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Thread: Jury Watch/Verdict Predictions for the State v. Jodi Arias

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    Quote Originally Posted by nerdmiga View Post
    is there a link to watch? I am at work!

    Quote Originally Posted by MoonDancer View Post
    And apparently you fuck the mods here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nerdmiga View Post
    is there a link to watch? I am at work!
    Also try
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    Quote Originally Posted by poppy213 View Post
    So last night I dreamed it happened, and they announced a verdict and I had missed it live! I was stuck in the moments of having to WAIT for a video posting the verdict to see the results! It was bad waiting. Kinda like now.
    My dream came true! Dammit, I missed the live verdict!

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    So who predicted yesterday afternoon, murder 1?
    "...Jeffrey Dahmer... actually confessed and accepted his punishment. Had real remorse for the sick things he did. It's pretty bad when Jeffrey Dahmer is a better person than you are." ~Justice11 (re: Jodi Arias)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShellJett View Post
    There were 46 predictions for Murder 1. Only those with verdict, day, AM/PM are listed as follows:

    Monday AM: (1) DenverClipper
    Monday PM: (8) Alyoop, Antbubsy, CreepyGus, DeeStress, Dianalyn, Doorknocker, OhRight, Strangedog
    Tuesday AM: (8) Brillig, Estefaniia, Faq_q, Gypsy1197, MissMandy9, Nestlequickie, Person, Sneakers the Wonder Dog
    Tuesday PM: (12) Angiebla, Anniebelle, Bermstalker, Carnee, Cocopop, DeathBecomesHer, ImBatman, Lilangipangie, MJoy, RockabillyChick, Tia111, Zeebee
    Wednesday AM: (3) Dizzyp, Freaktab, Metis212
    Wednesday PM: (8) Arkisma, Bellaboo, Harlette, Justice11, Luvit, Meowzerz, Sassyblue, ShellJett
    Thursday AM: (2) Dizzle, Mochachina
    Thursday PM: (3) Gigiann, Lady McBeth, Loonywop
    Friday PM: (1) Sheesh

    Real polls are being set up, so this is just a quick, informal way to compare our thinking and have a little fun.
    These are the winners

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