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Thread: Gregory Ulrich (67) wounded 4 and killed Lindsay Overbay (37) in Buffalo Health Clinic Minnesota Mass Shooting

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    Gregory Ulrich (67) wounded 4 and killed Lindsay Overbay (37) in Buffalo Health Clinic Minnesota Mass Shooting
    . MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO/AP) ? The identity of the suspect in the Buffalo health clinic shooting has been confirmed as 67-year-old Gregory Urlich of Buffalo.

    Urlich is now in custody at the Wright County Jail. Meanwhile, five victims who were shot in the incident are being hospitalized.


    In an emotional Tuesday afternoon press conference, Wright County officials said Ulrich is known to them.

    Buffalo Police Chief Pat Budke was visibly shaken as he discussed the scene of multiple shootings at the Allina Health cinic, saying the suspect has a history of being unhappy with the health care he received.

    ?The history that we have as a department with this individual makes it most likely that this incident was targeted at this facility or someone within that facility,? Buffalo Police Chief Pat Budke said.?He has lived in this community for quite a long time and has had contact with health care within the community during that time.?

    Officials believe he acted alone and they are not looking for additional suspects. They do not believe it to be related to domestic terrorism.

    Wright County officials also confirmed that five patients were taken from the clinic. Four victims are being treated at North Memorial Hospital in Robbinsdale and another victim is being treated at Hennepin Healthcare in Minneapolis.

    The conditions of the victims is not known at this time. Officials would not confirm if the victims were patients at the clinic or health care employees.

    A nearby Super 8 motel was also evacuated after suspicious packages were found there.

    Read the latest below:

    According to Wright County Sheriff?s Office officials, they received a report of shots fired at 10:54 a.m. Tuesday at 755 Crossroads Campus Drive. Officers with Buffalo police and deputies with Wright County responded.

    An Allina representative confirmed at 11:30 a.m. that there was an ?active shooter? situation at the Buffalo clinic.

    Wright County officials say the suspect was apprehended, and that the location was evacuated and several people were taken to area hospitals for treatment.

    Schools in the area were also placed on a temporary lockdown as a precautionary measure.

    The public is advised to stay away from the area since there are multiple law enforcement agencies on the scene.

    Despite some reports early on of explosive devices, John Holler with Wright County said that there were no bombs or explosives detonated.

    A picture not long after the shooting showed a Life Link helicopter at the scene.

    North Memorial Health spokeswoman Abigail Greenheck said multiple victims were brought to its hospital in Robbinsdale. She did not say how many or what condition they were in.

    We do know that multiple victims of the Buffalo shooting have been at North Memorial Hospital in Robbinsdale for several hours . Hospital has not released information about the number of victims here or their conditions @wcco will update

    ? esme murphy (@esmemurphy) February 9, 2021

    Gov. Tim Walz addressed the shootings at a Tuesday afternoon news conference, calling it a ?tragic situation.? He said that it appears, at this time, to be an act from a single individual.

    At 3 p.m. Buffalo Mayor Teri Lachermeier will speak at a press conference. That will air on CBSN Minnesota.

    Early Tuesday afternoon, WCCO crews talked with the owner of a business near the clinic, Doug Selle.

    ?Things have settled down here a little bit in Buffalo from what they were about 45 minutes ago,? Selle said. ?I am looking directly across from the Allina clinic and seeing a lot of flashing lights, ambulances, a fire truck and probably 20 sheriff?s vehicles in front of the building.?

    ATF?s St. Paul Field Division announced it is on the way to the scene.

    #BREAKING @ATFStPaul is in route to a healthcare facility in Buffalo, Minnesota, after reports of an active shooter situation. No further details are available at this time.

    ? ATF St. Paul (@ATFStPaul) February 9, 2021

    Additionally, Minneapolis police and the Minnesota BCA will be be sending resources to the scene.

    TV helicopter news footage nearly two hours after the attack showed no activity at the clinic, but at least three shattered plate-glass windows could be seen on the clinic?s exterior.

    A state Department of Public Health spokesman said he didn?t immediately know if the clinic has been administering COVID-19 vaccinations. An Allina spokesman referred all questions to the Buffalo police and the Wright County Sheriff?s Office.

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    Here's footage from the scene.

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    BUFFALO, Minn. (FOX 9) - A former roommate of Greg Ulrich, the suspect arrested in connection to a shooting that left multiple injured in Buffalo, said the man is "nothing but trouble."

    Ulrich, 67, was arrested Tuesday after he reportedly shot several people, injuring five, at the Allina Health Clinic. He is also suspected of placing explosive devices throughout the city.

