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Thread: THAT'S RACIST! Part 2: discussing racial tension in the US/abroad

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    Las Vegas Man Arrested In Anti-Semitic Plots Said To Be Affiliated With Neo-Nazi Group

    By Joe Sexton ProPublica
    August 15, 2019 9:58 am

    The federal authorities confront a Neo-Nazi group that ProPublica and Frontline have been covering for years.

    For two years, the basic description had appeared in reporting by ProPublica and Frontline: Atomwaffen Division is a neo-Nazi organization eager for a race war and committed to terrorist attacks against Jews, immigrants and other targets in the U.S. ? power grids, nuclear facilities ? that would foment fear.

    The description ran in stories describing how the group had been connected to five murders in recent years, including one involving a gay, Jewish college student in California. It appeared in a Frontline film raising questions about the federal response to domestic terrorism threats just weeks after 11 Jewish worshipers were allegedly killed by a racist gunman in Pittsburgh.

    So it was striking, then, when late last week those very words turned up a formal complaint filed by federal prosecutors as they announced the arrest of a 23-year-old man in Las Vegas for plotting to firebomb one or more Jewish sites in the city.

    ?AWD is a white supremacist extremist organization,? the complaint read. ?AWD membership consists of mostly white males between the ages of approximately 16 to 30 years of age who all believe in the superiority of the white race. AWD utilizes a ?leaderless resistance? strategy in which small independent groups, or individuals called ?lone wolves,? try to achieve a common goal of challenging the established laws, social order, and government via terrorism and other violent acts. AWD encourages attacks on the federal government, including critical infrastructure, minorities, homosexuals, and Jews. AWD works to recruit like-minded members to the organization, train them in military tactics, hand to hand combat, bomb making, and other techniques in preparation for an ?ultimate and uncompromising victory? in a race war.?

    The man arrested in Las Vegas, Conor Climo, was affiliated with AWD, shared its ideology and violent aims, communicated with its members in secret online chats and once had joined one of its offshoot groups, the authorities charged.

    ?I am more interested in action than online shit,? Climo said according to the complaint.

    The complaint filed in U.S. District Court in Las Vegas lays out a disturbing array of action Climo was allegedly willing to undertake:

    Attacking a synagogue, maybe with a firebomb, maybe with a group of gunmen;

    A similar attack on an office of the Anti-Defamation League;

    Another against a gay bar;

    A trial-run assault on a homeless encampment.

    In reporting on Atomwaffen, ProPublica and Frontline obtained the group?s secret chat logs in which members openly talked about their hatred and violent ambitions; uncovered training sites where the group conducted weapons instruction; met with the group?s spiritual founder; and confronted both current and former members.

    Hanging over that reporting was a question, one asked by us and by current and former law enforcement officials worried about the threat of white supremacist terror: Where was the FBI? It seemed hard to imagine that an organization of extremist Islamists vowing to kill people and destabilize the government would not face federal scrutiny. Of course, part of the answer is that law enforcement is constrained in certain ways about how aggressively it can investigate and prosecute potential domestic terrorism threats.

    But in looking at the criminal complaint filed in Las Vegas last week, it appears that FBI agents conducted the sort of sting operation against Atomwaffen that they used to infiltrate and arrest suspected Islamic terrorist groups.

    Climo, according to the complaint, first became a subject of the bureau?s interest when he was featured in a local news segment about his plans for keeping Las Vegas secure. He publicly carried an automatic weapon and wore a tactical vest. Agents later became aware that Climo was allegedly affiliated with Atomwaffen, and they soon lined up a confidential informant to contact him. Climo, according to the complaint, eagerly shared his ideas for targeting Jewish sites, and in time, the FBI had an agent posing as a white supremacist ally begin dealing with Climo.

    A subsequent search of Climo?s residence turned up guns and bomb-making materials. Climo, who prosecutors say talked freely with the authorities even after his arrest, has been charged with possession of an unregistered firearm, which carries a maximum possible sentence of 10 years in prison. Climo does not yet appear to have entered a plea in the case.

