organ President.

    Jeanette Grim was called "Mama," at home by her seven children, and at Allen Organ, where she worked for 17 years.

    "She always was there to help the other employees when they had their challenges in life. And that's why I refer to her as a mother to a lot of these employees," Markowitz says.

    "She was a very, very close to Holly and got her the job here," he adds.

    The last time we spoke with Jeanette, was the day before Holly's memorial service at Allen Organ.

    She said there was no better place.

    She and Holly loved their jobs there.

    They loved the people they worked with.

    She made it a point to put out birthday snacks during morning breakfast.

    "In my office," Steve says, "I have some flowers and plants, and she would lecture me on how to take care of them on a daily basis. After she retired, she would always come to my office, and she would criticize how I took care of those flowers, and that would always bring a smile to my face."

    Shortly after the memorial service, Jeanette's health began to decline, and she passed away Tuesday, leaving many to hope, she finally found peace.

    "I hope so," Markowitz says. "Jeanette lived a full life...and the world would be a better place if we were all a little more like Jeanette."

    The last time we saw Jeanette, she reminded us of her strength and grace even in the midst of terrible circumstances.

    She reminded us to always look for the good in people.

    "Somewhere along the line there's got to be some good," she'd said, adding "And I hope that people take their families and hug them and love them and spend more time with them. Time is precious, and everybody knows your children grow up, but don't let that stop you. Just a phone call. Tell them you love them."

    The man charged in the 2013 kidnapping and murder of Holly Grim, Michael Horvath, is behind bars in Monroe County awaiting trial.

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    It's been more than six years since a Lehigh County mom went missing, and more than three years since she was found dead. Holly Grim's alleged killer still hasn't gone to trial.

    Horvath still hasn't gone in front of a jury. The trial was supposed to start in April, but now the judge on the case is eyeing the fall after another hold up.

    The latest delay is a change of attorneys.

    Horvath will no longer be represented by the county public defender's office. He has two new attorneys, who now need time to review evidence and develop a defense.

    The delays in resolution have been hard on Holly's family.

    The family is also pursuing a wrongful death suit.

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