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Thread: Jeremy Moody Picked Sex Offender At Random, Killed Him

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    Jeremy Moody Picked Sex Offender At Random, Killed Him

    COLUMBIA, S.C. -- A South Carolina man targeted a sex offender at random, killed him and his wife and later told deputies he planned to kill others on the state's sex registry, authorities said Wednesday.

    Jeremy Moody and his wife, Christine, were arrested and charged with murder, Union County Sheriff David Taylor said.

    Jeremy Moody confessed to the crime and told investigators they arrested him just in time, Taylor said.

    "He planned to kill another sex offender on the register today," the sheriff said.

    Moody only knew 59-year-old Charles Parker in passing, but came to the mechanic's Jonesville home Sunday with plans to kill him, Taylor said at a news conference. Surveillance cameras outside Parker's home showed Moody and his wife driving up Sunday and popping the hood on their car as if it wasn't working, Taylor said.

    The Moodys and the Parkers spoke to one another for about 10 minutes, then it appears the Moodys were invited inside. The videotape shows the suspects walking into the home with what appear to be weapons, Taylor said.

    "He planned to kill this individual last year, but chickened out," The sheriff said. "But on Sunday, he decided he was going to kill him."

    The sheriff said Moody recounted what he told Charles Parker: "You think I'm here to rob you. I'm not here to rob you. I'm here to kill you because you are a child molester."

    Taylor said he does not know why Moody would have targeted a sex offender.

    Both Charles Parker and his 51-year-old wife, Gretchen, were shot and stabbed. Taylor said Gretchen Parker wasn't specifically targeted, but was killed because she was in the house.

    Jeremy Moody, 30, who lived in nearby Lockhart, confessed to deputies after he was arrested early Wednesday morning, investigators said. Moody has "skinhead" tattooed across his neck, and Taylor said he hinted to authorities he may have been involved with other crimes against people he hated. The sheriff said his deputies were checking with other law enforcement agencies nearby, but no additional charges had been filed. Investigators were also seeing if Moody was affiliated with any white supremacist groups.

    Christine Moody, 36, hasn't spoken at length to deputies, the sheriff said. It wasn't immediately clear whether either suspect has an attorney.

    The community where it happened is about 80 miles northwest of Columbia.

    The Parkers had a yellow sign on their property with a smiley face that read, "Smile, you're on camera." Taylor said the video footage provided the break in the case when an investigator watched it and recognized the suspects. There was no video taken inside the home.

    The bodies were discovered Monday when another person seeking to have his car fixed came to the home, saw the door wide open and called police. A deputy found the bodies, but investigators had to wait more than an hour to begin examining the scene because several Chihuahuas threatened emergency workers as they checked to see if the victims had a pulse. Animal control officers were called and removed about 18 dogs, several cats and a half-dozen chickens, authorities said.

    Charles Parker had to register as a sex offender after he was convicted of third-degree criminal sexual conduct about a decade ago. Details of that case were not immediately available.

    Taylor said he always registered on time and never gave deputies trouble. Relatives of the slain couple were devastated to hear why their loved ones were killed.

    "I ask that you give this family the opportunity to (grieve) and pull their thoughts together," the sheriff said.


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    White supremacist pair targeted sex offender in double murder: suspects

    A South Carolina white supremacist and his wife, self-styled vigilantes, say they murdered a couple because the man was a registered sex offender.

    "You think I'm here to rob you. I'm not here to rob you. I'm here to kill you because you are a child molester," Jeremy Moody, 30, said he told his victim before pulling the trigger.

    Moody and his wife, Christine, 36, say they planned to kill another before getting arrested Wednesday. They were charged with two counts of murder but might face more indictments if Jeremy Moody's claim of killing others turns out to be true.

    "He indicated he was going on our website looking at sex offenders and randomly targeting individuals off that website," Union County Sheriff David Taylor said.

    Investigators say Moody ? who has "Skinhead,""Made in America," and "White Power" tattoos ? admitted to shooting Charles Parker, 59, twice and Gretchen Parker, 51, once with a pistol at close range Sunday.

