Should you buy a Facebook girlfriend? Three-month $750 commitment buys you syrupy messages and a "relationship" status

Changing your Facebook status from 'In a Relationship' to 'Single' has become as much part of the break-up ritual as getting a new haircut or going out on a night on the tiles with your friends.

But what if you really want to make your ex jealous and show them you have moved on?

A new website called Fake Internet Girlfriend allows men to buy a virtual girlfriend who will declare you back 'in a relationship', leave soppy posts on your Facebook wall, send you messages on Twitter.

In some cases they will even join your gaming community - such as World of Warcraft - all for a cost of $750 for a three month subscription.

Clients can create their own girlfriend by filling out a form on the website which includes questions about what they would like their fake girlfriend to be like.

The site helps you create the perfect fake girlfriend so that she seems more realistic to other people.

The company says it will never reveal that they are posting messages on your Facebook account nor will the client ever reveal he has used its services.

'It's a simple non disclosure agreement for your protection and ours,' the site says.

After the client sends back all the required information and he has paid for his first month, the company will have your fake girlfriend ready to go in a day or two.

The site says: 'Sometimes people need to rent a fake girlfriend for their job.

'Sometimes people hire a fake internet girlfriend to make an ex-girlfriend jealous. In fact, we get a lot of clients for this reason.

'Sometimes people don't want to hear it from their family, they want to avoid the drama altogether of the never ending questions about dating so they simply employ a fake internet girlfriend so their family will stop hounding them about finding the right girl.'

Fake Internet Girlfriend is not the only website of its kind out there.

Cloud Girlfriend and Brazilian site Namaro Fake offer the same deal if you are a man and want to appear off the market.

For $250 a month, you can buy the basic girlfriend package on Fake Internet Girlfriend, which includes setting up a profile on a social networking site like Facebook to publicly communicate with you and making up to two public phone calls, for example to your secretary, in any given month.

The package also includes friendly texts up to 10 times a month at any given dates and times you specify.

For more in-depth or specialised services like the 'gamer girl package', the company charges $350 per month.

This buys you a girlfriend who becomes involved in your gaming community such as World of Warcraft, Everquest II or Evony.

The gamer girl package costs slightly more than the basic girlfriend package simply because it requires more time than the basic girlfriend services and it also requires employing staff that has specific and unique knowledge of the game in question.

In fact, you can even have your girlfriend join your guild, level up a character and even go on raids with you.

'Just let us know when you contact us exactly what you are looking for in a gamer girlfriend,' the site boasts.

However the company does make it clear it is not an escort agency.

'Our services are for appearances only,' a note of the site reads.

'We are not offering you real girlfriend services. We will act like your girlfriend all day long but please do not confuse that with an invite to anything sexual in nature.'