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Thread: Candace Quintana (22) died a sudden death in her third pregnancy trimester

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    Candace Quintana (22) died a sudden death in her third pregnancy trimester

    1312050 Tarrant Quintana Candace 1/1/1991 22 9/25/2013 D White F
    Police Department: Azle Police Department Police Svc #: 13AP010023
    Deceased Address: 252 Richard Lane , Azle, Texas 76020 Time Of Death 6:07 PM
    Occurred Location: 252 Richard Lane , Azle, Texas 76020
    Place Of Death: Private residence Prosector:
    Place Of Death Address: 252 Richard Lane , Azle, Texas Manner Of Death:
    Cause Of Death:

    I guess she committed suicide. It seems like she was heartbroken, her Facebook page is full of negative thoughts and posts like "I miss you", "2013 was the worst fucking year so far" etc. etc. ... Her best friend Haley posted this:

    I love you pretty girl R.I.P Candace Quintana you where the bestest best friend ever. I will always remember all the good times we had!! there was never a dull moment with us!! im so sorry this happened!!! love you girly have fun playing up in heaven and being with that pretty little boy of yours! And i will be here for your family anytime they need me.
    but she answers "No one knows" to another user who asks what happened. Let's just see what the coroners say.

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    She was pregnant, I think. She posted her ultrasound on June 28 and was Due Oct 15

    Heres the baby boy congratultions Holly and Justin youll meet him oct 15th
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    Marissa Basham Are you a surrogate? If so, that's awesome!!
    June 28 at 4:27pm via mobile

    Kristin Renee So beautiful<3
    June 28 at 5:10pm via mobile

    Candace Quintana Yes I am
    June 28 at 5:15pm via mobile ? 1

    Danielle Vilt That is so great for u to help someone else that is not able to carry the baby such a great gift hugs
    June 28 at 6:06pm via mobile

    Candace Quintana No im not a surrogate im just giving him up for adoption
    June 28 at 6:10pm via mobile ? 3

    Bekah Hill It's great what you're doing, but it'll be hard when you see his handsome little face..
    June 28 at 6:12pm

    Teegan Jackson Thats spencers birthday
    July 2 at 2:43pm via mobile

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    Sharena Jordan Who is that
    September 27 at 6:42am via mobile

    Omega Reyes She was a sweet young lady , will miss seeing her at walmart
    September 27 at 6:55am ? 1

    Bekah Hill Sharena she was one of the cashiers at walmart. She was 22 & due to give birth in 9 days) :
    September 27 at 9:47am

    Bekah Hill Yes);
    September 27 at 9:53am

    Rachel Cook What happened to her?
    September 27 at 9:53am via mobile

    Bekah Hill No one knows yet
    September 27 at 9:53am

    Rachel Cook Thats so sad, bless her heart
    September 27 at 10:00am via mobile

    Bekah Hill I know it's heartbreaking, a bunch of people from Azle grew up & went to school with her...
    September 27 at 10:02am

    Sharena Jordan Oh dang. I never saw her I dont think. Hmm. That is super sad.
    September 27 at 10:38am via mobile

    Bekah Hill I know/:
    September 27 at 10:44am

    Dora Godwin So sad
    September 27 at 2:12pm via mobile

    Vanessa Villegas Watz her name
    September 27 at 2:30pm via mobile

    Bekah Hill Candace
    September 27 at 2:31pm

    Vanessa Villegas I knew she look familiar
    September 27 at 2:32pm via mobile

    Bekah Hill Yep
    September 27 at 2:33pm

    Vanessa Villegas Wat happen or udk yet
    September 27 at 2:33pm via mobile

    Bekah Hill No one knows
    September 27 at 2:35pm

    Julia Rogers Hughes So sorry to hear sweetheart, were they in time to save her baby?
    September 27 at 3:17pm

    Bekah Hill No one knows...
    September 27 at 3:18pm

    April Pitney No the baby passed too one of her friends told me they found out out was a aneurysm
    September 27 at 5:29pm via mobile

    Bekah Hill Idk....
    September 27 at 5:30pm

    April Pitney They called me and told me that an hr ago
    September 27 at 5:31pm via mobile

    Bekah Hill Ok
    September 27 at 5:33pm

    Melissa Torrez rip
    September 27 at 6:14pm via mobile

    Tiffany Jenkins Rip to both of them i grew up with her she was such a goid person
    September 27 at 6:44pm

    Les Lawson sweet so sweey heart beating fast
    Yesterday at 10:02am

    Taylor Sugar Fisher Omg thats so sad i knew her....
    12 hours ago via mobile

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    (From her Facebook)
    The baby was due Oct. 15, she was giving it up for adoption. Then she was going to have a great Halloween before she signed up in the military. 2013 was a terrible year, she said, she wanted the baby business over with.

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    She was involved in a car accident just days before being found dead in her house. She was due in 9 days and was giving up the boy for adoption.
    Her friends posted: No the baby passed too one of her friends told me they found out out was a No the baby passed too one of her friends told me they found out out was a aneurysm

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    I saw someone looking at this thread, so I checked the ME website:

    Manner Of Death: NATURAL

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