    ?Threats of violence motivated by hate and intended to intimidate or coerce our faith-based and LGBTQ communities have no place in this country,? U.S. attorney for Nevada Nicholas Trutanich said in a news release last week. ?Law enforcement in Nevada remains determined to use the full weight of our investigative resources to prevent bias-motivated violence before it happens.?

    At its peak, in early 2018, Atomwaffen had about 80 members across the country, as well as a handful of followers in Canada, the United Kingdom and other countries. Since then, the group had been riven by internal conflict and lost many of its communications platforms, as internet companies have moved to shut down its websites and suspend the social media accounts of its members. It?s not clear how large or cohesive the organization currently is.

    Prosecutors alleged in the complaint that Climo had also associated with an Atomwaffen spinoff group called the Feuerkrieg Division.

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    Quote Originally Posted by raisedbywolves View Post

    Lauren Cutshaw went viral last year when she said she was too pretty to go to jail after she was arrested for DUI. The judge in her case seems to agree as Cutshaw, 34, is being given a sweet deal, including no time behind bars. She even gets to keep her driver's license. Cutshaw, a real estate agent from South Carolina, was pulled over after blowing through a stop sign at more than twice the speed limit on Aug. 5, 2018. Her bratty whining on the way to jail caused the incident to go viral.

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    An assistant district attorney with the Harris County District Attorney's office has been fired after allegedly questioning a sex assault victim's immigration status and refusing to file charges on the suspect.

    "I'm glad the D.A. finally took action on one of her top appointees picked by her," said Joe Gamaldi, president of the Houston Police Officers' Union.

    Gamaldi said on Halloween night, an HPD officer witnessed DWI suspect Karl Bonner expose himself and pull another inmate toward him. That victim yelled out for help.

    However, Gamaldi explained, when the HPD officer spoke with John Denholm at the district attorney's office, Denholm was more interested in the victim's immigration status instead of the sex assault incident.

    "Our officer reached out to us immediately," said Gamaldi.

    Soon after, Denholm was reassigned pending an internal investigation, but as of Friday, he was let go.

    "Other officers were able to follow up on this case. They were able to get charges on that suspect," Gamaldi added.

    Bonner is now charged with sex assault to go along with the DWI count.

    "As it turns out (Assistant) District Attorney Delhom did violate a policy," said Carlos Doroteo, attorney for Houston-area immigration advocacy group FIEL.

    Doroteo said he contacted the D.A.'s office and was told this should have never happened and will never happen again.

    "At the end of the day, criminals count on people being afraid. We don't want you to be afraid," said Doroteo.

    It's a sentiment Gamaldi agrees with and hopes the immigration community is not discouraged by this isolated incident.

    "Please, please, if you are the victim of a crime, come forward. We will help you. We are not going to question your legal status, nor should anyone in criminal justice question their status," said Gamaldi.

    Following the termination, District Attorney Kim Ogg released the following statement:

    "It is wrong to ask about a victim's immigration status; it is against our policy, and it won't be tolerated. We treat everyone equally under the law, no matter how they came to be here."

    Denholm, who had been with the office since January 2017, is also a retired Harris County Sheriff's Office lieutenant.

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    A pregnant woman wearing a headscarf was viciously attacked in a caf? in a town near Sydney, New South Wales police said Thursday.
    The incident happened on Wednesday night in Paramatta, about 15 miles west of Sydney, the police said in a statement.

    The 31-year-old woman, who the police said was 38 weeks' pregnant, was sitting at a table, eating and chatting with friends.

    CCTV footage of the incident shows a man slowly approaching the victim, leaning over the table before punching her in the head.

    In the statement, the police said the man allegedly "punched the woman in the head multiple times before she fell to the ground where it's alleged the man stomped on her head."

    The footage shows fellow customers eventually restraining the man, who was then arrested by the police at the scene.

    The police said the 43-year-old man has been charged with assault causing bodily harm and affray.