    Then, he said, he stabbed them several times before leaving their bodies on separate couches in their Jonesville home 20 minutes away from the Moody household in Lockhart, reported local station WLOS.

    Moody lives with his parents, who were shocked by their son's confession. They did admit, however, that his worldview has become more warped and extreme in recent years.

    About a decade ago, Charles Parker registered as a sex offender after a third-degree criminal sexual conduct conviction. The details of that case were not immediately available.

    The Parkers had a security camera set up outside their home that recorded the Moodys parking outside the home and popping their car's hood as if it did not work. Then they spoke to the Parkers for about 10 minutes before being invited inside.

    The Moodys entered the home with what appear to be weapons.

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    An unapologetic white supremacist serving three life sentences for killing two people in 2013 was denied a new trial Friday. He claimed God told him to kill sex offenders.

    Jeremy Moody, 34, of Union County, pleaded guilty in May 2014 to two counts of murder, burglary, kidnapping and other charges. He later filed a post conviction relief lawsuit claiming his court-appointed lawyers should have done more in the case to explore his mental illness.

    Moody asked for the convictions to be tossed out.
    A hearing was held in April in York at the Moss Justice Center. Judge Thomas Cooper dismissed the lawsuit Friday, said Dorothy Moore, spokesperson for the S.C. Attorney General’s Office who argued Moody had competent counsel and should stay in prison for the rest of his life.

    Kevin Brackett, 16th Circuit solicitor who prosecuted Moody, called the decision the right one.

    “Mr. Moody is right where he belongs,” Brackett said.

    Moody and wife Christine each pleaded guilty to the killings of Charles and Gretchen Parker, just over the border from York County, and said they would do it again. Moody told police if he hadn’t been caught, he would have kept killing. Charles Parker had been registered as a sex offender.

    At the time of the 2014 trial, Jeremy Moody had “skinhead” tattoo across his throat and the words “white power” tattooed on the top of his bald head.

    Both Moodys had mental illnesses, their lawyers said when each pleaded guilty at the same time in a hearing and aftermath that caught national attention because of the rants and taunts the couple made about being proud of their crimes.

    The message in Jeremy Moody’s head was clear and, according to him, came from the Most High: “Kill those people.”

    The message from his mother, Tammy Moody, was her attempt to keep him stable as he sat behind bars charged with two counts of murder, claiming that the shots he fired were met with God’s approval.

    “I said, ‘Jeremy, God don’t tell you to hurt one another ... to kill one another out of hate,’” she told The Herald on Thursday.

    Her message came too late. Charles Marvin Parker, 59, and Gretchen Dawn Parker, 51, were dead – shot and stabbed in their Union County home on a Sunday in July. Police surrounded Tammy Moody’s Lockhart home, demanding to see her son and his wife, Christine Moody. Officers took the couple into custody, searched their rooms and confiscated Tammy Moody’s pistol.

    She would later learn that the gun she and her 73-year-old husband used for protection had been used to kill the Parkers. Her son and daughter-in-law, she said, asked to borrow the gun to go target shooting.
    From jail, Jeremy Moody, 31, told his mother: “Mama, He (God) told me to do it,” Tammy Moody said. “He said yes, he killed them people. I want to send condolences to the family that they’ve brought grief to. I know that they’re hurting...”

    On Tuesday, Jeremy Moody – a “White Power” tattoo on his bald head and “Skinhead” emblazoned on his throat – and Christine Moody were sentenced to life in prison after each pleaded guilty to two counts of murder, kidnapping, burglary, criminal conspiracy and possession of a weapon during a violent crime.

    After listening to grisly details of the crime and observing the couple grin, snicker and glance at each other for two hours, Circuit Court Judge Lee Alford handed down the life sentences, saying he felt they had no remorse and would likely kill again.

    After court, the Moodys said they had no regrets.

    “See you perverts later,” Jeremy Moody shouted to the Parkers’ relatives. “That’s what child molesters get.”
    “Killing that pedophile was the best day of my life,” Christine Moody, 37, told reporters before adding about the Parkers’ families, “may they die, also.”

