Posted: Sun 8:00 PM, Feb 24, 2013A A Reporter: Jacki Ochoa Email
Updated: Sun 10:55 PM, Feb 24, 2013

A growing social media site has people talking. My Death Space gives the living a chance to tell the world about someone's death. is a site where you can anonymously post information about anyone's death and people can anonymously comment. Advocates say it's a place to talk about death in hopes of preventing further crimes, but not everyone agrees.
?I think there's a very fine line in between trying to remember somebody and morbid voyeurism,? says UNO student Kevin Holohan.

?It is really morbid and awful,? says UNO student Samantha Keiffer. ?Death is supposed to be personal and private and to put it online is kind of awful."

But is it? Paige Toller is an associate professor in the Communication Department at UNO. ?It is good to talk about loss and grief and death and as a culture we don't do a very good job of it."

Toller recently analyzed postings on suicide deaths. What she found was completely unexpected. "If the deceased person was a parent, the commenters were very judgmental about their choice to end their life. They would say things like, you know, you're a mother, how selfish, how could you do this to your poor children??

If you're curious about this site, be prepared. ?This shows a darker side of human nature, I think, and it also shows how anonymity on the web and these spaces can really lead people to say and post some really cruel things,? says Toller.