    The victim was admitted to hospital for observation after the attack, the police said.

    The Australian National Imams Council, the body that unites Australia-based Muslim clerics and scholars, said it was "appalled" by the attack. In a statement issued on Friday, the council called on the government to "acknowledge that Islamophobia is a serious danger and act in protecting its citizens."

    The council said it reached out to the victim, who said "the offender made anti-Islamic comments before attacking her."
    Mehreen Faruqi, a Greens senator for New South Wales and the first Muslim woman to sit in Australia's parliament, called the attack "absolutely sickening." "We should all be able to go about our lives free from violence, harassment and intimidation," she tweeted.

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    A man has been arrested after a video capturing anti-Semitic abuse targeting Jewish children on the London Underground went viral.

    British Transport Police said the man, whose name was not released, was arrested in Birmingham on Saturday evening on suspicion of a racially aggravated public order offense.

    The police said the incident happened on a London underground train around midday on Friday and was captured in a video that was widely circulated on social media.

    The footage, originally shared by one of the passengers, shows a man reading anti-Jewish Bible passages to a young boy wearing the kippah.

    The video then shows the man threatening fellow passengers who tried to intervene in the situation. Later, a woman wearing a hijab -- named by the PA news agency as Asma Shuweikh -- confronts him. CNN was unable to reach Shuweikh.

    The mother-of-two, from London, told PA she knew she "had to confront him" when she saw what was happening.

    "I would have loved more people to come up and say something, because if everyone did, I do not think it would have escalated in the way that it did," she told the agency.

    "Being a mother-of-two, I know what it's like to be in that situation and I would want someone to help if I was in that situation," she said.

    The video shows the targeted family keeping their composure as the incident unfolds. The adult man is seen wrapping an arm around the boy seated next to the abusive man, at one point whispering in his ear "just ignore it."

    Chris Atkins, the passenger who shared the video on Twitter, told PA Shuweikh was "firm and persistent."
    Atkins confirmed to CNN that he had filmed the video.

    "In this day and age we are told how intolerant everyone is and all religions hate each other and there you had a Muslim woman sticking up for some Jewish children," he told the news agency.

    The police said it received and acted on information from members of public after the video went viral,
    Reports of anti-Semitic incidents have spiked in the UK this year, according to a report published in August.

    The Community Security Trust (CST), a charity that monitors anti-Semitism in Britain, said there were 892 recorded incidents in the first six months of 2019 -- a 10% increase compared to the same period last year. It is the highest number in this period since records began in 1984.

    CST said reports of incidents have risen for a third year in a row, in a sign of Britain's growing struggle with anti-Semitism.
    I question why they wouldn't release his name.

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    Iowa woman drove over teen because she was Latina, police say

    A woman from Des Moines, Iowa, has been charged with attempted murder after telling authorities that she drove over a teenager because the girl was Hispanic, according to court records.

    Nicole Marie Poole Franklin, 42, told detectives she was driving a black Jeep Grand Cherokee near a high school on Dec. 9 when she drove onto the sidewalk where a 14-year-old girl was walking. Poole Franklin ran the girl over, and she suffered injures all over her body, according to authorities.

    "The defendant admitted she intentionally struck the victim intending to injure or kill her," according to a complaint from the Clive Police Department. "She struck the victim because the victim is Hispanic."

    Clive Police Chief Michael Venema said in a news conference Friday that "Franklin told investigators that she ran the girl over because, in her words, she was 'a Mexican.'"

    "She went on to make a number of derogatory statements about Latinos to our investigators," Venema said. "There is no place in our community, or in any other for that matter, for this type of hatred or violence."

    Along with attempted murder, Poole Franklin is being charged with assault, theft, consumption, intoxication and possession of illegal substances.

    Poole Franklin could still face hate crime charges, Venema said.

    She is being held in the Polk County Jail in lieu of a $1 million bond, according to authorities.