    In July, the Moodys pretended that their car had broken down near the Parkers’ Union County home. They said they targeted the Parkers because Charles Parker was a registered sex offender, and they killed Gretchen Parker because of her “poor judgment” in marrying him.

    Jeremy Moody confessed to deputies that he shot the Parkers before his wife stabbed them. Had he not been arrested, Moody told investigators, he would have kept killing. Police found the name of Jeremy Moody’s next intended victim written on an envelope.

    Authorities also found a “manifesto” of manuscripts Jeremy Moody compiled that coalesced his “Aryan ... white supremacist” outlook on blacks, Jews and sex offenders, authorities said.

    That manifesto was a compilation of research Jeremy Moody had collected over the years, his mother said, as he wrote his own book, “Yesterday, Tomorrow and Forever.” While he did take excerpts from white supremacist writings, much of his “studying” and “digging” focused on child molestation and its frequency in the United States.
    Moody himself had never been a victim of sexual abuse, his mother said, but “Jeremy knew of molestation and rape that had happened to people in the family. He knew that Christine ... had been raped and molested by (family members) from the age of 2.”

    Both Christine Moody and her attorney stated as much in court on Tuesday.

    “It’s not a race issue. ...,” Tammy Moody said. “Jeremy had many black friends. Jeremy is easygoing, soft-spoken; he’d do anything to help anybody, it didn’t matter what color they were.”

    Tammy Moody said her son did not start sporting tattoos of swastikas and nooses until he went “up north” and met the mother of his first daughter, who Tammy Moody says was part of a neo-Nazi “gang.” Despite prosecutors’ depictions of Jeremy Moody as a “cold-hearted monster,” she said, he preached sermons to the youth and elderly and “just wants to stay in his Bible.”

    Before Tuesday’s hearing, Moody told his mother he asked God to forgive him.
    “The goal was to save his life,” said 16th Circuit Public Defender Harry Dest, Moody’s lawyer. Prosecutors could have sought the death penalty in the case, but opted not to as a result of plea negotiations.

    “From a defense perspective, our main goal was to try to avoid the death penalty,” Dest said. “We were in the position we wanted to be in court based on circumstances of the case.”

    In court, Moody told Judge Alford that if he had been on his medications, he would not have committed murder. Tammy Moody agrees, saying her son, with no job or insurance, could not afford his properly prescribed medications.

    “When Jeremy was going without his medicine, he would tell me, ‘Mama, I’m getting suicidal; I’m having homicidal thoughts because I haven’t had my medicine,’ ” she said.

    Moody said she told her son not to listen to those voices. Those behaviors stem from her son’s years-long struggle with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, she said.

    “It’s not unusual to see this kind of behavior; fortunately it’s very rare,” said Dr. Harold Morgan, the psychiatrist who evaluated Jeremy Moody. He told Jeremy Moody that it’s uncommon for the mentally ill to “act out in this type of way.”

    Morgan told Alford that if Jeremy Moody were to continue taking his psychotropic drugs, his illness would stabilize and control his behavior.

    “Severe mental illness coupled with a history of sexual abuse in his family,” Dest said, “doesn’t justify in any way, shape or form what happened but it does help explain how this tragic incident occurred.”

    Christine Moody also suffers from multiple mental illnesses, her attorney said in court Tuesday, including borderline personality disorder.

    Lawyers on Tuesday said Jeremy and Christine Moody first met online in 2009, shortly after Jeremy Moody’s best friend killed himself. Tammy Moody called her daughter-in-law a godsend.

    “Somebody finally put a smile on his face, put a joy in his step,” she said.

    In court on Tuesday, Tammy Moody said, the couple smiled and stared at each other because they were excited to see each other after being apart for 10 months.

    “Don’t judge a book by its cover until you know the book,” she said. “Again, I’m sorry that he and Christine have destroyed a lot of people’s lives. Don’t blame Jeremy and Christine for being mentally ill.”

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