    Raymond Zastra was probably closer to Greg Ulrich than almost anyone, and he knew he was unstable.

    "He showed me a new handgun he got, I said, ‘What?’ You shouldn’t have a gun," Zastra said.

    Zastra lived with Ulrich in his trailer home for two years, until July of last summer when Ulrich got a restraining order against Zastra, who was trying to buy the trailer from Ulrich.

    He said Ulrich had a particular grudge against doctors in Buffalo.

    "He didn’t like the doctors because they wouldn’t give him all the pain killers he wanted. They’d give him a month supply, and it would be gone in a few days," Zastra said.

    He said Ulrich had a particular grudge against one of the doctors and posted a sign in front of his mobile home calling him "a quack."

    Zastra said Ulrich was frequently high on pain killers and witnessed him sniff model glue, smoke marijuana, drink excessively, and "just sit on the couch high."

    He said a year ago he also saw a letter Ulrich received granting a permit to carry a weapon.

    They knew, they knew he was a wack job," said Zastra, referring to local law enforcement.

    Permits to carry a weapon are not considered public documents in Minnesota. FOX 9 reached out to Buffalo Police and the Wright County Sheriff for comment.

    He said police showed up more than a dozen times while he lived with Ulrich.

    Criminal records show Ulrich was convicted three times of drunk driving, and court records show in 2019 he was found not mentally competent to participate in a criminal proceeding.

    In a protracted civil case, Ulrich had accused one of his neighbors of stealing his parking space. The case stemmed from an incident 12 years ago. A judge recently dismissed the case because it exceeded the statute of limitations.

    "He couldn’t even drive, legally. What did he need a parking space for?" asked Zastra.

    Additionally, Zion Lutheran Church in Buffalo received a disturbing letter from Ulrich in 2019, according to the church website.

    "Pastor Ted informed the council of a disturbing letter received from Greg Ulrich," the church newsletter read. "The Buffalo Police Department was called and informed Pastor Ted that Mr. Ulrich is well known to them and recommended that a no trespassing order be issued so that if he ever did appear at Zion the police could take action. The order was issued the following day and the staff have been given a picture of Mr. Ulrich and informed to call 911 if he does appear on any of Zion’s properties."

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    What a nightmare. Couldn't get his pills, and someone has to die for it. Yeah, his trailer-mate is right that he shouldn't have had a gun.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nomad View Post
    What a nightmare. Couldn't get his pills, and someone has to die for it. Yeah, his trailer-mate is right that he shouldn't have had a gun.
    He sounds like a complete waste of flesh. He should have started doing heroin and an hero'd.

    Killing a random medical assistant that had nothing to do with your situation is fucked. Those poor kids lost their mom.

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    The man who was arrested in connection to the shooting at the Allina Health clinic in Buffalo was "well known" by law enforcement in the area.

    Gregory Ulrich is charged with seven total counts in the shooting that killed one person and injured four others.

    Documents obtained by 5 INVESTIGATES shed light on Ulrich's lengthy history with local law enforcement, but also reveal a pattern of medical problems that emerged in the years leading up to the shooting.

    Police reports, dating back nearly 15 years, show the Buffalo Police Department fielded 41 calls for service involving Ulrich.

    Early on, officers responded to minor issues, including Ulrich being drunk in public and in violation of his probation. On multiple occasions, police found Ulrich in Griffing Park after hours.

    In 2016, the reports changed. Records show he began calling police to get medical attention, complaining of "terrible back pain" following a surgery.

    Ulrich told police often that he was "out of pain pills" and even accused a home health aide of stealing medication from his house, according to police reports.

    In the midst of these calls for service, Buffalo police officers performed small acts of kindness, trying to help Ulrich. One officer gave him a ride to Cub Foods after he fell and hurt himself. In another case, Ulrich called for medical attention. An officer wrote in his report that paramedics "took his vitals while I shoveled his walk."

    But the police reports show Ulrich's behavior became increasingly concerning. Health care workers in Buffalo reported to police that he was "making threats of mass shooting or other means to harm the hospital."

    "Ulrich went on to say that he dreams about revenge to the people that 'tortured' him," the officer wrote in his report. "Ulrich was referring to the back surgeries and medication issues after the surgeries."

    In August 2019, Ulrich sent suspicious letters to both a local church and a clinic that prompted various restraining orders be put into place.

    According to the reports, police responded to his home a dozen times last year to handle calls related to arguments with his roommates and neighbors.

    The last time Ulrich contacted Buffalo police was at the end of November, according to the records. Three months later, officials said he walked into the clinic and opened fire.

    Court records show Ulrich has been granted a public defender. He is expected to appear in court again in March.

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