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    Woman who intentionally drove over a Latina teen charged in 2nd incident, police say

    An Iowa woman who told police she intentionally ran over a 14-year-old girl because she believed the girl was Mexican has been charged with a hate crime for an incident that occurred shortly after the girl was struck.

    Nicole Franklin, who also goes by the name Nicole Poole, was charged Sunday with assault in violation of individual rights and with operating under the influence, second offense. Her attorney didn’t immediately return a call Monday from The Associated Press.

    Franklin was charged with attempted murder following the Dec. 9 attack on Natalia Miranda in the Des Moines suburb of Clive. Miranda suffered a concussion and severe bruising and was hospitalized for two days. Clive police have said Franklin, 42, admitted steering her SUV onto a sidewalk and running over the teenager, who was walking to school to watch a basketball game. Franklin then fled the scene, Clive police said.

    West Des Moines police said in a court document that Franklin then went to a convenience store where she threw items at a clerk and directed racial epithets at him and customers. That incident prompted the new charges.

    Earlier Sunday, Domingo Garcia, national president of the League of United Latin American Citizens, called for a hate crime charge against Franklin in the attack on Miranda.

    Joe Henry, who is president of the group’s Des Moines branch, echoed Garcia’s call and told The Des Moines Register that it would be wrong if prosecutors did not charge her with a hate crime.

    “It would give the green light to anybody to do this type of terrible thing,” Henry said.

    Polk County Attorney John Sarcone said a hate crime charge enhances other charges, such as arson and assault, but doesn’t apply to attempted murder.

    “It may sound nice, but it doesn’t help anything,” Sarcone said. “When it’s appropriate to enhance, we’ll do it.”

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    DOJ says neo-Nazi group used ‘swatting’ to target officials, journalists, church

    Federal officials said a Virginia man arrested Friday is linked to a string of fake bomb threats and “swatting” attacks on journalists, government officials and others as part of an international group sympathetic to neo-Nazi ideology.

    John William Kirby Kelley had his first appearance in federal court in Alexandria on Friday; his public defender did not comment on the allegations but said his client has “very limited funds.” The charge against Kelley of conspiracy to make threats carries up to five years in prison.

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    Members of the group, which is unnamed, “all appeared to share racist views,” according to an affidavit from an FBI agent, “with particular disdain for African Americans and Jewish people.” They expressed affinity with the neo-Nazi Atomwaffen Division, the agent wrote.

    The investigation began in November 2018, when Old Dominion University in Norfolk got a call claiming someone armed with an AR-15 had hidden pipe bombs around campus. The police got a call a couple of hours later from someone with a similar voice who said he had dialed accidentally and apologized. That call came from Kelley’s number, listed in school records, according to the affidavit. Authorities said in the documents that Kelley was studying cybersecurity at the school until January, when he was expelled after facing state drug charges.

    In chat logs among group members later accessed by law enforcement, the affidavit states, Kelley appeared to suggest the college as a target so he would not have to go to class.

    “DON’T BOMB THREAT YOUR OWN SCHOOL,” another member later responded after Kelley had been interviewed by campus police.

    Authorities said the Old Dominion University incident was linked to a November 2018 bomb threat at the historic and predominantly African American Alfred Street Baptist Church in Old Town Alexandria, which led to the evacuation and sweep of the church by police during evening worship.

    Kelley engaged with the group online under the moniker “Carl,” officials allege in court papers, suggesting targets and sometimes recording swatting calls. Officials said he helped with technical issues during live video feeds of incidents.

    Another false threat was called in to the Alexandria police last January; the caller claimed to have killed his girlfriend and taken her two children hostage. The address he gave was of a person protected by the U.S. Secret Service. A person familiar with the incident said it was resolved without fanfare after a call to the Secret Service.

    The group maintained a website called DoxBin, according to prosecutors, that listed past and potential swatting targets. One victim on the list, according to independent journalist Brian Krebs, was Pulitzer Prize-winning newspaper columnist Leonard G. Pitts Jr. He was ordered out of his home and handcuffed by police after the false report made in June. Another was a Facebook executive.

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